Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2012 Written Episode

Urmila arrives at Modi Bhavan with the gym bag and Hetal and Kokila are surprised to see her. Kokila questions her about the bag and she makes the same excuse as she did in front of Kinjal, that its full of old clothes. She says to Kokila that she suddenly felt like meeting Raashi, but when Raashi sees her, she says, she\’s here already? It makes Kokila suspicious. But Raashi quickly covers it up.
Urmila asks about Gopi and she learns that she is in the store room. Raashi offers to take Urmila to her room, but from Urmila\’s gym bag fall a pair of scissors and a box of matches. Urmila and Raashi are aghast to see them, while Kokila is even more suspicious. Urmila says that the scissors are for cutting off the tags on the clothes. And the match box she took to the mandir to light the diya.
Kokila says if she went to the mandir, she would have gotten prasad. She holds out her hand for it. Urmila says she distributed the prasad in the mandir itself.
Raashi takes Urmila to her room, and Kokila overhears her asking about the contents of the bag. Kokila is thoughtful.


At Rajpal Nagar, Kinjal is searching through Urmila\’s things, looking for her lottery winnings. Kinjal vows to find out about the money.

-Raashi & Jigar Room-

Urmila says that things have been okay till now. She tells Raashi to hide the gym bag until their drama is over, Raashi agrees. The bag is not fitting inside her closet and she asks whats inside. Urmila tells her it\’s the lottery money, Raashi is shocked.

-Dining Room-

Kokila is working but is distracted, thinking about Urmila and Raashi\’s strange behaviour. She wonders whats going on in Raashi\’s room.
She asks Gopi about Kanhaji shringaar she is about to do for holi. Gopi tells her that she will do it in the evening. Right now, she has kept Kanhaji on a table in her room.

-Raashi & Jigar Room-

Raashi asks about the money and Urmila says that she is hiding it from Kinjal. Raashi tells her to forget about the lottery issue and focus on the work she is here to do.
Kokila goes to Raashi\’s room to investigate and overhears Raashi and Urmi talking about there to hide the bag. She is about to barge into the room but Gopi stops her asks her to come to the roof with her.
Here, Urmila and Raashi manage to hide the bag in Raashi\’s closet, covering it up with clothes. Urmila says to now focus on thheir plan. Raashi leaves the room.

-Gopi & Ahem Room-

Raashi goes into the room and does something, which is hidden from the camera, smiles, and says that now the real fun will begin.
Kokila catches Raashi sneaking out of GoHem\’s room, Raashi is hiding something behind her back. Kokila questions her and she says she had forgotten her handkercheif here. Raashi escapes.
Kokila goes into GoHem\’s room and sees an empty thaali on the table and says that Kanhaji\’s idol isn\’t here. She thinks back to UrShi phone conversation. Kokila is determined that she won\’t let this maa-beti mess with Krishna bhagwaan\’s idol.


Kokila calls Raashi\’s name very loudly and all the ladies of the house collect in front of GoHem room (excluding Baa). She questions Raashi about the Kanhaji idol.
She brings everyone into GoHem\’s room and shows them the empty thaali and asks Raashi about the idol. Kokila shares her suspiscion with everyone and says she has been doubting them ever since she overheard their phone conversation this morning.
Urmila tries to stand up for Raashi but Kokila says that maa-beti only have one goal in life, to plot and plan. [I have a feeling that this won\’t end well. Raashi and Urmi are fooling Koki and she is falling neatly into their trap]
Hetal is looking shocked, while Kokila is piling on the allegations, calling Raashi and liar and saying that despite accepting her back thinking she has changed, she has remained the same. When Urmila tries to speak, Kokila questions her about the Kanhaji idol.
Urmila goes to another table, picks up another thaali, lifts the cloth off it and everyone is shocked to see a bigger, silver kanhaji idol there.
Urmila says that they are related to Gopi too. As a surprise they brought this new, bigger Kanhaji, but Kokila only ever suspects Raashi. Raashi also says that they were just trying to surprise Gopi, but Kokila tells her to never surprise anyone like this again.
Hetal questions Kokila asking what\’s wrong in this? Raashi stops her, teary eyed and says this is her own fault, she should have asked before doing this. Saying that she has made mistakes in the past, and she should have guessed that everyone would be suspicious of her. Kokila looks aghast at the developments, unable to defend herself. While Hetal is clearly falling for Raashi\’s BS tears.
Raashi says to Kokila that she didn\’t feel bad about her suspicions, but implores her to believe that she only had Gopi\’s best interests at heart. Urmila agrees saying they\’ve been wanting to do something for Gopi for a while. She mentions the gold kangans on Raashi\’s birthday and says she wanted to get those for Gopi. Gopi agrees and Kokila is shocked.
Urmila joins her hands in front of Kokila and asks her to stop thinking wrong things about them. Kokila is shocked.



Urmila is saying to Hetal that they have a big wholesome family, and in a family it is okay for disagreements. But it wasn\’t right that in front of her, Kokila suspected her bahu, especially when even Meethi was present. Hetal is thoughtful. Urmila adds that Hetal is elder, Kokila should have atleast respected that boundary.

Disgusting episode today. As usual, the men were missing. I suspected UrShi\’s intentions ever since the precap on friday. I know something like this would happen. They\’ve made Kokila out to be the fool. And they will manage to fill in Hetal\’s ears about her too.
And now Im certain that Holi won\’t be a pleasent occasion with another battle of the egos.
They\’ve also managed to silence Gopi\’s rising voice against them.
Don\’t bother watching this episode. It will just make you mad


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