Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 1st March 2012 Written Episode

Nidhi tells Shyama she can\’t get engaged. Shyama says that then she will have to tell her father then, he will be sad but she needs to gather that courage. Nidhi says she can\’t and Shyama then tells her to call Ashu then, wherever he is.
Nidhi calls Ashu up and he sense that she is crying. She tells him that she is the girl Rohan is getting engaged to. Ashu is shocked to hear this as well. She asks him what to do.
CS tells DB that Nidhi is nowhere to be found and she sends him to look for her.
Rohan is asking his parents who the girl is and makes clear that he is not happy about this. They tell him that he won\’t regret this and ask him to call Nidhi.
Ashu, meanwhile, tells Nidhi not to worry, he is about to reach, she will just have to delay the engagement for 45 mins and then he will come and talk to Yuvraj and everything will be fine. He is equally upset but tells Nidhi to cheer up, he promises to make everything right. Nidhi tells Shyama Ashu is about to reach and then everything will be alright.
Ashu asks the driver to hurry up because there has been a big problem, he needs to reach in half an hour.
Rohan comes and asks Nidhi to help him out. She tells him she is the one he is getting engaged to shocking him as well. Rohan is confused and Shyama tells that everyone thinks that he and Nidhi like each other. Rohan remembers all those Q&A rounds with DB and he himself saying he wants a wife like Nidhi and his parent\’s description of the girl. He says everyone has a big misunderstanding. He tells Nidhi not to worry. He won\’t let this engagement happen. She begs him to do something.
Meanwhile, Ashu is getting impatient and asks the driver to hurry up an already overspeed car. The driver says he is trying his best, he can\’t endanger their lives.
Rohan, much to his parents\’ displeasure, tells his parents that there is no way he is getting engaged to Nidhi. They betrayed Nidhi and him because they didn\’t tell them anything. His parents ask why he can\’t marry Nidhi and in frustration, he is about to blurt out AshNi\’s truth but stops as soon as he realises what he is about to say. His father continues to scold him and says there will be no more arguments now. Rohan angrily walks away from there.
Ashu continues to pester the driver. He is getting really tensed. Suddenly a truck comes and the car almost gets out of control but the driver manages to not lose control. This scares Ashu too.
DB asks Yuvraj why Nidhi is not coming. Yuvraj says she must be getting ready. She is frustrated why everything is getting delayed.
Nidhi calls Ashu again and tells him Rohan has gone to stop them. Ashu says he will be there in just half hour. Rohan comes and says his parents didn\’t listen to him. Nidhi doubts that Rohan actually wants the engagement to happen so he didn\’t try to stop his parents wholeheartedly, he is jealous of Ashu (Like, W*F, woman??). Rohan is obviously hurt, upset and offended and makes no attempt to hide this. Nidhi realises what she just said (Thank god for that) and apologises to him. But he always has a solution to her problem and how come not today. Rohan explains that they\’re making weird assumptions and he cannot convince them without spilling the beans about her and Ashu. Shyama says that they have no option but to wait for Ashu, she requests Rohan to at least delay the engagement till Ashu is here and Rohan agrees for the same and leaves.

Precap: Ashu\’s car breaks down.
Yuvraj is about to make an announcement when Nidhi stops him.

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