Dekha Ek Khwaab 9th March 2012 Written Episode

Manyata and J having a sword fight as J mutters about Akash and the master plan of Rajmata and UV. Rajmata and family watch the fight. Manyata doesn\’t believe J but J tells her to ask Komal if she wants. They both continue on with the sword fight ending with J wounding Manyata\’s forearm.
UV and the family worried to see Manyata hurt. Komal runs to Manyata and shows her concern but Manyata questions Komal if what J said is the truth. Komal tries to divert her mind but Manyata questions her if she had known all along that Rajmata didn\’t plan on uniting her with Akash. Komal tries to dress her wound but Manyata shrugs of her arm and asks her to tell the truth. Komal bows her head in guilt. Manyata very upset, yells at the family that they all are very selfish and keep playing political games with her (is this a joke? Manyata accusing the family of being selfish when she herself has always been nothing but selfish so far! At least the family did what they did because they love her and want the best for her as any parent would!).
Manyata says she has had enough and is living. She says it better to live with the street people because they don\’t play such political games (How ungrateful can she get? Why can\’t she see the love and care the family has for her? these people longed for her for 14 years!). J and Vijay bhai give each other a triumph smirk while UV glares at them.
Akash\’s mother tries to stop him from leaving but Akash says that he has to go and finish it all for once.

UV upset with J tells her that she did do right by creating a scene in front of Prince Prithviraj. UV talks to himself saying to watch how he will get what he wants and drives off in his car (I can\’t believe this is happening! Now whatever happens to Akash will be blamed on UV… the CVs are making it seem like this!).
Manyata locked herself in her room. Komal pleads for her to open the door; Rajmata comes and orders Manyata to open the room. Manyata opens the door and both Komal and Rajmata are shocked to see Manyata holding the suitcase ready to leave (and she calls her family selfish! What is she doing? leaving her family for her love Akash – isn\’t that selfish?)
Prithviraaj questions why he was not informed about Akash and why they hid this from him. Brijraj tries to explain him about how they tried to control the Akash situation. Prithviraaj says that despite your efforts Manyata is still after Akash.
Manyata says that after all this time they didn\’t even realize that she didn\’t do all this to gain the crown but to please them (now she has even become a liar! Wasn\’t she the one who kept chanting that she wanted to become a good princess because she will get Akash in return? everything she did has always been for Akash – it was never about pleasing her family!). She tells Komal and Rajmata that she doesn\’t want their family nor their love as they are all liars and just know how show of their elephant teeth (I am appalled by her rude behavior). Komal and Rajmata scream out her name loudly. Komal tries to talk to her but Manyata doesn\’t want to hear anything and says that Akash was right.
Manyata tells Rajmata that she thought she wanted to make her princess because she loved her but now knows that it was only to break her relationship with Akash. Rajmata shocked to hear this (After all this time, Manyata still can\’t tell how much Komal and Rajmata love her? especialy Komal! ). Rajmata says she has talked enough now listen to her. Manyata says that she doesn\’t want to listen anything and wants nothing to do with them. She says she is leaving everything and going to Akash.
Prithviraj says that he is ready to accept J as the princess but Rajmata is not ready for that. Prithviraaj tells Brijraj that the royal court is not in favor with them and now with the Akash issue the things might get worse. Brijraj says that he is right, he will have to get rid of Akash completely.
A kid asks Akash about Manyata and he assures the kid that he will bring Manyata for sure.
Brijraj shocked to see Manyata with her suitcase and orders her to get inside. He tells Komal and Rajmata to stop Manyata but Rajmata tells him no. Rajmata turns to Manyata and tells her that she knows if she tries to stop her then she will try to run away later so she is letting her go now but warns her that if she leaves then she can never come back to the palace. Manyata sarcastically says that she got used to their manipulative ways and will not be able live without their scheming ways (GOSH! Such disrespect towards her family! I know she is hurt but no child should speak to their elders like this!). She turns to leave but Rajmata tells her that listen to her before going, she is more experienced then her and has seen the world. Rajmata tells her that she is leaving behind her family, her status for her love but she will soon come back to them for that love (Oh no! seems like Rajmata is planning yet another scheme!). Manyata says that it might happen in the world she saw but in her world no one can ever separate her from Akash.
Prithviraj says that it seems Manyata has influenced Rajmata into lying. Rajmata is embarrassed and tries to deny it but Prithviraj points out how she was praising Manyata few moments ago and now the truth is revealed. He questions her on what happened to her, how she can let a small girl disrespect her in such a way. Rajmata smiles and tells him that what just happened was a small hurdle in the path to Manyata becoming a princess (is this overconfidence or just Rajmata at her best?… she is my favorite character at the moment!). She says that it\’s Manyata\’s destiny to become a princess.
Brijraj calls Giriraj and tells him that situation is only worsening and he wants his help. He glares off in anger and seems determined (I will kill him if UV is blamed for something Brijraj did!).
Manyata comes to the chawl and screaming out for Akash, her eyes searching him sees Chicki and she questions her about Akash. Chicki tells her about how he had been getting threatening phone calls and blames Manyata for making Akash\’s life miserable and in danger.
Akash walks up to a parked car. The window rolls down and Akash questions the person why he was called here today (OMG! OMG! OMG! I KNEW it! Akash is the villain of DEK! Oh please let this be true! Is my prediction finally coming true? Is Akash the devil in disguise?)

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