Navya 6th March 2012 Written Episode

Part 1:

(AnYa\’s apartment)

Scene continues from where it was left off yesterday. The landlord says that since Anant and Navya are friends with Amit, they only have to pay 35K as the deposit. Anant and Navya are stunned. Navya exclaims that it is impossible for them to arrange the money; to which the landlord replies that he\’s giving them 2 days to arrange for the remaining rent and the deposit. Bittoo is running around the house and he lands up dropping a jar. Navya goes to check on him while Anant is trying to convince the landlord to do something about the rent and the deposit. But since the landlord is super khadoos and greedy, he refuses to budge and says he wants the money within two days, and takes Bittoo from there to drop him off for tuitions.

(Car Scene)

Scene changes to a car, where Mohan, Om and Baba are sitting and going somewhere (to the office?), and it is shown that Baba and Om have got the news that the landlord has agreed to let Anya stay over in the flat, albeit at higher price. Baba says that even though they were unsuccessful in kicking Anant and Navya out of their house, they would have to pay a higher rent. At this point, any sort of troubles would literally break Anant and Navya, and that would be good enough. Mohan is listening to all this from the front seat with a worried expression on his face. Om places his hand on Mohan\’s shoulder and says all will be okay, and they\’ll get Anant and Navya back home soon.

(AnYa\’s apartment)

Scene shifts to Anant and Navya\’s apartment, where Anant and Navya are calculating how much money they\’re left with. They realise that they\’re left with 1550Rs, and they have no way of getting more money. Anant says that he\’s unable to do an extra shift, and they have no way of getting money. Mohan calls on Navya\’s phone and offers to lend money to Anant to pay the deposit and the rent. Anant politely declines the offer, but Mohan is insisting. He wants to fulfill his duty of being a brother. Anant refuses, saying that if he takes the money from Mohan, he\’ll break the promise that he made to himself. He thanks Mohan for always being there, and keeps the phone.

Navya goes up to Anant quietly and is about to say something. Before she can do so, Anant tells her that he doesn\’t wanna take any help from Meeta Maa. She says that she wasn\’t gonna ask him to do so, but what would they do now? Anant hugs Navya and replies that Baba and Papa are doing this on purpose, but he would show them that Anant and Navya can stand on their own two feet. He then says that he\’ll arrange for money without taking any help from friends or family. He tells Navya that he\’ll talk to Ranbir to try and arrange for a personal loan for him, and he\’ll try asking his boss for an advance. We\’re then graced with his signature dialogue, “Sab theek ho jaayega Navya”.

(Anant\’s office)

Scene changes to Anant\’s office. His boss refuses to give him a loan because he\’s barely worked there for a couple of days and it goes against the company policies to grant him an advance. Anant tries to plead and ask him to consider it as an advance salary, but to no avail. The boss flat out refuses to grant him a loan.


(Anant\’s office)

Anant is on the phone with Ranbir, and he\’s asking if there is any progress on the loan application. Ranbir replies regretfully that in such a short while, he\’s unable to arrange for a loan or do much for him.

(AnYa\’s apartment)

Navya is on the phone with Rits. Rits is basically telling the same thing to Navya, and Navya is disappointed. Rits suggests a gold loan, but Navya doesn\’t have enough gold. (WTH? Have they seen her earrings and her bracelet? And that set which she wore with the sari, when they left the house? Where did that go?) Rits suggests Navya to go ask Meeta for help, but Navya refuses, saying that they don\’t wanna take help from anyone. Rits asks Navya to take care of herself, and they cut the call.

(Next morning, Bajpaayee Mansion)

Scene is in Mohan\’s room. Sugandha goes to give a glass of juice to Mohan. She tells Mohan that she knows about Baba and Om\’s plans, and she asks Mohan to help him in any way possible. Mohan says that he\’s tried to help Anant, but to no avail. Anant doesn\’t want any sort of financial aid. Sugandha cries and laments as to why is this happening. Mohan says that Anant is adamant and doesn\’t wanna bow down, but Baba and Om are hell bent on making Anant bow down to their wishes. Mohan then says that it is better for Anant to throw away his ego and pride and return home, cause Baba and Om are capable of doing anything to crush Anant and bring him back home. (I don\’t understand this man. You\’re a spineless idiot, so you want your brother to suffocate like you in that madhouse? Disgusting.) Sugandha sheds some more tears. Mohan says that he knows that it is difficult for Anant to bend down, but that is the only way in which the family will be happy. (What is Mohan\’s definition of happiness? Someone please temme this!) He says its better for Anant to return home; cause at least he\’ll be with his family, and Nimisha\’s relationship will not be affected in any way. Sugandha agrees to what Mohan says, but also says that Anant is adamant, and will not give up. He\’ll fail, but he won\’t give up. Mohan agrees, and says that Anant will not stoop, and Baba will do all he can do break Anant, and no one can do anything. Sugandha says that there is one person responsible for all this, and that person will have to get things back to normal.


