Sasural Genda Phool 2nd March 2012 Written Episode

Suhaana enters in her room to find out meethi all decked up like Gouri. Shocked suhaana asks the reason for her dressing up, gets reply from niece that she wants to be like gouri. Suahaana wants to get out of her why is so, meethi responds that she is so famous, every one loves her ( I like how child psychology over shows have shown and how people confuse with real and reel life). Suhaana tries to explain her that she should be some professional but meethi makes suhaana quite by replying No she wnats to be like gouri, leaving suhaana thoughtful.

Ilesh is doing accounting for suhaana\’ s shift, disha walks in and looks the ear rings he gifted and lost in FB scene in which suhaana was wearing them. Ilesh tells her he is happy with his work and how responsible he becomes. he is looking forward for big cheque this month and asks to tell in advance what gift she wants. She shows him ear rings he says he will this time get better one, she demands to know if this time gouri wearing better. She tells him what she saw. She angrily while crying yells at him that she earns that she can buy what she wants, next time no need to get uttran of gouri, you never could become good husband but at least honesty and love was there now you have lost that too. BM comes hearing scolding, Disha tries to make excuse but BM replies this time she will not favor him. She asks him to apologize to disha. She firmly tells him that you did not keep the trust in relation. You brought ear rings from the set how come you are not ashamed. She says love is not joke, learn to respect relation.( I do not understand what is with the person who loads video ?? last one week I am seeing the note balance low make the payment, yaar jaa na paise bhar dish ke mujhe scene and face expression nahi dikhte clear)
Suhaana lost and tells ilesh about meethi wanting to be gouri, she does remember neighbors wish about having DIL like gouri. She says the character who is dumb, uneducated having wrong impact on the society. The girl like her is nonexistent. She is worried about meethi as she is new generation how can she be like this. Suhaana wants to quit, ishaan explains well first you under contract two even if you quit they will get other girl. BM steps in this point supporting ishaan. She and ishaan tell suhaana needs to change the trend, make writer, director understand. Tell them how society moving, how birth of girl is not curse, how today\’s girl does not sit home doing nothing but goes to cops or fight for her rights, how MIL is like mom etc. ( good move, meaningful dialogues , watch it )
Next morning inder brings news paper that has article about suhaana. Inder reads it for all, but before that every one fights to read. The article is all praising about suhaana\’s acting. She has given credit to her family, rano sulking that she said nothing about ishaan. Disha fills in that ilesh was saying that her marital status needed to be hidden. Alok reads further when guest comes at their door. They enter with prasing making K family confuse. The guests have come from Merrut to have match for their son. Rano gets excited thinking it is for ishika. ( I felt it was little over board, pooch toh lo kis ke liye hai??)After lot praising, asking for sweets and suspense they reveal the truth (which we know long time back, thanks to SB bhaiya) that they have come for suhaana\’s possible match. K family ki sitti pitti gum

Monday: Holi fiasco flops when potential in laws at set
Reel MIL is giving warning to gouri to saty away from her son during Holi when merrut se aaye ishaan ke biwi ke potential in laws run at set to save their gouri ( this is bit too much for me)
If we ignore last part then over all watchable episode

sorry mod ji. I did not know you had doc\’s appointment Y\’day.

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