Afsar Bitiya 9th March 2012 Written Episode

Net is slow =l All of you already watched it but let me just update as it buffers

The episode begins with Dihati welcoming the grooms side and Pinto stands there like a statue. (Really. Any miracle going to happen today? Today I\’m watching as I do the update…) Dihati praises Pinto and says he will call her mummy from now on. They talk more on family calling. Ganga looks on with displeasure. Ravi along with family and TTS shares a death glare for seconds. (Seriously, someone kick TTS for me! He\’s sacrificing his son ARGHH ) Pinto on the other hand looks at them with a feeble smile. (The BG tune is making it more sad ) Dihati goes to check on Pinky.

Krishna picks up the kidnappers call in worry and stumbles and tells them that she is ready to listen to them but first she wants to talk to her father. They don\’t let her and cut the call. The police track the call.

Part 2:

Pinky is brought down.Good people sad while evil people happy.

On the other hand, police goes to the kidnappers adda but don\’t find anyone there. Krishna sees his watch and says it\’s his. Back at the marriage, pandit starts with the mantras. (Pinto still not going to speak up? -___________-) Kanyadaan and everything happens and Pinto thinks what he\’s about to do. He doesn\’t feel happy when Ganga had told him it\’s for his good. He thinks that he can\’t do this marriage and if he tells TTS, then he will agree to him. (He\’s so naive!) TTS gets a call and him and Bihari go in and TTS yells at them. Then he tells Bihari that he got Vidya kidnapped and threatened Krishna to take the report back.

Krishna is worried and Babloo assures her.

TTS and Bihari turn to see Pinto standing there with a stern face on. (Did he hear?) The face tells that he did. He walks up to them with attitude. When TTS forwards his hand to touch him, he moves it aside and looks straight into his eyes. Then breaking up, he asks TTS to spank him but stop the love acting. He\’s using him for his own selfishness. (Aww..! I wanted him to speak up. But not go through this pain…) He trusted him and he broke it. Nothing matters to him. (I hope after this, TTS changes.. but I doubt) He questions him on why he is hell bent on ruining Krishna\’s life. He now feels ashamed that he is his child. He doesn\’t allow TTS or Bihari to say anything.

Ganga is by the door and seems to have heard it all. She too isn\’t happy with what she learned. He goes down and breaks off the marriage with Pinky, leaving her heart broken. (Did I mention she looks really pretty today. Poor character… she\’ll suffer too.)

Krishna seem to be going nowhere and she has decided to take her report back.

Pinto asks for forgiveness from Saraswati, though she doesn\’t know why.. Pinky falls down in shock.

Precap: Same as yesterday. Pinky advertising holi special.

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