Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19th March 2012 Written Episode

arnav took sme clothes 4rm da cupboard.. khushi enter d room… dey luk @each othr.. den dey luk @da pool side.. den again stare @each othr.. den she says.. do u remember smtihin.. den arnav recollects him sayin dt r heartbeat bcmes 1.. den he says no.. do u? she says no.. den dey bith go 2ward da bathroom.. den he says i’ll go first she says no i came first.. so i’ll go she says noo.. he says its his room. she says she is oso his wife.. den he says nt to irriate him as his head is paining she says her head is oso painin.. buh den she says wht u’ll do blakmail sayin smtin abt ma sis.. he says i can do dt.. den she’ll let him go..
den sme shyaam anji scene is goin on… :@
den he recollects wht khushi said..
mami tokin to herself sayin dt coz of bhaang her head is hurting.. den payal wil bring lemon. den she says her to bring orange juice wid ice.. den she drinks da juice nd says ma headache wil nt go by drinkin diz nd ask her to bring medicine.. nd says khoon bhari taang.. cme here nd says u dnt evn knw sme GK of da house na nd says her whr da medicine is.. she took da medicine buh den says dt she’ll first bring da wtr.. she goes arnav tokin to aman nd takes da rong medicine.. khushi cmin nd she is abt to fall he catches her nd says dt cant she see nd wok… she says dt she can oso say da same… dey leave payal cmes wid wtr nd takes da rong medicine.. anji gave her smthin.. den payal cmes dere wid da medicine.. den dey cme to knw dt she brought da rong medicine.. sme1′s phone on da table.. mami says payal to go out as she gave her da diabetes medicine.. den khushi says wht happened? she says her to keep her mouth shut.. den mama cmes nd says y is she screamin.. den mami says dt she brought arnav’s medicine.. den khushi realises dt arnav took rong medicine nd she goes to him to stop him 4rm eating dt medine.. nd den mami says dt she is tryin to kill her by givin rong medicine.. khushi says dt dd u eat da medicine.. it wz rong medicine.. he says dt oh yea.. den mami’s voice cmin… den khushi realises da mornin incident nd she says u dd dt purporsly.. i told u i wil nt leave da house.. den y u doin diz.. coz of u nw payal has to leave da house.. i feel so disgusted.. she leaves.. nani says dt ne11 can do mistakes.. den mama says her to calm down nd she wudnt hav died by eating 1 tablet. she den says payal t go out.. payal says m sory nd i’ll leave da house anji stops her.. den nani abt to say smthin mami says payal to go out.. den akaash oso enters da house.. mami still sayin smtihn.. akaash wz on phone he said da person dt he’ll col him bck.. den akaash ask wt happend? whr r u goin payal.. she says maternal home.. den mami keeps on continuing her drama.. den shee says dt she tried to murder me… payal abt to leave arnav says her to wait.. nd he says mami dt it was nt her fault.. *Arnav BG*
P.S :- srry da dialogues dey were saying were vry fast.. so cudnt ryt evrythin in detail.. srry!
part 2:
arnav cmes down nd says mami dt he has her medicine nd says dt da medicines got xchanged.. nd says its a simple medicine.. i dint eat ur medicine.. nd u dint eat myn.. so take diz medicine.. nd says akaash to make mami sit nd make her relax nd says payal to get wtr.. nd mami says arnav bituwa den arnav says ne1 cud hav done diz mistake.. so wud u remove us oso 4rm da house.. she says wht r u saying.. nd he says mami to go nd sit in da room.. akaash says lets go to mami.. nani says thank god.. atleast manorama listens to arnav.. arnav goes to his room..
khushi entered, arnav drinkin wtr.. she says u must b having fun doin oll diz.. 1st u dd wimme nd nw to show ur power u r playing wid ma sis.. first u do evrythin nd act of solving dem to luk good infront of evry1.. she says i promised u dt i wont leave da house.. i dd 1 small mistake nd u dd diz.. plz for god sake dnt do diz wid ma sis.. i can bare diz pain.. buh my sister cant.. he tries to speak in b/w buh she wont let him speak.. he’ll go to da pool side.. she sit on da table.. tears in her eyes.. she wipes dem nd says enough of crying now.. now ASR u wil only say me to leave diz house within 6 months..
khushi in da pool side.. nd says jz luk how peaefully he’s sleeping.. nd ryts smthin.. she gets up nd goes in his room yawning.. nd thinks smthin.. den she sees him sleeping peacefully nd says who can say behind diz innocent face dere is a scary laad governoer.. he says shut up khushi she gets scared. nd starts sneezing he says wht the.. she sneezes again nd says her to stop.. she said by sayin diz it wont stop he goes smwhr.. she wil go bck to her pool side.. she is making a book on how to irritate him..
Precap:- kya Dhoop nikli suhaani.. lalalala.. wht the wht the wht the.. lalalla.. she is singin diz song.. arnav hearin diz gets annoyed nd cmes to da pool side nd is shokd..

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