Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th March 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Recap of yesterday\’s episode; Rasam, Pradeep teased by Mona\’s cousins, Cigarette scene then Pradeep revealing the Kullu Manali plan to Mona.

Kids are ready (Bulbul n Rano and both are so cute ) Mona says that she will go change and ask Pradeep to handle the kids. Pradeep sees Bulbul and gets emotional saying she has grown up and he didn\’t know at all . time is flying. Now its Bitto\’s shaadi and 2moro even Bulbul\’s marriage also happens. Mona gets emotional too but doesn\’t show and says to her mom that he is becoming emotional. Mona\’s mom says that she will see how will she control from crying during Bulbul\’s marriage. Mona says she is not going to cry otherwise her makeup will spoil . Her mom says to Pradeep that mother\’s don\’t care for their makeup during daughter\’s marriage nor do the daughters. Mona\’s father says he will take a beautiful photo of this family but Mona says no finally she was dragged and all pose for a photo . they are excited to see their photo and carries with them to show to all .

Mona takes the photo from Pradeep and shows to her cousins and was abt to go somewhere and she collides with Anushka . both say sorry to each other. Pradeep comes there and asks Mona if she is not hurt much. Anushka was seeing with pain at them. then Pradeep sees her and asks if she is not hurt too. and shows his family photo for which Mona was excited. she sees that photo and stares at Mona in that photo . Pradeep takes the photo and Mona drags Anushka for some rasam.

Here Bitto was saying to all the unmarried girls that they are not going to get a better husband like hers but she will pray for them . all the girls are ready and Mona n Ansuhka comes there. They start the Rasam and the hanging falls on Anushka. Mona says that now she must get ready to become the bride as her marriage too happens soon. Mona says that she got married within 2 months and she got Pradeep so Anushka will also get someone soon. Anushka says who Pradeep(Girl now stop it) . Mona says not to joke someone like Pradeep. Anushka says hope her words come true.

Mona\’s cousings start teasing Pradeep again. Mona comes and rescues him and her mother too. but the girls make a mark on his cheek. Mona asks him to come to the terrace. He asks why did she call him there. she says yesterday he did and today she. He says there is a diff. in both places as it is full of lights here. she called him for cleaning the mark and she gives a peck. Anushka was there. They don\’t observe her . Mona says she doesn\’t like anyone touching him and have lovely talks. Mona was called by someone and she leaves. Pradeep turns back and sees Anushka . (Har jagaa tapak padthi hain)

She comes to him and he is shocked . He remembers Mona\’s words. Anushka cleans his cheek and says there are some lipstick marks and if anyone sees he will be teased again and she leaves. He is still in shock state .

Phere was going on and PRANA remembers their lovely moments and Anushka who was standing other side of him was staring at them. they were having some talks (BG music Kya hya tera vaada ); Here Anushka too remembers their college days (BG Yaad hain mujko … the song she sung yesterday ) She is seeing painfully at him and remembering the words he said to her . she leaves from there.

Phere were done and they were taking the blessing of all. Anushka re-appears and staring at PRANA and she remembering FB scenes of temple, in the dark and all .


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