Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2nd March 2012 Written Episode

-Mohans Boss speaks abt how he isnt the one who shudnt be speaking today but the little girl who has won and asks Nanhi to speak and nanhi speaks and credits megs for her win and asks her to come over and join her on stage and she calls her a superwoman

-Mohans boss speaks to Megs and offers her the job and megs is like but i am not qualified and he is like u have the talent we require and she agrees and he asks her to come and meet him at his office and then asks her , her full name and she says Megha vyas and it rings a bell with him and he still asks her to cum and meet him at 10 am at his work place

-tannu -Renu -Chanchal at the shiv mandir and renu cursing her ill fate n all and Tannu saying how will u arrange for my fees and then Renu starts to sell the washing pwder to ppl at the temple and it works

-Renu sells of the washing pwder and is happy with her 2500 bucks and goes home and shoes the mpney off and sanjay tells Jiji dont look at me u found this match for me and tells Renu u left yr brains at yr mom\’s place or what and u made a loss of 2500 rupees and are showing off as if u made a fortune and goes and Renu looks at saroj and ved for supprt but doesnt get any

-Mohan waiting outside Vyas house for his phone and Nanhi n megs arrive and Nanhi runs upto him and shows him the prize and thanks him as well and tells how she won thanks to him and her mum\’s poem and Mohan keeps looking at Megs and guru coughs to distract him and tell him abt fone and Megs takes it out and says yr fone and yr weird ring tone and Mohan says cudnt u pick it up and tell me i was worried and she says u know where i was and cant u stay without it for 2hrs and he is like cant u pick it up 4 2secs and answer it and guru n Nanhi are like here they go again and Nanhi intervenes thanking mohan again and giving bk his laces and Megs asks her to leave and mohan says wish other ppl also were courteous enuf and megs storms bk saying i wont thank you cause what u r doing now cant erase what u did with Amar n i can never forgive u for that its not that i dont want to thank you but cant and he is like oh so u think i am doing all this for a purpose and says lets make a promise to each other that we wont cross each others path and wont even look at each other and takes out his hand to make a promise but megs hesitates and he says what happened are u getting used to me helping u out …Guru n nanhi are looking like o god not again and Chanchal has been witnessing it all and thinks the mobile is another gift for Mohan frm Megs

-And megs takes it up and makes a promise and shakes his hand and Chanchal has that scandalous look …Mohan on his bed remembering Megs words abt what he did to Amar and guru senses it and starts of as to how she shud have thanked him and how she is thankless and mohan is like i have already heard enuf now not u …and Guru says but one thing is true what she said yr intentions are always gud but u end up creating prblems for her and Mohan recollects the ad fiasco , the nanhi missing case and the report ..aand he gets up and goes to window and spots a happy Vyas family congratulating Nanhi and see\’s megs as well but turns arnd but cant stop himself and says aloud why is this happening i have alwys tried to do gud but then why it ends up as bad and guru is like its fate and mohan is then we have made the right decision to not come in each others way but guru is like till when …that too will be decided by fate

-Megs all set n ready for her new job ..jiji gives her a saree and does her makeup while Sanjay is like asking her to think it over and so is Saroj but megs all set and leaves and she receives nanhi\’s school fee notice as well

-Mohan\’s boss talking to all abt the new female employee and how she will work here till the magazine gets a new place and all

Precap- Megs and Mohan meet and Tum ..Tum and they remember the promise

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