Afsar Bitiya 1st March 2012 Written Episode

Hello… The episode almost full on sad… Ok I\’ll get on sad mood now and type it as short as possible…

The episode begins with Bihari taunting Krishna\’s failure in a fun way. Pinto does not like it but as always stays quiet. Tuntun is very happy. Krishna is feeling sad and the advises of her family and loved one\’s come back to her. Everyone\’s happiness with dependent on her becoming B.D.O and now it\’s all came crashing down. A baba comes to their house and Saraswati talks rudely to him as she has lost her belief in God. She reveals her frustration and sadness by asking what was the fruit of all the prayers and faith we have in God. She is ready to throw the murti in the well but Krishna stops her.

She tells the sadhu baba that they have nothing to give in this situation. He instracts her to keep the faith as after darkness, light surely comes. A day is bound to come after night. he leaves.

Babloo and Sargam have a chat where neither of them are able to believe that Krishna failed. He isn\’t ready to accept it and doesn\’t know how it all happened. Sargam said what\’s done is done. Maybe it wasn\’t written in her fate. Babloo replies determined that something will have to be done.

Now, Pinto and Ganga stay quiet again. (I\’m starting to hate the silence. Speak up you two~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) TTS asks Ganga why she\’s taking tension now. Sargam comes there and TTS brags on saying he wants to put his heart\’s talk in front of others. Tuntun tells Bihari and Dihati that he wants the marriage to take place as soon as possible. He wants Pinky to sit on the chair as his daughter in law. Other than the three, the rest are happy.

Krishna is packing clothes and remembering Sadhu baba\’s words. She finishes packing and getting a bottle and picking it up, leaves the house without anyone knowing. But Vidya comes and tells him that he has to come to Patna with her. She tells them that she will put the matter in front of the board. Saraswati asks what will happen from that? Nothing. It\’s all because they are poor. Krishna says that her heart tells her that she hasn\’t failed. If God is taking her exam, then she will pass this too. Saraswati tries to explain to her but she is determined. There are some honest people too int he country and she trusts the country\’s law. (I agree. One in a million…)

Babloo comes and supports Krishna\’s decision. He says she is right and she will go to Patna. The truth should be out in front of everyone. They shouldn\’t stop her if they have trust in her. Chanchal also supports and Ravi does too. Saraswati agrees then. (I like her a lot more now, when comparing to first episode)

The evil family returns with band baaja baarat. (Wait, baarat left. Please don\’t make this saying come true in this case…) Krishna, Babloo and Vidya prepare to leave. Pinky and Dihati show off her win to them. Pinky is feeling happy, as she shows herself better than Krishna. They leave as a background voice says there is hope in the smallest of thing and the trust will not break. (I\’m translating it shortly…)

Vidya remembers how at childhood, Krishna had proudly said that she will get him a fast car once she becomes a B.D.O. to Krishna. Back in present, the episode stills at Vidya\’s distressed face.

Precap: Bihari says the marriage will be three days later and TTS laughs smugly. (Ok WTH is going on? Everything is taking an upside down U turn all of a sudden…! )

No bandars today. Cuz all the bandars will be the mad drill wala one..

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