Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 7th March 2012 Written Episode

-The interior designer at Prabhat Leher quits and Mohan recommends Megs as he remembers how she helped nanhi with her fancy dress competition and Nanhi\’s melodrama abt the fee\’s and so Pratik offers megs the job at an extra 5000 Rs and she quotes the work will be done for arnd 30000 Rs and Pratik is pleased as the designer was fleecing him for a lakh plus and asks Megs to take adv for the work and she return triumphant to the office and shuts of Mohans speakers and says its my office as well and lot of looks exchanged

-Ved leaves for ratlam and Tannu being all nice to him and goin to drop him but Renu says dont u have to go for yr class wont let u waste dada ji\’s money and Jiji n saroj who r worried for Ved are not pleased but Ved agrees with Renu and goes alone while tannu calls up his friend and is off to do masti

-Karan gets a card printer to mohan and he discloses how there were diff btw Amar n Dinanath with regds to the flyover that he got his name dropped frm the inaugration invites and mohan is like so is Amar innocent after all

-Guru meets Renu in the market and spills the beans abt Megs job at Prabhat Leher and it being Mohan\’s office and Renu goes home and spills it to all while megs in her room talking to Amar\’s pic saying how she is feeling he is with her and all is gud

-Renu spills the beans abt megs work and adds Mohan\’s spice to it and Saroj calls megs and reprimands her and asks her not to work there any more and Megs looks to everyone for support ie sanjay n jiji but doesnt get any …and she is left alone and Addu n Nanhi hug her and jiji watches and is pleased

-Morning Megs doing the chores and puts fee\’s in a pkt in nanhi\’s back and tells her abt it and feels gud abt paying both addu and nanhi\’s fees

-renu is happy that megs wont b working ne more but is surprised to see her ready to leave for work and Saroj questions her and she xplains saying u r feeling bad so am i but as much as u love yr son i love my kids as well and hope u will understand me as a mother yrself and says there is diff btw principle and responsibilty and she gets sanjay and jiji\’s approval and leaves and renu is taunting again and saroj isnt pleased

-Mohan jee waiting for Mrs Vyas to offer a lift but she doesnt cum so he leaves and then spots her trying to get a ride unsuccessfully and she spots him and he plays the ignorance game but keeps waiting and finally megs comes and asks him whats up and he is like he is here to have tea since guru serves him with bad tea and tells her to have a cup as well and then tells her she wont get a ride as its morning time and they will charge more and she says dont try to help i dont need it and he is like who is trying to and she leaves and he is like first drop the daughter then the mother am i that free and leaves …while megs keeps trying to get a ride

-Precap- office megs has arranged all the files and Mohan doesnt know of it and is pissed abt it and starts throwing them arnd

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