Veer Shivaji 8th March 2012 Written Episode

Soldiers make fun of raje n ask tanaji that thy are taking her to razak khan n if thr shivaji cum send him to fort, thy were taking her but raje stop them, soldiers make fun of him n says that its not a kids game n again start moving, raje came n stop him n hits him, he falls, rakhma goes back to bithu n villagers take raje\’s name, other soldiers got afraid.

Raje came to him n says that he\’ll forgive anything but not those who abuse women, raje hits him n others ran but villagers caught them n beat badly n ask raje to order to cut thr heads but raje ask to send them back n ask tanaji to call berji, thy\’ll directly gn to chakan fort.

Scene changed, berji enters the fort in disguise, soldier try to stop him n ques him n he used his mind n scold that soldier, saying that he\’s stopping him from following razak\’s order, thr soldiers has arrested rakhma n if he stop him, he\’ll complaint against him, he got scared n allow him.

Other side, thy were waiting for yesaji to cum with army, tanaji ask raje that y thy are not attacking the fort directly, raje says that firgozi is a gr8 warrior n one among them n he dnt want to shed blood, thy\’ll wait till berji opens the door, tanaji ask that wat if berji opens door before yesaji came.

Scene changed, berji ask soldiers to open the door but thy nee razak\’s permission, berji leaves to take permission, disguise himself as razak n orders to open the door, soldiers open the door n ask the soldiers that he wanna meet firgozi.

Other side, razak ask firgozi that y he\’s so scared of shivaji, he cant cum here n if cum cant go alive, a soldier came n inform that raje entered the fort n wanna meet them, thy were shocked n scared, razak makes plan to attack him from behind n ask to call them.

Raje came to meet n firgozi welcumes him but at the same time taunts that he has came to kill him with soldiers, raje send tanaji n bala out n then ask razak to cum out but he dnt so raje goes towards him but he hides n as raje turns he attacks n in return raje kicks him hard, he fall n tanaji n bala kills him.

Firgonzi was shocked n scared n says that till he\’s alive he wont allow him to capture the fort, raje says that thy are not here to capture but want him to be a part of swarajya, firgonzi says that adil\’s army is very strong, on that raje says that its just starting earlier he was also alone but now he has so many brave warriors with him, firgonzi got agreed n raje says that the path is diffcult.

Scene changed, raje was passing from marumgad fort n like it n in the darbaar he decides the capital of swarajya n was waiting for berji.

Precap: Leap

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