Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st March 2012 Written Episode

Neha asks priya to come in. Priya tells that she thought Mr.kapoor would see her and react but he\’s not showing interest at all and she wastely had to come and tells that she\’s going back. Neha stops and tells that she knows for a fact that Ram has feelings for her. Ram is shown talking to Vikram and Priya sarcastically tells how much feelings Ram has for her. Neha tells that she\’s reading it wrongly and tells he definitely has feelings in his heart but is unable to express, and tells Ram wants her to tell I love you first and Priya asks y and Neha tells its just Ego Boost , and adds that all Men are like that and they want ladies to propose first. Neha tells that the person who dominates in a relationship will always be like that and the other has to run behind and that\’s what Ram exactly wants. Neha asks her to come inorder to take classes. ( I don\’t know if Neha and Vikram are doing this for their good.. )

Vikram calls Ram to meet Mr.Singhania, Ram tells he hasn\’t met Priya yet , but Vikram insists and takes Ram to meet Mr.Singhania. Neha grumbles that they are ignoring them and she can accept the fact that viks always does the same but can\’t digest the fact Ram is behaving like this. Priya looks sadly at Ram. Neha tells that they have make Ram realize Priya\’s importance, Priya asks how and Neha asks her to make Ram jealous. ( Ufff.. Will they confess or not )

Ayesha unable to sleep and thinks of Nuts words for her reg the fashion show. She gets a call from her friend telling that they\’ll be there to cheer her up and ayesha tells that she\’ll arrange for passes for them and her friend tells that its a big night for her and they are proud of ayesha. Shipra comes and asks her to take rest as she\’s getting dark circles and she can\’t afford as she\’s the showstopper. Ayesha tells she wasn\’t feeling sleepy and Shipra asks if she\’s nervous, ayesha tells not like that and asks shipra to sit and asks her to sleep next to her so that she can sleep well and she\’s getting nervous. Shipra tells she could read her face and asks her not to worry and show will be very good and both sleep together. ( A good Mom-daughter scene, i\’m afraid and feeling sad for ayesha now.. don\’t know what Nuts is upto.. )

Ram starts munching jalebis one by one and Priya is upset and tells neha that its not good for him and she should stop him. Neha stops her as its not good for their relationship and asks her to let him eat and bear it and asks her not to go to him. Vikram comes and tells Ram that he agrees he\’s happy today but will he eat all the jalebis at the party alone ? Ram tells that he\’s eating coz of tension that Priya is not even looking at him and talking to everyone else.

Vikram tells Priya is good but at the end of the day she too is a woman and asks Ram not to be tensed and think about the plan. Ram tells ok and then goes near Priya and asks if they have reached. Priya taunts asking shouldn\’t they have come? Neha takes vik and moves away. Ram asks y is she talking like that and it was decided already that they would come for the party. Priya tells that he left her and came for the party just like leaving a mob phone at home and she shouldn\’t have come for the party at all. Ram then excuses himself from there and Priya gets more upset.

Neha tells vikram that she\’s sure that Ram might be telling I Love u to priya now, Ram comes and asks Neha to leave as priya is calling her. Ram tells what kind of a friend he is, who\’s laughing when he\’s tensed. Ram adds that he\’s trying to talk to her but she\’s not even looking at her. Vikram tells that she\’s trying to make him jealous and he\’s getting jealous, Ram asks y should she be doing that and Viks tells its in the woman and they play such a game so that the men go behind them and they can keep men under control and tells he\’s sure that neha would have taught this to priya. Vikram adds that Priya is trying to make him more jealous so that he immediately confesses to her. Ram asks what should he do and Vikram asks him to ignore and he\’s also doing the same. ( Y did Vikram and Neha come to the party?? )

Ram tells he\’s here to confess his love but y is he playing all these games. Vikram tells he has to play the game and he\’s not telling that he shouldn\’t confess but if he falls for Priya\’s trap today then he\’ll have to go behind her the same way the rest of his life too like him. Vikram tells him something in his ears and asks him to do. Neha asks Priya if he said something, Priya tells he didn\’t tell anything and he just left her alone and went somewhere and Neha shows Ram enjoying a cricket match on TV.

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Ram barging over Priya telling that she wanted his shoulders for crying but she went to Ronit when she needed happiness, Priya asks him to just stop it, Ram asks y should he stop and tells she is fighting fit and what does she have to do with a unfit fat 40 yr old man. He tells not to worry darling and he\’ll give her what she wants and asks what she wants, 5 star hotel , a candle light dinner and he can give everything and asks y to stop with that and asks if she needs a suite so that after dinner she can go for something else too. Priya gets furious, pushes him and asks him to just stop. (I\’m sorry, didn\’t like the choice of words.. Doesn\’t suit Golu\’s character.. I really hope that they don\’t consummate at the spur of the moment after the fight like any other BT soap

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