Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th March 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Pradeep\’s mom shows Pradeep\’s old snaps from college days to his dad and points out to Anushka! She tells him how Anushka was the girl whom Pradeep used to like and wished to marry! She decides to tell all to Mona but her hubby refrains her! He reasons that tho he knew Pradeep used to like a girl in college days, how can Suhasi be so sure its Anushka? He also reasons that its a mere coincidence that Pradeep\’s classmate of one time is his boss! He tells her to stop fretting! Further he reasons that long time has passed and even if Pradeep was in love with Anushka it wuld not make any effect on him else he wuld hv shared about Anushka to Mona! Suhasi still ponders why Anushka din answer her truthfully about being Pradeep\’s classmate! Her hubby asks her to keep all worries at bay and hurry to join everyone!

Its Bitto\’s wedding! Everyone is celebrating! Mona compliments Bitto for looking pretty and different and Bitto cites the \’EXPERIENCE\’ after marriage thingy and Mona hushes her up! The relatives start the custom of \’TODNA\’ i.e. \’INSULTING\’ each other! Bitto initiates the custom by dedicating a song to her \’Would be\’ hubby! She starts singing something like \’Honeymoon ki raat hoti hai.. main wohi raat hoon\’ and all are shocked! Mona refrains Bitto from singing but she says its her hubby\’s fave song! Thereafter her \’Would be\’ Hubby sings ..\’Accident ho gaya rabba rabba\’! Mona-Pradeep share a few smiles watching it all! One after another all relatives start singing one after another! Anushka is from the boys side and enjoys all the fun and sho-sha! All start teasing each other on the song \’Hai-aa-ne\’! Thereafter its \’Singing\’ round and Pradeep is chosen to sing by his Pa-in-law (aka Mona\’s dad)! Pradeep hesitates but everyone encourages him! He is lost for a song when Bitto suggests him to sing something romantic for Mona! He starts to croon \’Hume tumse pyaar kitna\’! Anushka sulks! She glares at Mona-Pradeep stealing glances at each other! All cheer Pradeeps act!

Part 2

Mona\’s Pa asks the Boy\’s side to sing and Anushka volunteers to sing! She sings \’Agar tum na hote\’! Pradeep feels conscious! Anushka sees that Mona and Pradeep are busy chatting as she sings! Pradeep looks at her feeling a bit uncomfy! All clap for Anushka! Mona tells Pradeep that Anushka is singing the song for the ONE she likes! Mona cheers for Anushka! They show a flashback of Pradeep-Anushka from college in the library where they discuss songs n how much they love each other! Anushka shakes her head sadly!

Part 3

Mona is serving tea to all! Thereafter she goes to check on Pradeep on the terrace! Mona\’s cousins start tailing Pradeep and teasing him! An elder in the family intervenes and relieves Pradeep! Pradeep is about to sneak a quick puff (smoke) when Pa-in-law catches him! Pradeep starts stammering! His Pa-in-law asks him to relax and says he is here to give him company in smoking! Pradeep asks his Pa-in-law if he isnt scared of his wife? He says that he isnt \’Joru ka Gulam\’ like Pradeep! As the duo start to ignite the cigarette, Pradeep\’s Ma-in-law comes and chides the duo! His Pa-in-law blames Pradeep and says he was only asking Pradeep not to smoke! Pradeep is baffled but accepts that he was smoking! Right then Mona comes and starts questioning Pradeep and he is Mona\’s Ma sides with Pradeep n blames her hubby for wrongly blaming Pradeep! She says, Pradeep is a saint who can never make any mistakes and even if he did, she wuld always side with Pradeep! Pradeep beams but Mona counters saying that he has fooled her with his cute face many times! Pradeep is taken aback! He teases Mona for feeling bad that her mom is supporting Pradeep! Pradeep goes n hugs his MIL! His FIL calls it –Perfect Damad-Saas Jodi! The ladies go inside but Mona takes the cigarette n lighter with her! His FIL quietly takes out another cigarette n the duo lauf!

Its next day morning and all arrangements are underway! Pradeep calls Mona! He tells her that he was in a rush and wanted to use the bathroom but its filled! Mona suggests alternates! Only one bathroom a bit small in size is empty and Mona asks him to go in! He asks Mona to stand by the side of the door holding his clothes! Suddenly on of the relatives calls out to Mona and she goes to see the matter! Pradeep stretches his hand out for clothes but Mona is gone! One of the cousin sisters of Mona is passing by and notices Pradeeps clothes lying outside and teases him! Pradeep shooes her off and a while later Mona comes.. ! He cribs to her about what happened! She teases him and he slams the door on her! Mona laufs! Pradeep gets ready and comes out! Mona rues that Pradeep doesnt do any of his work on his own and Pradeep says that Mona has to do it all her entire life coz he cant survive without her! Pradeep says that however he wants her to do some more stuff (Personal) type!He says he will explain more during their surprise trip to Kullu and that they will leave the kids with the elders! Pradeep-Mona hug!

No precap in online vids!

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