Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 23rd March 2012 Written Episode

Arnav enters his room and is taken aback to see Khushi standing on the bed with mess all around and talking on the phone. She is telling the person to give her good quality stuff since she is a sweetshop owner\’s daughter and a businessman\’s wife Arnav cuts his call and looks at Khushi but she is oblivious to that and continues talking. Once she is done, she fires Arnav with a chain of questions which he can\’t seem to answer since he is rendered speechless and she as usual, talks non stop and goes away.
Nani, Anjali and Payal are sitting and talking about Anjali and her child when Manorma comes and wonders what to dress up as for the fancy dress competition. She thinks she should be Payal and passes a taunt on her \’crocodile tears\’. Nani, however, genuinely likes the idea of a role reversal between Payal and Manorma but then Manorma gets a flash of Payal ordering her around and dismisses it. Arnav comes in looking for Khushi but no one seems to know where she is. HP tells them she went early saying she had come work. Arnav leaves and everyone else is puzzled. Anjali calls Khushi up. Khushi tells Anjali she is on the first day of her work and will call her back.
All the employees in ASR\’s office are fighting over the food. But when Arnav walks in, everyone quickly grabs their tiffins and goes to their seats. They apologise and tell him that they just got the delivery. This confuses Arnav. He is further puzzled when they thank him for the tiffins. Arnav just walks away.
Arnav is on the phone with Mr. Roy. Mr. Roy asks him if he is the one who said that no money will be transferred to Anjali\’s joint account. Arnav gets thoughtful and tells Mr. Roy he\’ll call him back. He recalls Shyam decorating the room with roses for Anjali and her child and thinks a lot over it. Finally, he calls Mr. Roy back and asks him to not transfer money in Anjali\’s joint account but just her personal account. He feels that if Shyam is really serious about Anjali, he should first take care of her. He is about to get to work when he hears a commotion downstairs. The canteen guy is having an argument with the employees because they don\’t want to eat his food anymore. He is agitated because his daily bread and butter is at stake. Arnav finally asks what the commotion is about. He is confused when the canteen guy blames him, he doesn\’t know about what and calls him upstairs. The employees think the canteen guy is gone for good now.
Shyam is all set to buy an expensive watch when he discovers that the balance in the account is very low. He gets puzzled since by this date, the money is usually transferred.
The canteen guy comes in ASR\’s office and starts crying over how everyone\’s found a new lunch service and now don\’t even want his food. ASR didn\’t even know who he was till he told him. He asks ASR why he did this to him. ASR asks him what he did and he says ASR got married. Arnav is taken aback and wonders why this man is upset \’coz he got married but the guy just walks away.
Shyam is shocked to know that his money has not been transferred and checks the balance of Anjali\’s account. What he gets to know doesn\’t please him and he is frustrated. Arnav has stopped transferring money to Shyam\’s account, he\’ll do it only to Anjali\’s account. Shyam vows to teach Arnav a lesson for the same (Idiot!).
Khushi runs into Arnav\’s office and keeps a tiffin for him. He remembers teh employees thanking him for the food and some voiceover saying the employees found some other food supply and don\’t want to eat canteen food. Arnav stops Khushi from going and confronts her for upsetting his office routine but she is least interested. She tells him she is doing a new \’dabba\’ business. Arnav asks her why she is doing business, she should have considered about him image. Khushi is not listening. Arnav finally gets impatient and pins her to the chair and tells her that there will be no dabba service in his office. Khushi decides that she will call her business KKGSR Dabba Service. Arnav says no one is interested in his dabba and Khushi taunts him about eating the food yesterdayShe tells him if he wants to eat sweet today he can, there is no sugar and leaves.
Khushi was talking on the phone just like ASR with earphones (Hayyee). When she hangs up, she overhears the canteen guy complaining about Khushi ruining his business to the guard. She feels bad at this.
Payal, Anjali and Nani are ddeciding on the clothes for Anjali\’s baby. Just then Marnoma announces that she will be Anarkali for the fancy dress competition. Nani says Manorma can be Akbar and Payal can be Anarkali. Just then Khushi walks in happily and gives sweets to everyone because her business is successful. Everyone seems confused at this and Khushi apologises since she did not take permission. They are further shocked to know that her business is that of tiffin service.
ASR is not pleased to see his employees with tiffins by Khushi in their hands. He asks them why they ordered this lunch. They tell him Khushi makes food like at home. ASR tells them none of them will order anything from now onwards. They try to protest but he doesn\’t listen and says no one ever questions him…ever! But just as he is going, someone does vocally protest shocking all.
Khushi tells everyone about her business. Anjali asks why she needs to work but Nani says that doesn\’t matter since she is enjoying. But Manorma says that society will taunt that ASR is a businessman and his wife a cook. Nani says she\’s never worried about the society, if Khushi wants to do it she can. Anjali wonders how she will do all this alone but Khushi says she has help.
The man who protested is the canteen guy. ASR asks him why he protested earlier then. He says Khushi has made him her partner. He praises Khushi much to ASR\’s displeasure

Precap: Khushi is talking on the phone about her new business when Arnav walks in angrily and is furious to see his room in a mess. He takes Khushi\’s earphone away.

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