Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th March 2012 Written Episode

Epside start with akshi looking at album which have holi pic. and naitik came and she show him and they were talking about how they were apart in first holi and she said why he told her to go and what if he never call her back and then they did argue and she smile and then they hug. and said how they are doing thing childish when they were new . and she try to tell natik that rashmi is doing the same. and natik left.
on table dj said we do holi in small way. and bma told this is naksh first holi. and rashmi said the same .dj said that she is not going to tell how he can do things.
here rj told vish to call. vish call dj and told about coming over for holi while there first holi of naksh. dj said ok. and told everyone that they are going at M\’s hosue for hoil and they will do holi dahan at there house. then akshi told natik that this is good that; naksh is going to see is nananani while she came back for rashmi. natik said how she is missing there family and they also want to talk to naksh and play. and rashmi is there so akshi said they are husbend and wife and they have to think about each other.
in hall everyone is geting rady for holika dahan and g3 bma and akshi talking to each other about how they do things to make happy there husbund. and rashmi is soon trying to realise. and then rama call and g3 said sorry and then they talk and after that rashmi came and g3 told her that she said rama that not to come for holi while she give so much dukh to rashmi. and.natik left for work. he came and then they were talking about nandu how she cant come and mohit is busy in work. and natik tell that he is working for his family and nandu have to sapport him. and rashmi is worried.
here everyone is doing holika dahan and akshi cover her had and rashmi too and they notic that rashmi is changing. and they all pray and naitk also pray for akhsi and naksh and bma and g3 pray for there daughtar. naitik look at akshi and see how they all ladis are worried .

Precape–everyone is at m\’s playing holi and hugging each other. and deora and rama came without nikhil and rashmi looked worried as g3 too.

sorry for any mistake and any spelling mistake. i have busy day and week .
thanks mariam for doing me.

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