Navya 7th March 2012 Written Episode

Scene starts in bajpayee house where yesterday it ended nimmi gave chit to sugandha and she held it tightky in her fist as (my love bd came)bd shouts sunganda speak up is there curd in ur mouth…then camera zooms on sugandha and savitas face then nimmi speaks up bd taiji is going to market bd shouts shut up nimishiya did i ask ubd says why ru u going there are servants u would have told them they would have got what ever u want…tehn nimisha speaks up again tiaji that tailor will leave in few min if u dnt go now then u wont get blouse 4 3 4 days…(wow i must says niimi uses her brain)sugandha says hmm ha and bd says ur going to get blouse then why didnt u say i would have ate u or what (she does not no that she is a man eater )she says go early and come early then suganda and nimmi leave nimmi opens the door and sugandha goes …nimmi closes the door and joins her hand and prays…
owner and his wife and navya standing facing each other camera is rotating and then owner speaks up what did he call u didi and looks at his wife and he is little (navya ke chehre pe full expression)owner says till today he didnt listen to me neither his mom nor teacher then how cum u did this magic(dont u know our devi is magician)bittu comes there playing ball and says because she knows i am smart and says from today onwards i will say my own dialogues ya na di…and he goes again to play owner says tumne kamal kar diya navya says its k uncle owner says what k i am not saying thank u be ready tmr navya but uncle u gave us time till day after tmr na u had told we can give deposit after 2 days owner says i am not talking about deposit navya asks then what do u mean owner says frm tmr u will come and teach bittu he says if u agree tell i am ready to forget deposit navya what owner says frm tmr come and teach bittu i wont take deposit now…k navya
Anyas flat
navya knocks on the door anant opens it and says navya where were u i called u msg u u didnt reply…(all time he is holding his shoe )navya comes frm behind and hugs him and says i l u anant kya and u went to purchase vegetable na but ur bag is emty…navay says i met prashant uncle …anant says why saying this he walks and stands in front of mirror he says navya is he going to lessen deposit no na then why did u go i am trying hard here navya sasy listen to me anant says i dont want to listen am going out to meet brokers frm there i will go to office till then dont ask anyone for help and he says i dont want to fight saying this he leaves and walks out of the house forgetting shoes later he comes in and wears his shoes…by that time navya is standing in frnt of the door blocking his wayanant says navya what ru doing let me go i wanna see flats navya holds him by his shoulder and says anat listen we dont need to find flat anant why bec owner is not taking any deposit and he lessered the rent also…anant asks how cum she says frm tmr she will teach bittu na on that condition…navya tells ananat 12000 this much rent we will have to anant says 12000 and no deposit i l u navya navya says i will get my salary also but nt as much as my husband…they both laugh navya says lets go now i have to buy vegetables i was in a hurry to give u news so didnt purchase vegetables also saying this they both leave anant gives her the key of house and then he pushes navya by the wall and blocks her way and says 12000 navya pushes him and runs anant locks the door and both go
Market place
Navya is counting the money she says i will have to but vegetables with this money only …on the other hand sugandha is in car she gets down in the market and asls a random guy that tell me this add jst then she sees navya and starts going near her and navya is bargaining saying 320 are these vegetables or gold the vegetable guy says at this rate vegetables will get costlier then gold navya takes out 300 rs and says i have this much only and says i will nt take raddish then it will be 300 na jst that time sugandha comes and says anant loves raddish and gives 20 rs more(i cant beleive she didnt carry extra money )then navya says majhi u here and says pranam and then tells her maji come to our house na anant will be happy when he comes to know its near pls…then suganda and navya are in car navay asks how is everyone she gives they reach apartment
Anyas flat
they both enter navya says maji there is no lift but only 4 floored building na and by climbing exercise also happens she tells sugandha to sit and says i will make tea she goes to kitchen sugandha starts staring at the house and starts saying good things abt that house(i am not giving details they were boring seriously)after all this sugandha says ur appreciating this khandar bajpayee bahu goes to market and she faals shortage of money 4 buying vegetables she says anant didnt leave my pallu but he left that 4 u he didnt open his mouth 4 u he did this i am here as anants mom i know my husband did mistake but i am here to repair his mistake i want my son back pls navay promise me anant will come home this holi promise me navya comes forward and says sorry majhi i cant promise but i will try my best bec i myself dunno whether anant will come back or not sugandah leaves and she again pauses in front of door she says anant didnt celebrate holi alone he always celebrated with family u know when he was small he wanted to go 4 picnic he took permission but he didnt go bec holi was falling in that week only he always puts colour on his sis first he loves his sis and bec of u both now her and nikhils marriage is in danger and says i hope u understand i will wait 4 u both and she says anant shld not know other wise he will think something else …
Road scenery
Anant walking on the road and talking to his frnd he says thanks i had forgot tmr is holi yaar and ya today off as there is some technical probleb so holiday and this will be my 1st holi with her …his frnd saya will bhang be there he says no u want that my wife shld shout on me …he says ghujiya will be there he says navay will be so happy that i will spend whole day with her…on the other hand sugandha walking down the stairs and anant walking and they are abouyt to face each other but anat says his frnd to hold the ph and bends down to tie his shoe laya and sugandha passes frm there…
Anya apartment
navay is hanging her dupatta thinking bec of us nimmis marriage is in danger…anant enters shouting navya what is this all …navya tries to talk …anant says why didnt u tell me before…

Precap-navya tells anant ur family wants u home 4 diwali we will celebtrate with them or my family anant says i will celebrate with ur family…

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