Hitler Didi 12th March 2012 Written Episode

The show starts with Rishi and Indira wedding ceremony is going to initiate and rishi is thinking if he met indira all because of Vidith.otherwise it was so impossible as they were pole apart Indira in India and Rishi in America.rishi tells Kutumbh to bring Indira they bring her and the wedding initiates and Rishi completed some rituals which should be completed by Simi as he\’s all.Indira tells not to continue as she\’s waiting for Vidith,the priest says the auspicious time will pass by as it is still considered no also,the priest asks who\’ll be doing the kanyadaan,munna says he\’ll do it as he\’s elder.Indira tells to wait as he\’ll be coming,munna tells only Vidith is he coming?Rishi tells he\’s keeping all Vidith info he\’ll be coming and all the others ask how he knows Vidith?sunaina says there\’s something fishy.

Indira says because Rishi cares for her.

Kutumbh says look Indira begins,Rishi once again to smile for him.Sameer enters with Vidith on the wheelchair saying you snatches the reason for her smile.Everyone is shocked,rishi thinks Sanjay told him Vidith was on his two feets enjoying his health again so how come he\’s in this position?Sameer should have done something.Everyone running to ask what happened to Vidith\’.Indira asks Sameer what happened to Vidith and how come he\’s with him?sameer says Rishi is responsible for Vidith condition.Indira asks Rishi what is Sameer saying is all lie.Sameer says he\’s telling the truth and he says to Rishi to talk.Rishi is lost.Sameer tells them Rishi is a spoil brat,careless,in the drunk state he knocked down Vidith with his car(are you an angel or a pure soul Sameer?An accident can happen with anyone)sameer continues he Rishi snatched the love from the Sharma\’s.rishi tries to talk and Indira tells enough and tells him to say it is a lie otherwise he\’ll kill him.Munna begins to hit Rishi and tells him to talk.Rishi tells Indira to hear what his saying.

Sameer tells what will Rishi says?Rishi tells Sameer to keep quiet.Rishi tells them it is something of two years back he was in US and he was returning back from a party and he was drunk and was drinking while driving also.sameer says yes he himself bought the car for Rishi but he never knows he likes fast driving.Rishi is shown driving the car at full speed and without any precautions(it is the only car on the road in US)Vidith in middle of the road is talking to Indira and he says ouch by opening a packet of chips,Indira asked what happened he said he got a broken tooth.indira asked how?Vidith told him you can\’t bear if something happened to me.(watch Tum Bin the same going on).

Rishi,Sanjay and all the others ran towards Vidith after hiting him.One of the friends said to rishi he put them in big problems as they are indians and the american law is different.rishi told them to calm down but was very frustrated and angry how come Vidith arrived in front of his car.They say he must be dead,Rishi said better they runaway because if his parents got to know the truth they will call him back to India and he did not want to go.He began to move towards his car thus heard the Indira voices who\’s still talking with Vidith.He heard the convo of how important is Vidith for Indira and he let go of his beer bottle in his hand and answered back to Indira that he\’s hearing her in Vidith voice(Blooper of March,when he never knows vidith from before,he was wearing the same pair of Jeans)

Now the tomorrow Precap:
Munna begins to beat Rishi with Sameer(the new angel) gives a hand and says I told you to stay away from MY Indira.Rishi on the on the floor pleading to Indira who\’s sitting

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