Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2012 Written Episode

Part 1
starts of @meshwari’s house everyones tensed natik says that you all should eat something dadi says he’s right and asks kaki to eat she tells rj to begin who says she wont be able to natik says if ananya was awake both uncle and niece could eat together here everyone wants son in law to go home hungry, they all tell daniya not to take the food away and start eating @ss dugu sneezes g3 takes him away from akshi and says you must drank something cold in your maayka you should do everything with care akshi says why would i drink something cold when i know it isnt good and there everyone was tensed not even an opportuinty to drink g3 goes away with duggu bhabhima says its responsibility to become a mum akshi says i know its a really lovley responsibility and i want to filfull it with care (well done akshi atleast u answered g3 bk to her taunt there) kaka, vish are searching for anshu all over, vish says its difficult to search in a big city dont give up hope, kaka says we can try they say lets search there and u see anshu sitting in a dhabba with an old man
Part 2
anshu asks can he use the phone to the dhabba owner he refuses the man he was sat next to lends his phone anshu rings akshi but dosnt speak and disconnects, akshi says i dont knw who called but there was traffic noise in the back she rings back the man picks up and she says you rang he says no akshi says i refused a phone call from this num he says a little boy must have rang he seemed scared akshi says thats my little bro where is he can i talk to him he says i have got off from there i am on duty but the place isnt good and he’s scared akshi notes down the adress and thanks him akshi informs natik he tells the family and takes out the car shaurya informs vish akshi is happy anshu is found she says to duggu that see your small uncle is found and kisses him and says everyone must be so happy at home difficult to wait (cute akshi and duggu scene) both shaurya and natik arrive at the dhabba they cant see anshu enquire with the man he says he was here only they say lets search somewhere else when natik spots anshu near the tree they go there his is scared and crying and hugs natik who consoles him (hw come vish and kaka didnt reach before they were near the place )
Part 3
anshu hugs shaurya who scolds him saying how dare you left the house first i used to scold you if you leave again i will hit you come here they hug again (cute bro scene) at last kaka and vish arrive anshu hugs vish and cry’s he seems scared of kaka and kaka says i dont know why you left the house i am not a good father anshu cry’s at this and hugs kaka and says i am sorry i thought i would fail in the exam vish says dont worry not everything goes right in our life but we dont run away from it kaka says to natik sorry i just bursted out on you natik says it was the situation no need for sorry vish says you should head home to shaurya says small kid will be waiting for his father, natik arrives home akshi says how’s anshu he says everyone will handle him he picks duggu up and says see how happy he is getting seeing us she says yes natik they recognise by the smell and touch natik says then they grow up and dont need us anymore like it happened with us akshi says but we love our parents a lot they are with us natik says what they teach us we follow that route so it seems there with us akshi says yes natik duggu is small yet so we will decide for him then he will grow up and take his own decisions and will not ask us natik says it will be our responsibility to give him a good upbrining with the help of our elders if he has a good upbrining he will know the diff between right and wrong even we made mistakes but had bauji and dadaji with us akshi says all children are different and choose diff path in life like me dadu, anshu but we had the same parents and upbringing but we will try our best for our duggu natik says that will be our challenge, duggu starts crying natik says he’s scared hearing our convo akshi says we love him a lot and always will no matter what(it was nice convo between naksh regarding duggu)
Part 4
natik says to akshi to call home she says she will phone in a bit when everything is calmed down at home, he says he was under pressurized at home due to study’s so hearing family’s taunt he must be scared, but he trusted you, she says he is my darling small bro natik says i will go and change @m: All welcome anshu home emotional moment he hugs everyone then ananya at last shaurya says usually anshu diets today cause of him we all dieted all laughs rj says food is ready its all anshu fav, shaurya says no one loves me i am leaving house too all laugh, they all tell anshu to go in he stops and says you all love me so much i coudnt understand kaka hugs him @ ss g3 tells akshi to warm the oil and bring it duggu cold will go away bhabhima says its good anshu was found on tym or what would happened i got scared rb says its by gods grace he was found tonight g3 says kids fight with parents dosnt mean they leave the house if upbringing is right this dosnt come (chee she is such a cheap woman ) akshi also comes and sits near g3 starts applying oil to duggu dadaji says that the new gen dosnt think like the old gen what happened to rashmi have you forgotton g3 who will you say is responsible to that (well done dj g3 will knw relaity is bitter now) ends on akshi face
Precap: the publicasion woman says well done akshi your diary is a book now, natik says how can you do this g3 says without our permission she says akshi only gave us all r shocked

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