Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st March 2012 Written Episode

Ankur ask sandhya that he want to do prashchit of his mistake, he\’ll take her from here within this week, suraj hear it, he was hurt, bhabho show him eyes n he leaves. Ankur says that he\’ll make everything f9, he\’ll help her in study further, he\’ll make her IPS officer, he just need sum time, thy\’ll soon return to pushkar n make everything f9.

Sandhya says he must be joking, earlier she got weak that\’s y she allowed him to take decision of her life, she hvnt forget anything, how she plead him for not letting her marry but he dnt listen n leave her here n now when he realised his mistake n guilty of it, he wanna take her with him but she dnt want to cum with him, n ask him to leave.

Ankur was shocked, he ask that not for him but atleast for her dream to become an officer, she shud come, as he know that suraj has supported her but he cant support her further, he\’ll do wat bhabho ask him to do, he cant help her to becum officer, sandhya dnt like it, ankur says that she has 7 days to think, sandhya ask him to leave.

Scene changed, suraj was working in his shop but he was lost in the flashes of wat bhabho ask sandhya n ankur, the last 7 days ultimatum, ankur came to him n calls him, he was lost n listen after 2nd call.

Suraj take him in n gave him water, ankur says that he knew that suraj is very nice person but he cant tolerate that her sister is suffering becoz of him, she\’s the one who cant tolerate injustice, she\’s the fire but now she\’s standing in the corner n listening all blames as she know that her brother has betrayed thr trust.

He want to take her away from this pain but she has denied to cum with him, suraj takes a sigh of relief, ankur ask suraj that he knew the anger of bhabho but still asking him to take care of sandhya n gave her so much love, before suraj reply bhabho came there.

Bhabho ask that if she knows that he\’s making her son against her, she would hv not cum here, ankur try to explain that she\’s getting him wrong, bhabho says that if she\’s wrong wat is he doing here, ankur leaves without saying anything.

In the house, chaturi was picking clothes from terrace n was talking to herself, she was not happy with bhabho\’s decision as she think that sandhya\’s getting punishment of ankur\’s fault, n in between all this no one thinking abt suraj\’s pain.

Other side, meena was getting impatient for her necklace which sandhya has, she was scared if sandhya leaves, her 50,000 Rs. necklace will be gone n she dnt allow it, she immidiately open sandhya\’s bag n eyes gets more bigger to see 5 necklaces, her greed came out n she want to take all but was afraid of vikram so she take hers.

As she close the bag, chaturi came thr n ask her wat is she dng with sandhya\’s bag n she says that she was thinking that although sandhya is here for few days still her bags were not looking gud here, so she was thinking to keep it in her room, chaturi says that her heart says she\’s not gng anywhere n she\’ll keep it in her room, meena says wat does she waiting for.

Scene changed, suraj was working n sandhya came n scold him for not calling her when he\’s injured, she take the work, suraj ask her to not do that but she want to. Suraj saw her sadness n ask her if she\’s f9 after wat bhabho said to her n ankur, she replied that now she only want to win thr hearts instead of getting worried abt past.

Precap: Sandhya putting medi to suraj\’s wound n bhabho saw them.

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