Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 8th March 2012 Written Episode

Jeet is not going to office .. Raavi asks him why.. Pinky Jeet say they have to go to a hospital to visit an old friend of Jeet.. Raavi is kind of inquisitive.. But Pinky avoids the topic and escapes.. Rashi is in the dining table too.. She goes to JP\’s room to find out abt the letter.. She finds the letter under the pillow and wonders if Jeet had read it or not.. In the hall, she is arranging her school bag and Jeet notices her tie is not proper.. He calls her near him and adjusts the tie.. Rashi is very happy and says \’I love you papa\’.. ( Awesome acting my Sparsh ).. Jeet says \’I love you too beta.. Only if you believe me.. Cuz I dont have any proof\’… Raavi Sunny are smiling in the dining table.. Rashi smiles in embarrassment too They hug.. Before leaving for school, Raavi Sunny make lots of noise abt Dolly coming to take care of them as JP might be out when they return from school.. Rashi leaves alone.. She looks back at Pinky and both share a confusing look

In school, Rashi Ginny talking abt the letter in the class.. Teacher scolds them and tells them to get out .. Pinky-Jeet are going to the boarding school thing.. Jeet asks Pinky if she is determined for this.. Pinky says yes .. She doesnt want anybody to blame her parvarish ( WOOWOWW What a reason to send ur kid to boarding ) .. She says if it\’s good for Rashi, then they should go for it.. She says Rashi is going away from parents, her friends, everyone.. she has become arrogant too.. may be this is the only solution left.. Jeet doesnt say anything..

Rashi Ginny outside the classroom.. Punishment .. But Rashi is busy making aeroplanes from paper Ginny says she is getting bored so she wants to go to washroom and have a round of the school .. Rashi says she is having fun in making aeroplanes only So Ginny leaves.. Raavi comes out of the classroom and sees Rashi out of her class for punishment .. She asks Rashi if she doesnt have any shame that she got punished on top of that making aeroplanes That Sidhu guy comes again and cracks some lame jokes on Raavi\’s change from specs to lenses.. They have a cool masti type fight Sidhu says this time he met Rashi out of class.. Hopefully next time when they meet, she wont be out of school..

JP reach the school – Sunshine International.. The principal is busy punishing few kids for bunking yesterday\’s class.. She tells them to clean the whole ground in next 1 hr so that not a single stone is der.. One kid says it\’s lunch time.. Princi says so what.. They should hv thought abt that before bunking class

JP go into Princi\’s room to talk.. Pinky asks her if the kids are really gonna stay hungry.. Princi wonders if this is the first time they came to some boarding school.. Pinky stays mum.. Principal tells them to say something about Rashi.. Jeet says their daughter is very intelligent.. Principal asks them why they want to admit only Rashi..

Sunny is excited to see Dolly.. That Sidhu pokes Raavi and misbehaves with her saying why she is showing so much of attitude to him.. he says this contact lenses idea was his.. then why showing attitude to him.. He asks whats up with her nonsense sister ( indicating Rashi ).. Rashi comes and listens to the convo..

Jeet Pinky in princi office.. Princi asks if Rashi\’s over-intelligence is effecting her discipline.. Jeet kind of agrees but Pinky interrupts and starts praising Rashi saying she is very loveable.. Pinky says it\’s just few days

Sidhu threatens Raavi that once he is in in this school, he will show what he is.. He brags abt his boarding school popularity and what not.. Raavi says she is not interested to listen to his krap.. She leaves .. Rashi comes to talk to Sidhu.. She asks if Sidhu knows the spelling of Popular

Princi says this is a school to make kids independent.. Not to reform kid .. She says JP can not impose their duties on the school and take a backfoot.. She says seeing Rashi\’s report cards and all, she can say Rashi is not a spoilt kid.. Rashi is jz confused abt growing up and all.. And being middle child, it\’s more difficult for her.. She says those kids who got punished jz before sometime for bunking classes, are not getting tortured by the school.. Just that they are going to learn from their mistakes that they should not do stuffs like this.. And later on, when others praise that there is no stone in the ground, they are going to feel proud of themselves.. Pinky is embarrassed..

Rashi says whoever takes panga with her sister, she doesnt leave them.. Sidhu again and again provokes her to hit him.. And Rashi just pushes him.. He falls down And breaks his head..

Precap : One guy comes to Ahuja apartment and tells Dolly that their daughter has broke someone\’s head.. JP get a call regarding this… Jeet says he will reach asap..

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