Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 8th March 2012 Written Episode

Mohan on the fone at work and Megs comes and he cuts the call and he and Joshi talk abt the concept of time and coming late to work just to irritate Megs

-Megs sends everyone out and reorganizes and re decorates the office and on return everyone is pleased with her work and Joshi ji who is abt to throw out paan on the walls is taught the lesson of respecting yr workplace by Megs and he understands and Megs earns everyones applause

Mohan gets a call and asks everyone to cut the applause and takes the call and comes to know that the last call frm Amars phone was after the bridge has already collapsed and Mohan needs to take Megs into confidence but he says she trusted me once and our work has hurt an innocent man\’s image and has made his family suffer and Karan is like everyone knows she dislikes u Mohan is looking at Megs who is working with a hurt expression

-Mohan back and the peon gets tea and both meghan go for it and then Mohan signals to megs to take it and then asks peon to get another for him and then Megs gets a call from home and its Saroj and she tells him Addu is unwell and is not taking his meds and nanhi also has test and that she shud come back frm work and Megs tries to explain her position and talks to addu as well but he doesnt listen and nanhi says she cant do anything and asks megs to come home early .

-saroj as usual bickers and cribs abt megs and jiji tries to cover up and defend

-Mohan while megs is on call says how its unproffessional to take personal calls at work and once the call is over Pratik comes and asks Megs to do both the articles today ..and that once more staff is employed she will have less work

-tannu involved with friends in betting on cricket matches

-Nanhi goes to guru and asks him to call up Mohan and he does despite saying no in the first place as Mohan doesnt like it and Mohan takes the call thinking its guru and nanhi says its me and tells abt Addu and her prblem and asks him to send Megs home early and he says this is office and work has to be done so what can he do but nanhi says pls and he is like will try but cant promise and nanhi thanks him

-nanhi tells Guru he is a bad singer and shudnt sing ranbirs song in front of Jiji or it will b bad for him

-Mohan is like Megs is too slow how will she head home and then he c\’s the files and starts his act abt who arranged the files and starts throwing them arnd and asks the peon to spread them out and Pratik comes in and asks whats up and Mohan says i need to go thru all of these for an imp story cant this ladies mag work be postponed and pratik is like okay and asks Megs to help Mohan and Mohan is like no way not frm her and so Pratik lets megs off for the day saying he cant say no to his star reporter and mohan gives Megs the look and she mumbles star reporter but thinks he is some filmstar and Mohan is like what all i have to hear becoz of Chavanni

-Precap- nanhi thanks Mohan and he see\’s Megs learning to type and praises her and guru starts off with his mum n dads love tales and Mohan says nothing like that is happening here and that once bitten twice shy and guru shows him megs hanky

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