Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th February 2012 Written Episode

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Kehthe Kehthe Mann Ki Baathein Kuch Sochun Ruk Jaaon
Mujhko Tumse Pyaar Hua Hai Ye Kaise Bathlaaon.
Bade Achhe Lagte Hai.. Tera Jadoo, Sharmaana , Teri Kushboo Aur Tum.
Bade Achhe Lagte Hai.. Ye Darthi, Ye Nadiyaan, Ye Rehna Aur Tum…

Ram at his office cherishing all the sweet memories with Priya with a cute smile on his face

Mama and Niharika come in to KM and are surprised to see workers moving things from one place to another. Mama asks if Priya is leaving home and niharika asks him to shut up, niharika calls bansi kaka and asks what\’s happening and he tells that Priya mam is renovating Ram\’s room (is it for the consummation Mam..)and Niharika is surprised. Niharika and Mama rush to RaYa\’s room and they listen to priya giving orders to workers. Mama is surprised with the new room but niharika is angry.

Sid talking to the Fashion Show organizers and asks them if he\’s of no importance after being the show\’s main sponsor. The organizers tell if they need Natasha kapoor\’s design, they will have to continue with the new showstopper and tells that Nuts is still adamant and the show is based on Nuts brand name and if they lose Nuts, they will lose everything. Sid tells ok and asks them to leave and thinks that he lost such a good opportunity coz of Nuts but he\’ll not allow her to win. (Toh ye hai wo naalayak sponsor and isn\’t Nuts aware of it?? )

Mama telling niharika that he wants red color in his room. Niharika tells that Priya is too excited about the holi and mama tells its her first holi and niharika tells it might be the last too. She adds that priya is creating problems for herself and she wanted to separate Ram only for few weeks but Priya is trying to separate herself from Ram forever on her own . Mama is confused and niharika asks if he thinks that Ram will digest so many changes in his room (U\’ll not be able to digest the changes in Ram..) and she\’s confident that Ram will never like it and tells that it will surely happen. She feels Pity for Priya..(Oh Niharika Ji.. We Pity You..)

Priya tries to reach Ram and wonders where Ram is as she wants to show him the newly renovated room from last night. She checks if he\’s online but he\’s still offline and she grumbles that when she wants to give a surprise, she\’s unable to give and wonders what to do and she thinks let the phone come and she\’ll ask y didn\’t he call.(Bechaara golu..)

Sudhir, Shipra and Karthik at the breakfast table. Nuts comes and tells she\’ll have to leave as she has some important work, karthik asks her to eat and go. Nuts tells she\’ll eat at office and Shipra taunts her indirectly by telling her to even sleep at the office. (Totally Unnecessary Shipra Ji) Nuts tries to respond, but karthik signals her not to and she leaves furiously. Karthik asks what was the need to do this and shipra shouts back telling him to make nuts understand and she can\’t tolerate her behaviour. Sudhir asks her to listen to karthik. Karthik tells he loves both of them and both are important and can\’t choose any one of them ever. Karthik tells that she has right to get angry on them but she can forgive them too for their mistakes.

Sudhir asks her to forget and forgive them for their mistakes as they are youngsters. Karthik gets up and comes near shipra and asks her to forgive Nuts as she\’s innocent and asks a promise on him and shipra agrees to forgive her. Ayesha comes there with a dress and asks shipra to help her to select dress for her photoshoot. Shipra gets up and walks from there angrily. Ayesha tells that shipra is not bothered about her career\’s biggest show and suddenly thinks that she can ask Priya about it. Sudhir tells its a good idea and asks her to go to Priya as she\’s feeling lonely after Ram has left and Ayesha agrees and leaves from there.

Priya gets a call from Ram and she thinks finally Ram has remembered her and decides to take class. (oh golu.. ab lecture sun na padega teacher se ) She picks up the call and Ram asks where is she. Priya asks where is he and tells she\’s been trying to reach him for long and adds that he would have called her only coz he would have had some work. Ram tells yes and asks if she can go to office.Priya is surprised and asks what will she do after going there. Ram asks if she can go, Priya tells yes but asks what\’s the work and then again asks where is he and how long she\’s been trying to reach him. Ram asks her to stop shooting questions and informs her to go to his office and call him from there and he\’ll answer all questions after that. Priya again asks where is he and Ram hangs the call. Priya thinks for sure he\’ll make her to search some file and decides to go to office.

Mama and Niharika come in search of Priya and wonder where she has gone.They call Bansi and ask where is she. Bansi kaka tells that she has gone to office.Niharika thinks its typical middle class mentality to call her classes as office.Bansi tells that she has gone to Ram\’s office and Niharika is stunned and Mama confirms if she has gone really to Ram\’s office. Mama wonders if bansi kaka was bluffing or was it his ears defect. Niharika tells that his ears are perfect but its defect in Priya\’s mind. Mama asks if priya is going to undertake Ram\’s office too, Niharika tells that she doesn\’t have the ability or the courage to do it and Mama asks her to stop being overconfident and asks her to do something or else they\’ll need to beg on the roads and Niharika shouts Enough.

