Punar Vivah 15th March 2012 Written Episode

starts with Aarti – Ansh returning back to home but the scooty stops in midway. Aarti assures that her Ferrari *Scooty* will restart soon. She starts kicking the kick pedal but the vechile doesnt starts up, she asks Ansh to stop wandering on the road and sit somewhere peacefully. Ansh obeys her orders and wishes his father was here to help them.
Paridhi calls on Mr.Khanna’s mobile and her father asks her to join them at Sindhiya House. He tells her about Gayatri feeding samosa’s to them. Gayatri interrupts him *She just says Excuse me!* He remembers about rules that a girl shouldnt visit her in-laws before marriage hence asks Paridhi to stay back at home and promises her to bring samosa for her. He then tells the servant to pack some samosa’s for paridhi and gets up to say bye to the Sindhiya family. Gayatri and Vidhi are shocked to see how he spoke to her daughter on phone. On her way back Mr.Khanna gives tips to make a marriage successful *Ignore wife’s mistakes and apologize for own mistakes* Gayatri didnt like this attitude and passes a slow tone comment *Joru ka gulam*
Payal and Palak are fighting over one extra balloon, Yash asks them to handover the extra ballon to him and keep equal balloons with them. He spots exhausted Aarti on the other side of the road. He gets down and comes towards Aarti. Ansh jumps to see his new father and Aarti looks at him. He gently takes her hand off the accelerator and restarts the scooty in just one kick. Ansh claps for his new father. Aarti is still confused and shy to say anything to him *ye dil hai short female version is played in the background* Before she could come to her senses Yash goes back inside his car. Ansh is sad as she didnt says Thank You to him.
Gayatri and Vidhi are preparing shagun ki thaali for both the families. Vidhi says she feels Aarti’s shagun is very simple as compared to Paridhi’s one. Gayatri says they are giving more than what is required to her and this difference would be seen in the wedding gifts too. Vidhi figures out that they havent packed a gift for Ansh. Gayatri says he is getting their name and thats enough for him. She then tells Vidhi to give away Vedant’s sherwani to him and goes away. Vidhi isnt happy with her MIL’s behavior towards Ansh.
Shobha and Mr.Dubey are discussing over the gifts they have to give to Sindhiya family. They decie to give 51000 to each Mr. and Mrs Sindhya and 21000 to Yash’s Bro and Bhabhi. Shobha tells to keep every expense detail secret from Aarti. Vidhi’s car arrives and they both greet her. She says she has brought shagun for Aarti and tells the driver to keep the gifts inside. Shobha insists her to have tea coffee but Vidhi says she has got lots to do now and says bye.
Aarti and Ansh come back and Ansh gets delighted to see the gifts. He picks up his sherwani and requests Aarti to allow him wear it now. Aarti tells him to freshen up first. Aarti picks up the wedding card and gets scoked to see the date *2 April* and runs towards her room. Shobha spots her running towards her room and follows her. Aarti brings out her previous wedding card * coincidentally her previous marriage too had happened on 2 april* and cries. Shobha takes her previous card and hands her new card and explains the difference between past and present. Shobha tears off the previous card and Aarti looks shocked.
Precap : Shobha tells her hubby that they have to convince Aarti to hide her Divorcee truth. Aarti comes from behind and says Maa.

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