Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 2nd March 2012 Written Episode

The epi starts with a worried Jeevika asking Beeji what happened… Beeji assures Jeevika of her well being and Jeevika asks about Maanvi\’s reports..

Maanvi tells Viraat that he is hurting her and they both apologize. Viraat cautions Maanvi to stay away from Maya as she is very self centered and clever.. He tells her that now he does not love Maya at all and would never love her..

Jeevika tells Beeji that Viren had a word with Dr Manan and according to him the reports are normal. Beeji tries telling Jeevika about Maanvi\’s cancer but does not succeed as Maanvi comes there..

Maanvi curiously asks Beeji if any one had complained about her that she came to meet her at Chandigarh. Beeji replies in negative and blesses her and prays for her well being.. She prays that Maanvi should live long and her age should be added to Maanvi\’s age and Maanvi being a carefree girl says that she does not want to live that long. She believes in living a short but happy life.. Beeji and Jeevika scold her for speaking whatever comes to her mind..
Maanvi changes the topic and asks them if they were missing her in Hrishikesh.. Jeevika is irked by it and comments that now she is never missed to which Maanvi says that she has got a very big family to take care of her but she only has Beeji and Chachu.. Jeevika and Maanvi have a cute fight over this issue and Jeevika gives up by saying that Maanvi was being missed and she is the reason why Beeji and Chachu have come to meet her.

Maanvi is continuously talking and Jeevika is sad, confused, Beeji is crying while Chachu comfirts her and the sad version of the title track is playing in the bg..

Dabbu is in the market to buy vegetables and he sees a girl approaching towards the stall from where he was buying vegetables.. He tries to impress her but gets dejected when the girl calls her “Dabbu Bhaiya”.

Dadaji is talking to some one over the phone and Swamini comes there.. Dadaji tells her about the ill health of his sister and that he would like to pay a visit to her. He tells Swamini that he might not return until Holi.. but asks her to supervise all the preparations and celebrate Holi as they have a valid reason for it(Inder\’s Success)…

Maanvi is in her room and suddenly she gets coughing and dizziness spells.. She motivates herself to be strong and attempts to do yoga but the dizziness does not let her do it… She finds it difficult to breathe.. Beeji knocks at her door and asks her to come for dinner. Maanvi tells her that she is coming and goes into the washroom. Beeji keeps on knocking at the door and when she gets no reply from the other side, enters the room… She slowly enters the washroom and Maanvi straightens her dupatta to hide the marks on her arm.

Beeji spots the marks and is shocked.. She asks a clueless Maanvi about them but Maanvi tries to brush off the topic by saying that she might have bumped into the wall or somewhere..

Jeevika comes in and asks the matter.. Maanvi brushes it off and she is called by Swamini.. The epi ends on a shocked Jeevika

Precap:- Beeji is convincing Maanvi to go with her to the doctor, Jeevika comes there and asks Beeji about it.. Chachu tells her that he was taking Beeji to the hospital and thought to take Maanvi along with them… Jeevika tells Beeji that she will go along with her instead of Maanvi…

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