Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2012 Written Episode

Aham and gopi is looking at each other..(BG starts..hey’hey..hei..) and aham kissed her eyes first left then right ..(BG song..saath mein hein mera saathiya ‘slow version) Aham caressed her cheeks with his hands and then kissed her cheeks too.(both ) then he caressed her hand and gopi couldn’t take it more so she put her hands over him and hugged him tightly Then the scene changed to aham sleeping in bed with banyan(only seen as other parts were under blanket of course ) and gopi is combing her hair..And she is having flashbacks..(what happened.. has anything happened?Has aham lost his virginity? )
The kanha raasleela guys left the place..Gopi came down and when she saw it, she was very happy and she prayed..she looked at kanha idol leaving and kokila came up from behind and asked, where have you been?” and gopi just looked here and there ( may be she is thinking how to say your son is fully mine.. ) and meethi came there and asked kokila to come and see something.Kokila left gopi and she saw the urmila-dhaval natak. Urmila is lying on groud and saying to ground “i will not tell anyone don’t worry..i will not tell anyone anything”) and people gathered around her..Savita behn started her taunting and said, after raasleela, this nautanki leela is showing in MM and kokila retorted that no one is forcing you to see this and savita behn said you are showing the natak to us for free and kokila said you have come here to celebrate holi but if you are more interested in seeing the profit and loss of it, you may please leave..(jai shree krishna) and savita left.Kokila gets angry at kinjal and asked her how bhaang get inside in mm and kinjal said, how do i know?”
Meanwhile gopi saw aham standing in a small throng and smiling at her and she moved towards him as if in a dream..Rashi came in between and when she looked there, there was no one..rashi asked why is she smiling and gopi said nothing..A lady came there and ask gopi to get prasad for his son as he is having exams…Gopi went to get it..
Kokila came and shouted at gopi as she spotted gopi working without giving any attention to it and asked her about bhaang and gopi said she didn’t know…Kokila asked her to look at her mami and dhavalbhai’s state and gopi went to urmila and asked her to get up..but urmila scolded gopi and kiokila is angry..
Dhaval is hugging a statue and saying i will not leave ,my kinjaljee and kinjal is stamping her foot on ground seeing this..(may be she is jealous of that statue.. )Rashi is thinking something and jigar came up from behind and he touvhed her first at her left shoulder and then at her right and she turned to see jigar and said, was smiling..) and she said she has got more work to do and jigar said he will help her in doing that and rashi said no and she tried to pull his hand backwards and BG starts(la la..) meethibehn comes at that time and says kokila is looking for you and rashi and jigar came to kokila..kokila asked her to see the state of her mummy and rashi asked jigar to help dhaval bhai..jigar went to dhaval along with jheethubhai and rashi went to urmila and asked her to get up from the ground.But urmila shouts at her saying ..rashi kinjal stares at them..Gopi ask what is she saying rashibehn?money? and rashi ask gopi to get some water and gopi went to get water and kokila ask rashi how bhaang came inside MM and again started questioning her but hetal says as guests are there, we can discuss matters inside house and she helped urmila behn to get up from the ground and rashi and hetal went iside MM..jigar said to dhaval that kinjaljee will come to you and dhaval also went inside MM..(leaving that statue..)
Kokila is shocked seeing hetal and gopi came to her..asked for work..kokila ask where is aham? and gopi started smiling and kokila stared at her..and gopi said he is sleeping..and kokila says let him as he doesn’t like playing with colors and gopi said she will make the dinner..and kokila says first you go and bath..then go to kitchen..and gopi turned to walk..(slowmotion..) and bewildered kokila is saying ,” what had happened to everyone ? ” ( wait till you see your son )
Precap- hetal ask rashi to do any work without asking for she gets shouts when she does work and when she does not..and kokila is shocked’

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