Punar Vivah 5th March 2012 Written Episode

Yash clears aarti\’s dupatta and aarti moves from there ..yash couldn\’t see her face and the traffic signal ON and yash goes away. Prateek\’s GF is in radio station and shares that she will continuing her job after marriage to her fans who is calling her on the radio. prateek smiles hearing that on radio and continues his cooking saying he stand by his word…
Aarti meets mansi and expresses her fear about PV. Maansi adds more to increase aarti\’s fear. Maansi tells aarti that a man and woman relationship can only be a physical relationship .. she also tells her that her husband trying to run off form the 2nd day of their marriage.
Maansi further adds that ur would be might also getting married for physical relationship only. aarti stops maansi and tells her that he have small kids and he is not like that. Maansi teases Aarti saying she is defending him before the marriage itself..

shobha looking at their house gate and waiting for aarti to come. she shares her feeling that they r so used to aarti n smiles. aarti comes with groceries. aarti shares her concern about vegetables being so costly. shobha tells her from now she dont need to struggle. aarti innocently expresses why? her in law\’s shares the news of aarti\’s engagement by giving sweet to her.aarti feels sad and goes from there.. shobha comes to aarti who is crying and comforts her.

yash is shown giving instructions to his staff about taking care of arrangements for the marriage(client\’s..not his ) ..gayatri looks at him smilingly.she shows him the engagement ring and asks him how it is.yash looks at it as gayatri forces him. she informs him that tomorrow is his engagement with aari.yeh dil hai song plays showing aarti\’s tearful face..gayatri is checking the jewels and arrangements and notices the payal missing. to which yash\’s bhabhi answers there is no payal she has seen.she tells gayatri they have arpitha\’s payal which looks like new payal. gayatri makes her quiet by seeing yash. yash comes there and tells its not with him as his bhabhi asks about the payal. yash tells his mom that he has given the payal last night to you. gayatri asks her DIL to search for it.
aarti\’s FIL is doing the arrangements for engagement. he notices shobha who is lost in thoughts. shobha share her feeling about hiding the truth from yash\’s family however her husband asks her to trust him.Aarti interferes and asks them about which mistake they are talking about. Her in laws rubbishes of saying nothing wrong ..and everything is going fine.
aarti is trying to call mitai wala and maansi comes and stops her saying its her engagement and she should listen to her and stop working. shobha and her husband fears about aarti may know that they r hiding the truth. shobha tells her husband what will happen if the truth comes out later..

Precap : its the engagement day. gayatri asks shobha that yash and aarti should talk alone. aarti\’s in laws worried about it. yash looking at aarti who is stepping ahead of him as usual he dont see her face. shobha looks more worried

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