Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th March 2012 Written Episode

Sandhya is collecting dried clothes out and Suraj sees her from the shop. When Sandy notices him, she goes away. Suraj is worried about what would be the matter. Sandhya brings the clothes to the hall to fold them which Suraj can see her through the window. Chavvi was sitting there too but she goes off. He thinks of going to the house and speak to her but sees Bhabho talking to some lady in front of the house. He then sees the phone in the hall and rings up. Sandhya is lost in flashback where Bhabho is accusing her of having done some magic on Suraj. She does not pick the phone. Chavvi comes and picks the phone and Suraj cuts the call. Chavvi tells Sandy to attend the phone as she is sitting nearby. Suraj calls again and Sandy picks the phone. He asks her about what happened but she does not reveal anything. Also, takes the clothes and leaves that place.

Meena and Sandy are in the kitchen doing some work. Meena starts the convo saying that from whatever Sandy told them, it means that either SurYa sleep separately or something wrong with Suraj. Sandy gets angry and tells her that she means a third one that those pills are used by Meena. Meena is shocked and tries to act innocent but Sandy tells she has the evidence. Meena tells her not to fool but Sandy takes out the bill and shows it that Meena has bought those pills along with energy drink for Chavvi. She also tells Meena that it is their personal matter and if she is not ready to become parent, it is her wish and no one can interfere in couple\’s matters and she will not do also and saying this she tears the bill, throws it and goes away.

Meena is shocked and voices her fears to be careful with Sandy always as she is smart and finds out everything soon. By this time, Vikram comes there and keeps his hand on Meena\’s shoulder. She is startled and shouts and both get scared at each other. Vikram finds something wrong but Meena tries to act smart but he notices those pieces of paper which Meena rubbishes it as garbage and goes to throw it in the dustbin saying else Sandy will perform another puppet show. Vikram gets a piece of paper but it has only Thank You written on it. He guesses something wrong.

All are having dinner and Sandy and Meena serving them. Sandy serves roti to Suraj. She looks sad and lost, so Suraj takes it from her. Bhabho notices that their hands do not touch. Sandhya sees Bhabho and then serves her roti. Vikram coughs as he ate some chillie from dhal and Meena rushes to him with water, she pats his back and again brings some sugar. Seeing this Bhabho has flashback where once Suraj was coughing and Sandhya does not react and Bhabho scolds her too.

ViNa scene where Meena pretends to be tired and sleeps soon.

Again in the hall, Suraj is making some paper envelopes and notices Sandy doing some work but lost in her thoughts. Bhabho comes to him and says she wants to go to SurYa room for some work (I did not understand what she said). Bhabho is determined and while going she takes the pappad box with her.

In SurYa room, Sandy is removing her jewels. Suraj starts the convo by talking about the helmet and asks what is bothering her, whether Bhabho told her something. She tells no and says she is okay. She goes to the cupboard and tries to open it without observing it is locked. Suraj opens it with the key. He tells her face and actions reveal that something is bothering her. She vents out saying she is a liar and has nothing to say other than lies, her life is just an eyewash and she has no answer to any questions. Suraj tells her to calm down and he will not ask anything. He takes out their bedding and Sandy has flashback of Meena\’s words.

Precap: Promo scene with some additional dialogues of Bhabho asking Sandy if she respects this relationship why is she denying Suraj\’s rights.

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