Afsar Bitiya 7th March 2012 Written Episode


What a great episode, again!

Unfortunately I missed the first segment in which I assume the much-awaited phone call happened. I will catch up on that in the repeat tonight when I watch it. What happened?

Anyway, Bihari and Dehati\’s atyachaar and the VP Raj family being overly idealistic was a bit much. I know pride comes before fall etc etc but to be honest, I would much prefer if they stuck to their comic scenes like the DVD idea. We need lighter moments with all the drama. Oh well, I guess there needed to be some way for Chanchal to spill the beans on Babloo being in Patna so that Bihari would call TTS.

Now did Pintu hear what Bihari said? I assumed he heard some words like “Krishna” and “fail” maybe and got suspicious because he wasn\’t buying his father\’s band baaja bit and it wasn\’t just the usual resignation in his eyes about the wedding. It was pure fire! He has seen through TTS and Bihari and he is not happy with the situation.

And now Krishna. I love all the different aspects they are bringing into her struggle here and all the avenues they are educating people about. It was wonderful, all the little details they were showing such as the DC getting a report officiated with the stamp. This will do a lot to back up Krishna\’s case and help us understand how her justice comes about.

I also loved how they showed the complex hypocrisy of the minister here. He refuses point blank to help Krishna and then marches into the press conference to announce all the measures he is taking to ensure that women get education. Does his behaviour towards Krishna undermine these other efforts? Not exactly but I can see how a minister in all his “supreme power” would lose sight of the fact that his electorate is not a homogeneous mass that he can serve at one go (ie with common rules like school being free till 5th std and the bicycle) but individuals that all have their own problems and are all equally entitled to his help as citizens of this country. It would not have taken more than 10 seconds for him to sign Krishna\’s complaint and yet he had completely lost sight if the true nature of his duty in the face of press conferences and foreign tours. Again a very subtle point, without being preachy or pointing fingers.

This was my favourite part of the episode. At a press conference is where the minister or any public figure is most vulnerable and most accountable and Krishna just goes for the jugular! But I love how she never crosses her boundaries and only demands what she is entitled to have. Again she holds the govt. responsible for its promises and refuses to settle for less. And she gets to be on TV.

Poor TTS has dug his own grave hasn\’t he? Pintu\’s gaze as he looks from TTS to the TV screen and back tells all. His illusion has been shattered and he will face his father without any delusions. I am glad this happened in such a drama-free way when I was least expecting it. It is just Pintu and TTS now, circling each other which I find a refreshing change from what we were expecting in a huge, public confrontation involving the whole cast.

Finally, I loved VP\’s frustrated outburst. We see this as a character trait that is developing. The man just does not have his daughter\’s patience and he gives in to desperation and physical force. I guess this also showed how the “poor man” is often perceived. We are not shown how they are treated before, but are told that thy are violent and irrational because of their lack of education. Again this scene was a subtle commentary on that misconception that we are often fed. To someone who had no idea of the back story, VP would indeed seem like some sort of hooligan. But I am glad Krishna is able to rise above that and by sheer merit, rather than money, have support of people like the DC who can help her on her way to justice.

Precap: Shaadi cancellation, hm? Sheepish TTS is my favourite, second only to emotionally blackmailing TTS.

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