Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th February 2012 Written Episode

Vikram calls Ram and asks if he proposed Priya or not, Ram tells he\’s still at office and vikram asks him to leave everything and go and propose her . Ram tells that she\’s with his mom and tells that he\’ll do some work as he has start early coz of a party and thought he would propose priya on their way back home. Vikram tells that its a bad try and there should be a romantic place to propose and asks him to seek a chance at the party and tell her I love you. Ram asks him to come over to his office to discuss and asks him to tell what needs to be done at the party and vikram agrees and asks him to be ready. (Uff Ye golu bhi na.. consummation ka idea bhi vikram se lega kya?? )

Ayesha comes to Nuts office and Shaks asks y is she there and Ayesha tells that she is excited to see the showstopper dress that she\’s gonna wear and wants to see it. Shaks asks if Nuts knows about it, Nuts comes there and asks ayesha how is she there and ayesha tells she wanted to see the dress, Nuts asks her to hang on and brings the dress and shows it to her and Ayesha jumps like a kid in happiness and Nuts asks her to relax, ayesha thanks her and nuts tells she deserves to get all this and tells her to see what this fashion show is gonna do to her career. (Is that the real show stopper dress?? )

Ram walks here and there at his office and Vikram asks to sit and think. Ram tells he doesn\’t know what he should be doing as he\’s in love for the 1st time in his life and asks him wat to do as he\’s his guru. Vikram tells till now he\’s seen only young ppl propose and he needs to think about proposing in a mature way. Ram tells that he only told love has no age and now he\’s talking like this and vikram tells that he\’ll think about something.
Vikram gets an idea and asks him to get a bouquet at the end of the party and shower lots of rose petals over her and tell i love you, ram reminds him that he\’s allergic to flowers and tells he\’ll start sneezing. Vikram asks him to arrange for a candle light dinner with champagne at a place in party and tell i love u by saying cheers and Ram reminds him about what happ to Priya when she got drunk and tells he became Tablet Kapoor from Ram kapoor. Vikram then tells all gals love songs and asks him to select a romantic song and sing and propose her. Ram gets angry and picks file to beat him and asks if he needs to sing and asks y was vikram born and thinks about his singing experience.

He asks if he forgot that he shouts more and sings less and if he sings priya would run away even if she loves him. Vikram then tells that he can\’t sing but he can bring some good music band and make them play and sing romantic songs and create a romantic environment and he can tell I love you. Ram tells its a good idea and viks asks if they can make the arrangements.

Niharika telling mama that she will create dhamaka between RaYa by telling about the room renovation to Ram. Mama tells he\’s afraid of her and tells hope the bomb doesn\’t fall on them. He tells he needs to appreciate Priya for decorating their room beautifully even after being a middle class family and nih shouts at him for appreciating priya before her and she tells she knows that Ram will not be happy with his room being renovated. (u are in for a bomb blast niharika ji )

Ram comes in and asks for Priya. Nih tells she\’s with dadi and Ram tells he\’s going up and asks her to send Priya. Niharika tells that now when he opens the room, then they\’ll have moment to enjoy. Mama and Nih make drama about them not getting sleep because of the painting work and ram stops to ask if there\’s any problem and nih and mama tell nothing.

Ram goes to his room and his surprised to see his room completely changed in light pista green color. Niharika and Mama come behind and try to instigate him against priya telling that inspite of them telling priya that he won\’t like it, she went ahead and changed the room. Ram laughs, Nih and Mama confused and Mama tells that he is not able to bear the sagma and gone crazy and ram tells that he\’s laughing because he loved it and he never thought that his room can look good like this and its really awesome. Mama and Nih stunned and Ram asks them to send Priya to his room and Niharika tells sure and leaves. (ab hua asli dhamaka.. )

Vikram comes home and Neha is upset with him. Vikram pacifies her and tells sorry and neha accepts it. He then tells that Ram left his work at US and came back coz he\’s gone crazy for priya and wants to propose her. Neha tells nothing like that and tells his news his half right and half wrong and Ram came back for Nuts Fashion Show and tells Priya told her.Viks tells that Ram would have got nervous and told like that to Priya and truth is he\’s back for Priya and will propose her today

Neha is happy and remembers that she put Priya in tension and decides to call her. Vikram stops her and asks her not to call Priya ,Neha asks y and Viks asks her to allow Ram to do some work atleast and tells if he can learn to love, he can learn to express to and its fatty\’s love story and let him do anything and neha tells they\’ll sit back and enjoy. viks asks her to get ready for the party

Shipra boasting about ayesha being showstopper at Natasha kapoor\’s show over the phone to Mrs.Vadera and ayesha listens to her mom\’s talk and feels happy. (Shipra back to form )

Ram ready for the party in a grey suit (come on, give him a good fitting suit yaar ), talks to someone over the phone and asks them to arrange for something and then hangs the call telling that he\’ll search for some contacts in his address book. He searches for the book, but doesn\’t get it. He then calls for Priya, Priya realizes that he\’s back and then thinks about her surprise being spoilt and then thinks that he going to the room before she telling is not a bad surprise too and is excited to see his expressions. Ram keeps calling for her and Priya replies that she\’s coming and goes to their room.

