Balika Vadhu 24th February 2012 Written Episode

Gauri is sleeping but Jagat is awake and deep in thought. Anandi is deep in thought as well and recalling Gauri\’s comments. There is flashback of what has been happening in the last couple of days, they both look restless.

Sugna has come to the haveli and Sumitra is asking her questions, Sugna is trying to speak to Sumitra about Nandu but is finding it hard to, she tells about Nandu\’s stealing habit but Sumitra doesn\’t believe her and says why he would do something like that, Sugna is trying to explain that its not about a need but a habit, she tells her what has been happening. She tells her about the incident at the school, and what the lady and Nandu said to her, Sugna is wondering what the villiage people will think, Sumitra is still backing Nandu and that they are using Nandu as a scapegoat because of what happened in the past. Sumitra takes Nandu. DS tells Sugna not to get involved any more and to see what happens now.

Sumitra at the child\’s house who binoculars were taken and she questions them about it, the child says that its his but the mother stops him saying that its not. Sumitra saying why she is incorrectly blaming Nandu. The lady says after what happened to Rameshwar she doesn\’t want to take any matter further and to stop it there and then but what was said in the beginning is the truth and that the binoculars are her son\’s, the child says that the binocolors and tells him about the letter of his name which Sumitra locates. She questions Nandu and he lies that he must have taken it from him and initialled it. Nandu shouts and says he will take his dad to get his dad out of a job. Sumitra slaps Nandu.

At home Nandu tells everyone that Sumitra slapped him. Bhairon is asking what is happening in the house, Sugna tells Bhairon what has been happening and what Sumitra went and did. When Basanth comes home Nandu complains about what has happened and Gehna shouts and calls Sumitra down and they all come down, Gehna is looking angry. Sumitra trying to explain and Gehna interrupts and says who gave her the right to hit her child.

VOICEOVER – Those parents who blindly support their children and don\’t realise when they are in the wrong, in the long run it will affect them and their child

PRECAP – DS saying what happened in not right and there will be a panchayat in the house and Basanth will be the Sarpanch

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