Punar Vivah 24th February 2012 Written Episode

Hi every one.. I am stepping in for Nidhi with the short updates..

The episode start with Yesterday\’s scene where Yash and Aarti were almost come face to face but Aarti turns and Yash passes by.

Yash goes to his seat and takes the news paper to read. The family is having the lunch in the train and Vidhibhahi is serving the lunch.

The family is making conversation about how the love affair of Pratik came in to open during last year\’s visit to Dargah and Bhabhi looking at Yash tells that may be this year they will get two DILs. Yash listens to this but does not response.

Meanwhile Pratik receives the call from his GF and bhabhi signals him to go away and talk. He leaves to go out of the compartment to talk.

Meanwhile Ansh comes out of toilet and Aarti takes him back to their seat but Ansh leaves Aarti\’s hand and runs into the AC compartment. Aarti goes after him but was caught by TT and was ask for the ticket. Aarti stammers and TT was trying to put her down. Meanwhile Pratik comes and saves her showing the ticket of his bhabhi telling TT that she is with them.

After TT was gone they again crib with each other and somehow saying thank you rudely Aarti goes with Ansh to their seat.

Pratik looks at her and starts thinking and smiles..

Here Aarti\’s in-laws are talking about the incident of earlier day and because of that they cannot talk aarti about the remarriage. FIL says that they should keep Ansh with them and let Aarti marry. But MIL says that AArti will not do anything without her son as he is her life. FIL says that it would be very difficult to get the any decent man for aarti as she is divorcee… So FIL tells that they need to hide few details of Aarti if they want to do the remarriage of aarti. Meanwhile aarti comes and they stop talking..

Pratik comes back and tells his mom and bhabhi about Aarti that she is a great match for Yash as Yash does not want any girl but a mother for his two daughters. He tells them she has a son also. His mom does not like the idea but then Pratik insists to think about it and hi Mom and Bhabhi starts thinking and they like the idea. Pratik tells them that the girl is here in the train and they can see her. But then they think it was not possible to go. Meanwhile the train stops and Aarti comes down to get something for Ansh. Pratik tells mom and bhabhi to watch Aarti.

Mother and Bhabhi watch her and her loving behavior with Ansh. Mother remembers the incident in the kitchen and plea of Yash not to leave his kids unattended… So finaly the mom decides to go and talk with Aarti\’s parents. Mom and Bhabhi go to Aarti\’s in laws and talk about the proposal of Yash and Aarti. Yahs\’s mother talks about Yash that he is 30 years old and his wife has passed away 3 years back and Yash just wants the mother for his two daughters.

Here Aarti buys sandwich for Ansh and gives money to the vendor. The same vendor goes to Pratik and he asks Yash to pay the money. Yash pays the money and the vendor gives the change back which was given by Aarti and which had the marks of Aarti\’s lips as she was holding the note with her lips to find extra change. Pratik teases Yash that some girl is sending him the message. Yash takes the note and looks at it and goes deep on the thoughts…

After knowing that Aarti is their DIL, Yash\’s mother asks about their son but they could not tell the truth and Yash\’s mom presumes that he is dead and Aarti is widow. Yash\’s mom tells them that she may take the proposal for widow girl but not for the divorcee. Aarti\’s MIL wanted to clear the misunderstanding but the FIL stops her. and tells Yash\’s mom that they will think about it and get back to them.

Both the families are shown going to Darghah and pray.

Yash and Aarti both are seen tying the thread in the Dargah. After tying the thread Yash\’s hand casually glides on the wall and his fingertips touche the fingers of Aarti who was tying the thread on the other side of the wall.. startled they both lift their gaze and look at each other but through the partially visible wall they cannot see at each other\’s face properly..


Yash\’s father tells Yash that they have already selected a girl for him and he expects to hear Yes from Yash. Gravely Yash listens to him.
Aarti\’s FIL tells his wife that they have kept a condition for this alliance

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