Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th March 2012 Written Episode

Summary: Bhabo-Sooraj converstion continues where Bhabo asks if she can support in as complete wife and Sooraj replies for him heartly attached is more important than body\’ly attached. Bhabo still not convinced and warns him to be careful and goes away. Sooraj convinces Sandhya and says sorry, asks if she is wirlling to go with her brother she can go. Sandhya all stunned and confused. Bhabo-Meena prepare for Holi. Bhabo asks to keep away the plate as Sandhya will not be joining them. Dhaisa asks Bhabo where is Sandhya near the Holi place and SurYa come together. Bhabo-Sandhya katti conversations while circling the Holi ka Dahan (bonfire).

Detailed Update

Episode continues with Sooraj-Bhabo conversation where Sooraj saying not to take him in wrong manner. Bhabo tells that she will ask a question and to answer to that. Life goes on with relationships and thats what she believes in. She asks if Sandhya compiled husband-wife relationship with dignity? After so many months of their marriage also they both donot have a relationship that happens between hubby and wife.. Sandhya feels bad outside

Sooraj says he has answer for this.. He asks Bhabo is hubby-wife relationship is all and only this?? Isn\’t ther any value for heart/soulful love? No value for feelings relations? Animals do body love but heart to heart love is for humans, and only humans know this . For him this is the actual love.. Sandhya feels good outside.

Sooraj continues that Sandhya never told her heart talks but he still comes to know what she is feeling and he can hear it. He can feel what she want.. Bhabo tells she understood that there is no use of arguing now. Sooraj is in sleep and Sandhya has made him sleep.. A person who is in sleeps doesn\’t know what is happeneing is right or wrong.. When his sleep breaks he will break his heart also .. His each eyedrop is equal to her (Bhabo\’s) hundred blood drops..

Every one leave. Bhabasa tells Sooraj that what Sooraj thinks is a big thing but what Bhabo says is not wrong..
Sooraj left all heartroken and worried

Vikram comes near Meena with worry (Meena fears) and asks her if she really loves him ?? Meena tells she whole heartedly loves him with body and soul He is convinced

Soorja gives the dabba that contained her accessories and asks her sorry on behalf of Bhabo for making this issue in front of all, it would have been shameful situation for her etc.. He tells her if she is willing she can go with her brother .. he repeats again..
Sandhya is confused and shocked.

Meena preparing holi thali for pooja adding some spice to Bhabo\’s dimaag with is already burnt and roasted Bhabo telling she has brought wrong lugai into the house etc.. She asks Meena to keep one thali away because Sandhya will not be coming with them as she is not kanya nor suhagini etc Meena happily pushes the plate..

She tries to taste a sweet in the cup as when Bhabo watches her she tries to smell and keep it saying she checked the smell and tastes her fingers lastly


Bhabho decided to give SURYA”s room to some relatives( couple) who probably visit there house because of Holi function since SURYA\’s have queen-size bed.

On the other side Bhabhasa ask Bhabho to give mohit\’s room; Bhabho replied that there are separate beds in mohit\’s room and also as SURYA sleeping separately so there bed is non-usable.

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