Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd March 2012 Written Episode

Short Update: SurYa in shop. Mohit comes there and tells he has got a job. Sandy asks Suraj whether he informed Bhabho about attending the college function. Suraj goes to Bhabho to inform her. Mohit goes to Bhabho and tells he has got a new job and has joined the PDP course. Bhabho hurt and taunts him. Suraj is taken back. Meena is wearing her haar and Vikram knows that she has stolen it from Sandhya\’s suitcase. SurYa arranging their clothes in wardrobe and have convo on their childhood days regarding participation in sports, childhood dream (Must watch segment). Lastly, Sandy applies medicine to Suraj\’s hand while Bhabho comes there with the medicine and sees the trophy.

Detailed Update:

SurYa in shop. Mohit comes in a riskhaw. Suraj calls him. Mohit is formally dressed with a bag in his hand. Sandy is pleased to see him. Suraj asks him why is he dressed like a gentleman and roaming around instead of being in the shop. Mohit answers he had gone to interview and he got the job. Sandy congratulates him but he tells her that she was intended to make him a halwaii but he is not for it and got a good job. He tells Suraj since he has fulfilled his condition of getting a job, he will not come to the shop. Sandy is pleased and Suraj tells her to ignore Mohit\’s words as they wanted Mohit to realize his responsibilities. Sandy tells him anything done with good heart will be fruitful and Mohit will understand one day that what Suraj did to him was for his betterment and realize Suraj\’s efforts. Suraj is happy and he gives her a jalebi for Mohit\’s job placement and he himself takes one for Sandy getting the trophy. Sandy asks him whether he informed it to Bhabho. Suraj tells he will inform her immediately.

Bhabho arranging clothes in wardrobe. Suraj calls her. She sees his bandage, asks about the wound and how he did his work in the shop and then scolds Mohit for being irresponsible. She tells she will tell Chathuri to bring some herbs and she will prepare medicine for his wound so that he does not need to rely on others. Suraj says he wants to tell her something. He starts to tell but interrupted by Mohit who comes there. Bhabho scolds him but Mohit tells her to listen to him that he has taken admission for PDP course. Bhabho stares him. He tells her he is not asking money from her and whatever he earns will be paid for his fees. He tells her he got placement in a bank and he got education loan from the bank too. Bhabho gets hurt. She sarcastically tells Suraj that his brother has surpassed him too that he has come now to just inform her. She gives a lecture to Mohit on the difference between taking permission to do something and informing her after doing something and goes on expressing her displeasure on her upbringing, etc. Suraj thinks it is not the right time to tell her and leaves. Bhabho asks him but he does not.

Meena is wearing her haar and takes Vikram\’s help for that. Meanwhile she tells him to put it tight so that it stays with her and does not go to Sandy. Vikram realizes that it is their haar and asks her whether she stole it. Meena nods happily. Vikram is worried and asks her whether she has no fear while stealing it and what will happen if others come to know about this. She asks why fear to take their own thing and he has given it to her with so much love and she feels losing his love if Sandy takes it with her when leaving the house. She tells him not to call her a thief as Sandy\’s suitcase was full of jewels and she had a hard time with her greed and then she took only her haar. She asks Vikram how she is looking and he compliments her.

SurYa room, Sandy is unpacking her suitcase. Suraj tells her that Bhabho was in a bad mood and so he did not tell her and will try again at right time. Suraj sees the trophy, takes it and tells Sandy that in his childhood he wished to win a big prize like this, they had sports competition and he had once participated. An excited Sandy asks whether he won. He describes it was a running race and he was running fast and while jumping the hurdles, got stuck, fell down and injured. He shows a mark from this injury on his foot. Sandy asks whether he went to the clinic to get it bandaged. He tells he feared then too. He returned back home and Bhabho applied some medicine. He tells Bhabho was the house doctor and so he never went to the doctor. Then, Bhabho scolded him not to participate in any sports where he might get injured. Sandy asks whether he participated next day. Suraj tells no as Bhabho told him not to and once Bhabho tells no, he would never do it. Sandy exclaims that he was so obedient from childhood whereas she was not. Even being a girl, she was playing all the while, getting into fights, getting injuries and was always scolded by her mother. She tells an incident when a boy was trying to destroy a bird\’s nest on a tree in front of their house and she fought with him and broke his nose and she got injured in the leg and still has a mark there and she shows him the mark on her legs but then realizes. Suraj diverts her by telling he has not done anything against Bhabho\’s wish till now and recalls a childhood incident when Bhabho used to give them milk after dinner and tell whoever drinks it fast will be Bhabho\’s dearest child. He tells even if he felt full, he used to drink it fast as he wanted to become Bhabho\’s dearest child. He would do anything to get praised by Bhabho.

Sandy asks him did he dream anything for himself like all the children do, that they will become this or that after growing up or would like to go to some place or to work in some place or even would like buy something when they grow up. Suraj laughs that he did not think that much but when he used to see teachers teaching children, he used to think that he would become a teacher and now when he teaches Chotu in the shop, he fulfills his wish. Then he grew up some and used to play hockey. He tells her that he was good in playing hockey and thought he would become a hockey player. He brushes it saying it was the age for dreaming and says when it was time to realize those dreams, he started to handle the shop, before he could realize anything, he got his job and he was very happy that he got an opportunity to fulfill Bhabho\’s dream. He tells her that it was Bhabho\’s dream that the family be happy and united and he has always been trying to do it. He closes his suitcase and gets hurt. Sandy takes the empty suitcase from him and goes to keep it over the cupboard. Suraj helps her as it is a little high with BG.

He questions her that her parents also would have dreamt for her and she has flashback of her saying she would be an IPS officer in 2 years. He tells her that she is so intelligent, hardworking and good in studies that they would have dreamt about what she would become in future and about finding an educated guy to get her married where she would be happy. Sandy is lost in flashbacks. Suraj tells her that her parents would have been very happy to see her get such big award. He sees her lost and asks whether she is remembering her parents and corrects him that obviously she would be missing her parents. His bandage gets untied and she offers to put it again.

Bhabho is grinding some herbs. Chathuri offers to do it and Bhabho taunts her. Chathuri agrees that Bhabho would not allow anyone to prepare medicine for Suraj and would apply it herself. Sandy brings the medicine box and starts applying medicine to his wound. Bhabho is coming with medicine to SurYa room. She sees Sandy applying medicine and the award shield.

Precap: She says to Vikram that his brother is out of hands now. He has taken his wife to the college function without informing Bhabho. Bhabho is teary-eyed. Now, Vikram has to help Bhabho in bringing out the truth about Sandhya in front of Suraj.

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