Balika Vadhu 29th February 2012 Written Episode

All r tensed due to badi jiji\’s health. Ds comes down when lol singh is checking badi jiji. She tells everyone that she hides everything about jagdeesh due to her bad health. Basant agrees that she can\’t bear the shock. Sumi wonders how they will able to hide this matter from her. but ds forces everyone to hide. Lai singh comes down and tells that she is fine but little tired. He advised to take rest. Badi jiji is not willing to take rest. But ds forces her to take rest. Next day, badi jiji is joking that her kallo is weaker than her due to her old age and tells that she won\’t eat light food now on.
Some ppl come there to invite sarpanch bitiya\’s family for holika dahan. They want anandi to come as the chief guest. Anandi tells them to invite ds 1st as she is the head of the family and as far the invitation to the sarpanch is concern then sarpanch doesn\’t need any invitation. Ppl happily agreed and left.Ds is amused with anandi\’s respect towards her. badi jiji joked again and gives some money to anandi as sagun. At the dining table, Badi jiji is not happy with those food served by sumi. Some cute nok jhonk between two sisters. So ds decides to eat the same food with jiji. Both emotionally feed each other. Natkhat badi jiji wants to go to holika dahan. Ds gives up by saying nandu is more intelligent than badi jiji and agrees. Ds is about to stand up but cant due to her knee ache. Basant forces ds not to go to the holika dahan. Sumi decides to stay with ds at haveli .Ds agrees. Holika dahan rituals start. Everyone perform their parts. Badi jiji recalls her fond memories with kid jagiya. She tells anandi about the story behind holika dahan, harinyakashyap, prahlad. How god saved his devotee. Jagiya loves this story. She asks anandi to call jagiya. Anandi gives excuses but she says anandi is thinking so much to make call as if she is calling a stranger. She forces her hard. Seeing no option left, anandi calls him.
At mumabi, JG r also doing the holika dahan rituals. Jagat is upset remembering jetsar\’s noli and tells her that next year they will take their child to jetsar for holi. Suddenly realized and diverted the topic
Gauri irritated seeing anandi\’s call on jagat\’s mobile and picks the phone. Badiji asks is this jagiya\’s number and who is talking. Gauri says she is gauri and she should tell her name 1st as she is calling, Badi jiji tells anandi a girl is talking from j\’s phone whose name is gauri. Anandi tensed. Prccap- ds calls jagat and asks him whether he will able to come jetsar tomorrow to meet badi jiji as she is very sick. Jagat is very emotional.

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