Ayesha comes to kapoor mansion and sid stops her and asks about the show preparations. Ayesha tells that she\’s nervous and not sure if she\’ll be able to do the show properly and sid tells he\’s confident that she\’ll be able to justify the role and she has all the capabilities of a super model and tells that she looks hot in the normal clothes. Ayesha asks if he really thinks so and sid tells yes and that\’s the reason he made her the showstopper. Ayesha is surprised and tells that Nuts gave her the break and sid tells that he should get little credit for making her showstopper as he\’s the major sponsor of the show and he\’s happy about it. Ayesha tells that she has come to meet Priya to show clothes, Niharika tells that Priya has left to office without informing anyone and ayesha leaves from there. (Ayesha falling into the trap again..)

Priya at Ram\’s cabin wonders Y Ram had called her there and wonders what file to search. Then she looks at Ram\’s seat and admires it imagining Ram, blushes and then looks for the file. Then she sees the coffee mug and wonders y has it been kept like that and tries to lift it and Ram jumps in asking what is she doing and priya is shocked. Ram tells its him and asks if she\’s fine. Priya tells she got scared and her heart beat just stopped and Ram tells sorry. Priya asks how come he\’s there and Ram tells he had come to answer her question of y wasn\’t he able to come online for video chat as he was travelling.

Priya tells that he should have informed her and she would have come to pick him up at the airport, Ram tells he knew she\’ll come, but he didn\’t tell as he wanted to surprise his wife who loves surprises. He adds that he\’s not talking about her but his wife and Priya smiles. Priya asks about work and Ram tells work will be there always and asks if she\’s happy . Priya tells yes but she got scared and Ram again asks sorry. Priya then asks what\’s there in the coffee mug that he stopped her like that

Ram tells that there\’s something important under the mug which is his and nothing to do with her, But Priya insists him to tell and tries to touch the mug again and Ram again stops and blushes. Priya asks him to tell, Ram tells her to do whatever he tells without any questions. He adds that he\’s going to close his eyes and she will have to lift the mug and tell whatever she sees. Priya lifts the mug and tells its a coin. Ram tells ok and asks her to tell if she\’s able to see heads or tails.

Priya gets a call from ayesha, she picks it, Ram gets the mobile from her and tells ayesha that its jiju and hangs the call. He tells priya to look into the coin and tell what it is and Priya looks at the coin and tells its head. Ram opens his eyes and picks the coin and looks at it and is elated and shouts that its heads and pulls Priya and hugs her and Priya is surprised. He again repeats that its heads like a kid and Priya tells yes and asks so what.

Ram holds her hands and tells that he\’s going to tell something very important and when he is about to start, Niharika comes there and asks how come he\’s there so soon. Ram tells the work got over soon and so he\’s back.Niharika tells that she understands y he\’s back soon. Ram and Priya blush and niharika tells that she understands that he\’s back for Nuts show and tells he\’s such a darling and he\’s the perfect brother and quotes Ram jaisa naam waisa kaam and asks if she was correct. Ram hesitantly agrees to her and tells how can he miss choti\’s such a big show.

Ram gets a call from Mr.Bhatia and Ram tells Priya to be ready for the Bhatia\’s corporate party. Niharika tells him to go alone as he was only invited and priya\’s not used to corporate parties and will be bored. Ram tells that Bhatia has called his family and Priya has to be there and asks Priya to wear something nice and she has to look good as its a corporate party. Niharika tells that Priya needs to look ravishing as its her 1st party and tells that they\’ll go shopping and get something nice as its a matter of their status. Ram asks her to go and Priya goes from there sadly and Ram looks at the coin and again jumps in joy.

Ram calls Vikram and tells that its head and asks if he understands what it is. vikram tells he understands the meaning and asks y is he behind the coin still even after its heart has decided what its going to be. He asks who\’s face did he see as per his advise and Ram blushes and tells Priya. Vikram asks y is he searching for result of a exam which has already been published. He asks him to stop wasting time and asks him to go to Priya and tell I love you. Ram tells that he was trying to tell Priya but niharika came. Vikram asks him to go wherever Priya has gone and propose her and hangs the call.

Priya excuses herself from niharika stating that she needs to make a call. She calls up Neha and Neha starts grumbling about vikram as soon as she heard Priya\’s voice and was going nonstop. Priya gets irritated and asks her to keep quiet and tells she\’ll cut the call if she talks more. She asks neha to allow her to talk and neha asks if there was anything important and priya tells yes and informs that Ram is back. Neha is surprised and Priya tells even she didn\’t know and Ram just asked her to come to office and he was infront of her.

Neha is excited and tells that fire has been lit in both sides and he was also missing her and he too loves her. Priya tells that there\’s nothing like that. Neha tells that she already admitted that she loves him and she says she\’s a love guru and she knows everything. Priya tells that she doesn\’t know anything and Ram is back for Nuts fashion show and neha tells its rubbish and Priya tells that Ram himself had admitted that he came for Nuts. Neha tells that all the men are like this and Ram is ignoring Priya and Vikram ignoring Neha and tells that she\’ll think about something and let her know and hangs the call as priya is upset and in tears. Episode ends with Priya\’s sad face and Ram\’s confused face.


Vikram at Ram\’s office. He asks Y not Ram after the party get a bouquet for Priya and also some rose petals and throw it on her and say I love you to her. Ram shouts at him for forgetting that he\’s allergic to flowers and he\’ll end up sneezing only and nothing else. Both Ram and Vikram keep thinking on what to do.

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