Parichay 9th March 2012 Written Episode

~ Kapil and Seema praise Siddi for her work today.
~ Kapil tells Siddi that because of Kunal\’s help he could fix Shilpa marriage again and tells what all happened. Siddi is stunned.
~Seema asks Siddi to go and speak to Kunal.
~ Raj knows Kunal feeling for Siddi and asks to go and talk to her

~ Siddi-Kunal come face to face (abhi muj main kahi background song)
~ Kunal recalls he telling to Siddi to take divorce form him
~All the press people cover up Siddi but both peeking at each other to talk
~Kunal goes away and Siddi runs behind him

~ Thakral blasting Richa for lieing to him and because of her he lost
~ Richa giving her side explanation
~ Thankral goes away, Richa tries explaining Rohit but he doesn\’t listen
~Rohit angry on Richa but says he will support her as they seperated Raveena from him

~ Siddi telling Seema that both couldn\’t speak as the reporters came in between and they questiong that Kunal couldn\’t do anything but Siddi did the job
~ They fear if Kunal has felt bad on this

~ Raveena and Rohit conversation, Raveena says she wasn\’t well otherwise would have come to court, Rohit taunting Siddi for lieing that she loves her husband and supporting him etc

~Raveena recalls her cold scene with Vikram when Rohit behaves with rudely with her
~Raj family reach home and happy to see Veena decorating house thinking about their case winning

~ Veena says she is expecting Anand and all are shocked
~Veena sees Siddi, asks for Anand and she is shocked
~Raj happy to see that she is happy after all for any reason
~All are worried as Kunal isn\’t home yet thinking he might be upset

~They see a news channel praising Siddi and interviewng Kunal asking opinion about Siddi and he says ek toh Wife and Lawyer what better you can expect other than this combination
~People are relieved and happy at his answer


Siddi wants to speak to Kunal, Kunal keeps asking if she wants to talk to him or wants to listen to him that she did good job today and how she managed in court despite the main witness accident and praise her etc.. Siddi looks confused

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