Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 6th March 2012 Written Episode

–Megs getting pissed with all the noise arnd and Mohan outside talking on the fone and he finds out that the signatures were indeed amars and remembers his convo with Nanhi and tells Karan that nanhi has her hopes on me and just then another associate comes and gives Mohan the attendance register of dinanath\’s company and mohan c\’s that Amar was indeed not at work on that day and is baffled and remembers his convo with Megs at the park where she told him how sum one from work came and took the files right after Amars death and decides to reinvestigate the case and comes back to his desk and Megs asks the guy printing out the stuff to do her work and he says he is busy with mohans work and megs says do what comes first and he is like now u will tell us what to do and megs is pissed and Mohan wants to help but stops himself rmbering his promise made to her and then asks everyone to cut the noise and the gurl says we r doing it for u and says how his Mahananda achievement will be the centrepiece on this soft board and Megs is hurt so is Mohan and asks them to cut it out and megs packs her stuff and leaves thanking Pratik who has been witnessing the scene for a chance but she doesnt feel comfortable working here and Pratik and Mohan look at each other

-Megs cums home and Renu is giving everyone ladoos as tannu will now becum CA and Megs is unable to break the news that she quit her job

-Mohan returns home and Nanhi is there and rings the bell of help and Mohan cums and asks her whats up and she says i am trying to make roti\’s so that i can help mom and asks him abt the sign and he says i wont rush it this time and then is like she got the job and she is like hw do u now and he is like she is working at my office only and nanhi laufs and reminds him of their promise and he is like meri phooti kismat and she holds the rolling pin to him and she says how now they wont face ne financial prblems and he says but she quit and nanhi is all worried and Mohan says o melodrama and tells her a way to get Megs to join back saying she will do anything for you and piddi

Mohan all worried abt nanhi\’s fees and hopes Megs joins back and his plan is executed well by nanhi
and then rmbers how nanhi made a wish fro his stolen biks and he got it back and so he does the same with his hanky and wishes Mr vyas joins bk

-mohan n nanhi signal gud luck to each other and cross their fingers

-Nanhi- Addu playinf with Addu tryin to scare her and Meg cums and the kids ask her how her day was at work and she tells them and addu goes to play cricket and nanhi puts her plan into act and asks Megs abt Devki – Krishna and Yashoda and Megs replies that mothers do anything for their kids and is left pondering and goes frm there saying i will arrange money for ye fees and Nanhi thnks spiderman

-Next day Mohan looks thru the window to see if he can spot nanhi and he does and she shows him how Megs is ready to go to work and thanks him … he is happy and Guru spots it and asks why is he so happy and he is like she is coming back to work and guru is like who and Mohan tells Megs works at his place and praises megs for her courage and management skills and is showing like he is having coffee but guru shows him that the cup is empty and guru teases Mohan sayin his dad use to never praise his mum on her face but behind her back he wud always sing her praises and u dont see love like that often and Mohan is like stop yr nonsense and leaves saying buy some potted flowering plants since the house is empty and its better to look at flowers than yr face and guru …is singing mehbooba o mehbooba…

-Megs returns to office and is liek i will do it for my kids and Prerna and Pratik speak to her over the phone and she thanks Pratik

-Megs is bk and Mohan is happy n decides to take panga and plays music chahe mujhe koi junglee kahe song at full volume and megs asks him to lower it down and he says no and is like its my office and Megs puts cotton earplugs on and mohan is all smiling and then shuts the song off and Megs has that look

-the interior designer at Prabhat Leher quits and Mohan recommends megs for the job and Megs cums bk and shuts off his speakers saying now this is my office as well

OMG u gotta watch it MM n MN chemistry along with MG chemistry super fab stuff…what xpressions …Kunal , Akansha,Ashnoor,Dushyant take a bow

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