Afsar Bitiya 2nd March 2012 Written Episode

Before I begin, today\’s episode was at it\’s best. But the ending…! Anway, let me begin.

Part 1:
It begins with Dihati chachi and Bihari talking about their victory and getting Pinto and Pinky married soon. She tells him that if Krishna gets her way in Patna, they\’ll be stuck. They call her koyla khadan. Bihari assures her that nothing will go wrong. She\’s already lost and it isn\’t easy to fight the government. Pinky comes and tells them to shut up on their faltu talk (I like her for this!!) The thing is that she has to take the BDO charge in 10 days. So the wedding has to happen before that. Bihari calls Panditji and asks for date between 4-5 days. Work done. Pinky is happy.

Part 2:

Bihari calls Vidya and tells him that the marriage is after 3 days and they have to be there. After all, he is Pinky\’s bade papa. (Bade papa? Ever treated him like that? Anyway, this is just a trick to get them home before they are able to do anything in Patna.) After the call ends, Krishna asks Vidya what it was and he tells her that the marraige if after three days. She is in thoughts and remembering the moment when Pinto had told her that he isn\’t happy with this soon to be marriage. He\’s just agreeing because of TTS, his father. The bus comes and Vidya calls her twice to get her out of her thinking trance.

TTS and Bihari talk and Bihari tells him that she has to take charge in 10 days and the marriage date is after 3 days. TTS is very happy and says they need not worry about anything. TTS brags on about the marriage. Ganga is surprised and asks all this in 3 days? It\’s their son\’s marriage. He says that all they have to do is call few people and go to bihari\’s house. The whole Bhagalpur will see the marriage.

Sonu comes and he tells him to get ready to be sapolia (snake). Chacha (pinto) will be dulha, and sonu will be sapolia. Sonu says TTS\’s tagline – ghazab – meaning amazing. Pinto comes with a long face on. (I like his clothes but anyone else agree that he needs more shades?) He asks him why the long face but he stays quiet. He then tells Ganga to get to work and he goes away to play with Sonu. Pinto turns to leave but stops to look at Ganga who sees his long, sad face.

At night time, Krishna and Vidya reach Patna. She says they\’ll go straight to the office and doesn\’t want to waste even a minute.

At Pinto\’s house, he is praying to Hanumanji. He says it\’s better to be a karamchari (He said this word na? I can so feel his pain. Poor guy is stuck between his heart and his family…) Ganga is praying to Tulsi maiya when Pinto comes there. She asks her what the matter is and he tells her that he always listened to bauji. But today, he isn\’t happy with his decision. She asks him why he didn\’t speak up when all this was going on in his heart. (I thought she already knew each time they would look at each other!) Babloo comes and says that she is her mother. If being a brother he understood it, then she should have too. She says she had seen it too but before their bauji, she can\’t say anything. TTS comes there and starts insulting Babloo like always. Ganga has had enough and she yells out telling him to stop. Everyone respects him but they say nothing. He didn\’t speak up because he is afraid of him. TTS talks rudely to her and says if she wasn\’t his wife and wasn\’t their mother, he would have given her a reply that would shut her up for the rest of her life. (How mean. Shown his true colors after all!)

Babloo speaks up for her and takes her from their. Pinto too leaves not listening to TTS.

Krishna reads the letter she has written for the people in the office. She then thinks about the marriage that is to happen.

Pinto thinks over the nights events. Things that happened just few minutes ago. He goes to TTS making a decision and TTS acts to be heart broken and says that if they all think like this, then the marriage will not happen. He won\’t force. Pinto gets trapped in the emotional atyachar and hugs him saying he will marry and he\’s sorry for all that happened. TTS smiles evil-ly.

Precap: Babloo over hears bauji (TTS) talking to the person from DC\’s office and suspects.

(Ok so I was go glad to see them all speak up. But then they showed Pinto melting under father\’s evil wand again… Why? ISn\’t it high time they start showing him brave? Or maybe Krishna is going to do something to stop the wedding? IDK!)

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