Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2012 Written Episode

Natik scolds rashmi and says that nikhil has come to meet you and your talking about old stuff this is your childness, rashmi says why are you telling me natik says forget all old stuff he has come to play holi with you rashmi walks away, akshara says sorry to nikhil he says its ok i shoudnt have came here but i will leave now, natik says this is rashmi’s childness, he leaves without saying a word natik says i am sorry akshara you were right its rashmi chilness akshara says its ok you did it all in your sisters love can u see there fighting for small silly things, will you explain to rashmi, lets go back to everyone now they must be waiting they go back in the celebration rashmi is standing in the corner natik goes to her she refuses to listen and leaves mohit says dont take tension natik i am sure everything will be fine dont u rem how you solved the tension between me and nandani now lets go back everyones waiting for us, the deora’s take there leave then the ss take permission to leave vish says stay longer your family akshara says a lot of work needs to be done at home its festivle tym, rj says we are pleased we could celebrate holi with naksh and if anything lacked sorry g3 says dont say sorry everything was f9, dj thanks vish for inviting them he says by you coming the holi was more fun akshara says anshu made the holi very special for naksh they all leave rj is about to hold duggu akshi dosnt notice and walks away leaving her sad face (now meri bachi dosnt care about me rant will start)

@ss house natik says you all were right rashmi is being stubborn rb says something big happened you didnt think the need to inform us (rb started talking these days) dadaji says no they handled the matter and didnt let it come out in front of everyone, dadaji says first i used to say give her time but when nikhil came to meet her she didnt meet him what does she want she rb says dont worry dj i will talk to her and explain to her(seeing g3 crying face gives me so much plesure )akshara says our plan is working whenever we talk about divorce rashmi is effected now natik is with us, she will take his words seriously as she respects him a lot, bhabhima says shall we tell your dadaji this natik says what do we have to do tell me, scene changes @m shaurya says i sensed some tension between deora’s and ss vish says i felt the same rj says that rashmi seemed sad its her first holi after marriage she should be happy vish says i didnt ask him and its not necssary he tells us everything we dont tell them all our house talks kaka says i dont think anythings wrong, anshu sneezed kaka scolds him kaki says go and dry up rj says to shaurya to take varsha to her moms she coudnt come but mom will want to meet her daughter and grandaughter, @ss natik says to akshi is naksh sleeping she says yea he says he is sleeping peacfully after all he enjoyed all day akshi says its holi after all natik says if you have fun then after freshning up you sleep peacfully akshi says i want a hot glass of milk and then i sleep deep natik laughs and says if kids in this age rem everything its so good they get so much love and pamper, akshi says like children if rashmi was able to forget everything and make a new start oh i forgot i made mali for her i will go and give her (nice naksh scene and why the hell rashmi needs mali )

akshara says to rashmi its good for your skin she says i dont want it akshara says i know your feeling bad natik said to much in front of nikhil but he is feeling bad now he said it in anger, we know nikhil only came to show off he wasnt missing you and its natik who made us understand that you too should be seprated natik comes in the room he puts his hand on rashmi’s head, then starts acting natik says to akshara where is my milk she says i have kept it on the dressing table i told u he says you could gave it in my hand she says sorry he says give my clothes to the laundry or you will forget that too and leaves rashmi says why is dada talking his anger out on you akshara says he must be tierd and fustrated rashmi says but whats the need to take it out on you akshara says who is our own and we feel most comfortable with we take out our anger on them and anger, fustration, fighting are small things i know everything will be fine in a while we shoudnt take it seriously now what have i started talking about i will come in a bit you rest (rashmi seems effected hope she dosnt take long to relize ) scene changes dadaji says to rashmi that we all make mistakes and problems come in our life we all want your hapiness i remember that day when you were so small and used to come in my lap when i used to bounce you up you used to laugh didnt have any fear in your eyes because you knew your dadaji wont let you fall your dad when he used to teach u how to ride a cycle you had trust on him that he will handle everything now that trust why dont u have it on us where all with you try thinking with a calm mind and you will get a solution you will listen to your dadaji and go back to your susraal rashmi says i said what i had to say before ends on dadaji’s shocked face (she is one stubborn girl reminds me of myself but hope we dont have to bear her toture for long)

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