Dekha Ek Khwaab 8th March 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Dadisa reading the Geeta and JN comes from behind and covers her eyes. Dadisa knows it\’s her and JN asks how did she know it was her, it could have been Monu. Dadisa says that she knows them both too well. JN says she wish she could understand her just as much as Dadisa knows her. JN tells her that she is like a riddle and Dadisa asks if JN is complimenting her and JN says of course she was. Dadisa says that reading the Geeta gives her a lot of of peace when JN asks if what she\’s holding is the Geeta. JN says that in films when people put their hands on the Geeta then they can only speak the truth. She asks if this Geeta knows all her secrets. Dadisa asks if JN knows what the Geeta says, the Geeta says that one should do your duty and not worry about the fruits of their labor. JN wonders if that means one should do whatever they want and not worry about others. Dadisa corrects her and says that one should know their Laksh aka “aim” and sometimes to reach one\’s aim we must hurt people\’s feelings in the way–All\’s well that end\’s well. JN is astonished and compliments Dadisa wonders how she plans her ploys so easily. JN says that thank god that Akash is so easily out of Monu\’s life so Dadisa must be feeling at peace today. Dadisa corrects her and says that\’s it s not so easy and JN compliments her again and leaves. JN is alone and figures out Dadisa\’s plan with UV and tells herself that she won\’t stay quiet–she\’s going to find a way to throw Monu back into her old life.

Scene shifts to VIjay telling Monu to spell something and when she does, he says now it\’s time to leave and greets her with a Good Night. Monu is shocked and says that he come late–Vijay interrupts her and says that he came only 2 minutes late. JN comes there and tells her why is she working so hard when no one cares for her. Monu explains that this is very important for her because every second of her efforts are bringing her closer to Akash. She tells her that she will show everyone that she will become the Princess. Monu tells Vijay to be on time tomorrow, which annoys him and then says Good Night. Vijay calls it a Kalyug while JN comforts him. Vijay figures out that JN got her hands on some treasure, but JN says that there is a right time for everything and whenever she announces something she does it only in front of her people–after all she is the Princess.

Scene now focuses on Akash and he gets a phone call from someone–Akash does not look happy. He tells the person on the phone that he can do whatever he wants and he\’s not afraid of his phone threats. Akash says that he won\’t rest till he destroys his face and now there definitely needs to be a face-off. (I think it might be UV, not sure?)

Holi preparations are going on in the Palace. Dadisa wants this Holi to be a memorable one and Brij comes first to take her blessings. The servants go to Monu\’s room and wish her. Monu is shocked that today is Holi and she recalls Akash\’s words and stories about Holi. Monu closes her eyes and AKash appears in front of her syaing that “It\’s Holi!”. Akash puts a mark on her forehead and she asks him why is he playing poor man\’s Holi by only applying a small amount. She turns around and grabs a fistful of color and as she turns to throw it Akash is gone, but it\’s actually UV there. She is shocked and somewhat sad and throws the color down. UV asks what\’s wrong and she says she hates it. UV asks if she hates the color and she says no, she hates him. She wipes off the tilak on her forehead and walks away with UV following her while calling her Princess. ManVeer quarrel a little and UV teases her a bit. Monu tells him that Akash is more important for her than Holi.

As Monu leaves, JN comes there and tells UV Happy Holi. JN tells UV that she knows the plan about Monu never getting Akash. After she tells Monu everything, things will return back to how they used to be–Monu with Akash and her with UV. She applies some color to UV and UV does the same to her. Throughout the whole revelation UV does not look disturbed or scared at all. UV hopes she gets what she wants b/c he is definitely going to get what he wants. JN is not happy with this.

Brij is talking on the phone and after the call ends he tells Dadisa that Prithvi Singh is coming. Dramatic music plays as Brij looks worried and then Prithvi enters and greets everyone. He tells Dadisa she must be wondering why he is and he\’s here b/c he wants to know how Princess Manyata is doing on her path to becoming a good Princess. He needs to make her report card and show it so the Royal Court (I think that\’s what he meant). Brij tells him that he can meet Monu whenever, but today is Holi so enjoy. Dadisa says that she knows Prithvi since childhood and he won\’t rest till he meets her.

Monu is following Vijay around and asking him for one song and Vijay says that he is going to the club to celebrate Holi. Monu says that she wants to practice that one Holi song from Sholay. JN tells Monu to let Vijay go and she\’ll teach her. Monu asks if she will teach her how to become a witch. JN says that today is Holi so cant she be nice. Monu calls her a liar and knows she\’s the female SRK when it comes to acting. JN asks if she wants to learn about sword fighting. Vijay tells JN that he hasn\’t taught her that yet. JN provokes Monu and asks if she is scared and Monu says no. JN tells Vijay to be the judge for the sword fighting contest.

PRE-CAP: Brij tells Prithvi that the Maha saba needs to be on there side for the factory project. Prithvi says that\’s a long way ahead, but first he needs to take care of the disease called Akash. Brij agrees and decides he must be something.

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