Priya enters happily and Ram asks y isn\’t he getting his things easily in his room? and asks about his address book. Priya tells it was there only and may be the worker has kept it somewhere else and Ram tells y should the worker touch his personal things and tells its not done . Priya gives him the book and asks sorry. Ram gets busy searching the address book and Priya gets upset and walks in to the change room.

Ram calls viks and tells that the band ppl ditched and he couldn\’t find any contact and asks him to help. Viks asks him to relax and asks him to come and pick him up. Ram asks what about priya, viks tells that they\’ll make all arrangements and then will ask Neha to bring Priya to the party directly.Ram hangs the call and silently tells that he has to leave and asks priya to come later and leaves the room.

Priya selects a black saree and feels bad for Ram not noticing the room renovation and wonders from where does he bring all the tensions to home and thinks that she will ask him and thinks about her mom\’s advise telling that ladies understand household things more than men and decides to first change his mood and then ask about room. She goes out and calls him and asks if she can wear the black saree and realizes tht Ram has already left.

She gets angry and calls out bansi kaka and asks him where Ram is. Bansi kaka tells he\’s gone out and Priya tells that she knows that but asks where has he gone. BK tells that he didn\’t tell and go and Priya asks if he went in car or walked, BK tells in car and Priya asks if he went with driver or drove and BK tells he went alone and Priya thinks y is she asking BK and grumbles that she too got the habit of asking too many questions by staying in the house.She gets angry and tells that she doesn\’t want to go for any party. (Bechaare bansi kaka..and the way priya shooted questions at him )

Vikram informs Neha about their plan and asks her to bring Priya by making some excuses. Priya thinks to call Neha and tell that she\’s not coming and keeps grumbling that Ram didn\’t tell anything about the room and left without informing her. Neha asks if Ram liked the room, Priya tells he didn\’t tell anything and started shouting at her instead and left without informing.Neha tells that all guys are like this and he too left her alone and tells now what can they do.

Neha tells she\’ll get ready and come to pick her up . Priya tells no need as she doesn\’t have mood to go to any party. Neha tells if they didn\’t go they might feel they won and we lost and they can\’t afford to do that and tells for women kind they need to party and hangs the call. Priya grumbles that there is no one to listen to her and tells she\’s not going to any party.

Ayesha comes to shipra room with an album and shows her all photographs and tells that she remembers her old days as her fashion show is nearing and both rejoice seeing the photos and think about their dreams and ayesha tells all thanks to nuts for making her dream come true , shipra is not happy, ayesha asks if she\’s happy and shipra tells she\’s happy for her.

Ram waiting at the party for Priya and Vikram comes and asks if he\’s all set for the mission and Ram tells he\’s already tensed and vikram asks if he got the coin, ram asks y, and vikram tells if he is feeling low in confidence, he can look at the coin and get confidence and Ram asks him to stop making him afraid. Viks tells that he\’s made all arrangements and musicians and singers will be coming in sometime and asks him to tell I love you during any romantic song after the party.

Ram tells he doesn\’t feel he\’ll be able to do it that easily and telling i love you at 40 yrs doesn\’t sound easy and viks tells that he\’ll do it and asks him to try and tells he\’s there with him and asks him not to worry and he excuses himself from there. Ram wonders y hasn\’t she yet come to the party and looks at the doors and priya walks in with neha in a beautiful black saree. Ram keeps looking at her and tries to go forward, vikram stops him and talks about something.

Priya sees Ram and Neha tells that they aren\’t even noticing the fact that their wives have arrived for the party and asks her not to notice too . At the party, they welcome Priya as they are elated to see her. Neha excuses herself and goes to meet vikram. Neha asks if fatty hasn\’t changed his mind and Viks tells no and after the party Ram will tell I L U to priya. Neha tells if Ram didn\’t take the step today, their love story wouldn\’t have moved forward at all.

Vikram tells how will the story stop if Ram doesn\’t tell I love u as both are in love. Neha tells how can Priya tell ILU first and Ram needs to tell first. Viks asks what\’s the difference and Neha tells gals can\’t tell 1st and Ram being the man should tell 1st. Viks tells for everything they need ladies 1st and now for this gentleman 1st. Viks tells its rubbish and whoever is in love can propose and neha asks him not to argue and make Ram tell I L U. Viks tells that if that\’s the case either Priya will tell first or both will together and its his challenge that he\’ll make sure Ram doesn\’t propose first and neha too accepts the challenge.(abbe, tum dono kyun lad rahe ho.. kisiko toh bolne dho na )

Ram and Priya look at each other lovingly from a distance.

Dil Ki dhadkan badthi jaaye saamne jab woh aaye
Pyaar Isi Ko kehthe hai kya, Koi Ye samjhaaye..
Magar Sachhe lagte hai, Ye darthi, Ye nadiyan, Ye Rehna Aur Tum.

Ram thinks that priya has come to the party and wonders if he\’ll be able to propose her or not. Priya looking at Ram thinks that she knows what Ram wants to tell but decides that she\’ll not tell anything until she hears it from his mouth. (Koi toh bolo yaar… )


Priya at the party tells Ram that she\’s leaving. Ram tells her to leave if she wants or stay back if she wants. Priya again stresses that she\’s actually leaving,and Ram tells that\’s what he\’s telling and she can leave. Priya moves and Ram stops and tells that he wants to tell something and Priya immediately turns and asks what and both look at each other.

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