Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2012 Written Episode

The epi starts with rashmi talking with one of her friends, when naksh come into her room. Akshi tries to say something, when rashmi cuts her saying i dont want to hear anything. She does the same when naitik starts talking. They tell rashmi that we will take only one minute of hers. they give her the divorce papers. They tell her to sign them.. and also tell her that if she wants divorce, they need to make a big matter out of this. They might have to tell that nikhil used to torture her, used to stop coming her from mayka, and if needed, they would even need to blame rama and mr. deora..! that they used to torture her and stuff Rashmi says but nuthing like this has happened Naitik says but she needs to say atleast something, if she wants divorce. They add that the lawyer is coming the next day to take the papers. they leave.. rashmi starts thinking. she is sad.
Everyone is talking about anshu.. they just hope that he doesnt get sick. Rohit\’s parents come. M\’s and they greet each other. while talking, they come to know that anshu hasn\’t been to rohit\’s place since many days! Anshu was lying.
g3 asks naksh in the hall that what happened? naksh explain what happened in rashmi\’s room. g3 gives duggu to naitik. she tells akshi to feed him. Akshi says sorry i was with.. g3 cuts her and says she knows she was with rashmi.. but she shud prioritize duggu first.. (sweetly). Seeing duggu in naitik\’s hand, g3 is very happy. She says she remembers the days when naitik was in her hands.. and now see.. he is taking care of his mother and his son! Naksh are happy.
mj-girija in kitchen
girija says see rashmi\’s behaviour. im sure she will divorce! mj chides her for saying this.
rohit\’s parents leave. Kaki says that anshu had said rohit only. Shaurya says that i had been telling you;ll. anshu isnt interested in studies! He had been telling everyone! but no one listened to him!
Naksh room.
akshi is tensed that rashmi hasnt signed the papers, but she hasnt even said anything! naitik says that he hopes she doesnt sign the papers out of her ego. Akshi says that if she dusnt sign the papers, we will pressurize her a little and send her to her sasural. Naitik agrees. He adds that he will go with the papers and tell nikhil that rashmi has signed the papers.. and make him think too.. both their works would be complete then! nishmi wud be back.
Akshi pats duggu. They talk about the bliss of mothers pats! Akshi says she misses rj\’s thapkis! Naitk shifts towards akshi, and says u sleep on my lap.. akshi puts her head on his lap. Naitik says i cant be as good as rj, im just a duplicate.! akshi says you are lovely..
everyone go to anshu room angrily. anshu is sleeping. Kaka and rj notice that he has fever. Vish says no one will talk to him now. give him medicines and make him sleep.

Rashmi comes down. Everyone asks for the papers. Akshi says yes, naitik will go to nikhil soon.. Naitik says yes, we shudnt delay this! Rashmi gives the papers to akshi. Akshi sees them. Rashmi has not signed the papers. Everyone is happy. They pretend to be surprised. naitik says u sign the papers, i will go to nikhil today itself. akshi gives her a pen. Rashmi unwantingly signs and goes away to her room. G3 says shit.. she signed! now! akshi says she has just signed.. they havent been divorced! this was the only way to stop their zidd. Naitik says he will talk with nikhil.

Anshu\’s room
dadi asks anshu how is anshu? guess his fever has gone.
Vish and kaka also come. anshu is scared. Vish says that yest rohit\’s parents had come. they all now know he wasnt at rohit\’s place. he again says that he was at some other person\’s place. vish tries to make him understand. Kaka says u wont go to anyone\’s place! k.. !
nikhil is talking to sid. He says he cant come to the party.. rashmi is also not at home. so he wont come. Nikhil says that no.. why wud he miss rashmi?
Nikhil comes to the dining table. Nikhil gets a call from naitik.. he calls him to meet at the cafe. Nikhil is ready to go..
Rashmi\’s room.
rashmi asks akshi that will they say anything about rama and derora uncle just for divorce? She clarifies that she means they have never troubled her.. infact they have always supported her.. even nikhil has never troubled her in the way naksh are putting it. Akshi(gets happy) she says but if she wants divorce, they need to make the case strong.. otherwise divorce wont be granted. Rashmi is sad.. epi ends.

PRECAP: naitik and nikhil in cafe. Naitik tells nikhil that rashmi has signed the papers. Nikhil says that it is? if everything has been decided only, then give me the papers.. it seems he is gonna sign them. Naitik is shocked

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