(AnYa\’s apartment)

Anant is drinking tea and sitting down. He\’s worried about what to do next, and shares his troubles with Navya. He\’s come to the conclusion that either he has to arrange for more money, or he has to find a new house. He\’s just lost in his thoughts and rambling, when Navya caresses his face, and says that she knows her Anant will never lose or give up. Anant replies, saying that as long as his Navya is with him, he will never give up. Navya then leaves, saying that she has to go to the marked to do the grocery. She tells Anant to stay back home and relax.

(Bajpaayee house)

Scene shifts to the Bajpaayee\’s house, where Nimisha presses a piece of paper into Sugandha\’s hands, and tells her to take Anant\’s address before Bua Dadi sees them. She then says that Anant will be very happy to see her. Sugandha is about to leave, when Bua Dadi calls her from behind, and asks her where is she going.


Scene shifts to the Market place. Bittoo returns! (This guy seriously has a penchant of repeating everything that someone tells him, and now its seriously getting on my nerves!) He\’s repeating everything that his mom is telling him, and she\’s really pissed off at him. She tells him to stop doing so, but he just repeats whatever she says. He\’s bouncing a tennis ball, and it goes and hits (any guesses?) Navya! She turns (in a full on filmy style, with her hair and dupatta flying and a pleasant smile on her face! ), and holds the ball. Bittoo and his mother go over to Navya and the mother apologises to Navya on Bittoo\’s behalf, and says that he\’s being a menace these days. Navya says he\’s a really nice kid (Navya, we know that you\’re a devi, but aren\’t devis not supposed to lie? Then why did you lie and say that he\’s a good boy?) and smiles at him. She says that she\’s living in their flat. The mother recognises her as Amit\’s friend, and starts the age old housewife style gossip, and complains about her son. Bittoo asks for the ball back, but Navya begins to repeat whatever he says, obviously to teach him a lesson. Bittoo is visibly annoyed, and finally Navya tells him that if he gets so annoyed when someone imitates him, even the others\’ would get annoyed when he\’d do the same. Bittoo doesn\’t heed to her, and he keeps imitating Navya, but Navya corners him, by saying, “Bittoo ko kuch nahi aata”. Obviously he doesn\’t repeat that , and he\’s stumped. And lo and behold, Navya manages to teach him a lesson, and he realises that he should stop repeating what others\’ say. Bittoo\’s mom is impressed, and wonders as to how did Navya do something what she\’d been trying to do for the past couple of days. (Bittoo ki amma, Nabbya Rani is a sakshaat devi maiiya! She\’s a pro at doing stuff what is not possible for normal people!) Bittoo sings Navya\’s praises, and tells his mom how Navya is so sweet, and how she\’s not like his Suman Ma\’am. He\’s about to trip, when Navya saves him. Bittoo\’s mother is impressed, and asks if she\’s a teacher, to which Navya replies that she has a younger brother, so she knows how to handle kids. (Waah, how old is Harsh exactly? I always suspected that he has the IQ of a 10 year old, and today my suspicions were proven correct! ) Navya excuses herself cause she has to shop, and reminds Bittoo to be a good boy and never to repeat others. Unbeknownst to all of them, the landlord is staring at them.

Precap: Sugandha is at Anant and Navya\’s apartment. She\’s like your MIL is begging you Navya, give me back my son. I want my son to be home by holi. Navya, being the reincarnation of devi maiiya, promises her that Anant will be home by holi.

Phew! Rashmi, you\’ll have to do tomorrow\’s episode, and that\’s a good thing, cause I\’m already so mad at the precap, I can imagine what will happen if I actually watch the episode!

I hope you all liked the WU. Forgive me for any errors, cause this is my first time!


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