Hitler Didi 13th March 2012 Written Episode

The episode kicks off with Rishi earning a slap from Kutumb for talking in front of her injured son in his voice itself with Indira. Sunaina asks as the tears flow down her cheeks if he would have left him to die if Indira had no come. Sameer chips in adds that he was jailed for running over a fellow Indian. Indira who was sitting down crunched sadly with out any reflecting expression to her surrounding finally looks up shocked when she hears this news. She gets up and walks towards Rishi asking him, “if you really left my brother on the road just like that to die.” Rishi looks down not saying anything. Indira continued on how she and the whole family were waiting for him. She cannot believe that he kept on hiding the ugly truth behind his face. Sameer yells at Rishi and scolds him saying that he is hats him and the fact that he is his brother. He asks how can he do something like this and talk to Indira all the time becoming her brother. To top it all off fake his love towards Indira and marry her.
“Hello bhaiya, what happened to your voice.” Flash “When did I told you that I love Rishi, how do you know?” flash “Alright bhaiya, take care of yourself. Bye.” Flash tears stream down Indira’s face as she remembers the flash backs and her talks with her brother on how he knows and not. Sameer says, “He surely has committed a huge crime.” Walking over to Kutumb he points at Rishi and tells, “He is the one, because of whom your son will live on the wheelchair for his whole life. Kutumb walks over to Indira and asks, “What were you about to do? Marry your brothers guiltier?” Sameer that not only that, “but for him, she was also rejecting him.” In her own trance Indira walks to the mandap and sits down. Rishi was about to go towards her, but Munna stops him and stats biting him, as Sameer joins Munna. Indira starts removing her bangles that Rishi gave him and dropped them in the fire.
Kutumb, Sunaina and Mandira criticize Indira, as she walks aways in to her room. Ishaan walks out where Munna and Sameer had thrown Rishi all bitten up, and says, “Rishi bhaiya, I had never thought that you will do something like this to my bua. I hate you.”
Indira walks in her room where she sees it beautifully decorated with flowers and heart designs. Outside Rishi gets up with pain. Looking at Rishi’s photo India cries as she remembers the lovely time spent with Rishi. “Will you Marry me?” asked by Rishi. Drop. Indira drops the photo frame which breaks in to thousand pieces. Remembering the flash backs, Indira takes a bath and removes her jewelry and make up.
Kutumb comes in and seeing Indira’s broken state she consoles her telling her to forget what happened and not cry any more as she gives her a hug. She taunts as she says not to worry, even the God wanted that as you are the earner of this family and much more. She leaves saying “control yourself as now you also have one more responsibility, the costs of her brother’s treatments and injuries.”
Ishaan bangs on Indira’s door telling her to open it. After a second she opens the door and walks out with out acknowledging his presence. Ishaan comments to himself, “No matter how sad Bua has been till now, she will always talk with her Ishaan. But today, she didn’t even look at me.”
Sameer comes back in the Sharma house, and he has not even entered the house fully Mandira walks up to him and compliments how handsome he looks. She asks him why not they both marry. (Dang! This girl was surely dropped when she was born. Seriously, she leeps around every guys she see. I think she is really desperate to find herself a boyfriend.) Anyways: Sameer was about to snap something back at her, but just then he saw Indira walking enchanted up through the balcony. So, instead he said, “Look, to marry you will have to wait a bit. Cause I will marry in such grand way that the whole world will see.” Mandira smiles listening to this.
Sameer talks with Indira and tell her that “yesh, whatever happened was not right, and I am really ashamed of what his brother did.” He continues and presses his palms saying sorry once again. In response Indira joins her palms too. Sameer asks why is she saying sorry, it is not her fault ‘ Ishaan comes and interrupts, “Uncle, Bua meant thank you, and now please don’t annoy her more. She is not alone. I am with her,” saying so he point at the door showing the way out.
Sameer tells to himself, that he cannot see her like that. But he will be her support now, and whom she trusts the least will make her happy once again. As, he will turn her hate towards in to love as slowly she will get used to him. “Then you will have to marry me for sure.”

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