Hitler Didi 14th March 2012 Written Episode

The show starts with Ishan trying to cheer Indira who goes in a complete quiet state,he also says a story to her but in vain as she\’s completely not reacting.sunaina comes with a tray of tea and while talking with ishan she makes the tray falls,She tells indira she\’s going to clean all the broken glasses and goes away.Indira picks the glasses while Ishan says you did not get angry today.While going,Indira walks on a piece of glass which pricked her foot and she begins to bleed profusely.(As in wedding when the bride enters the house she walks in a certain things red in colour)Ishan stops her and removes the glass from her foot but still she\’s quiet.
Sunaina serves tea to everyone else saying after all these dramas which happened it is needed.Sunaina gives tea to Vidith who\’s uncapable of taking it due to his paralyze state.Sunaina says he\’s paralyzed!!! Kutumbh says wh\’ll take care of him?who\’ll take him to the toilet?He\’s a man now,looking at Munna who categorically refuses to do so.Munna says to Kutumbh you are the mother and children are never grown up for a mother,so Kutumbh suggests all these days Vidith stays abroad he must have an account Munna is happy and says their way of thinking is almost the same.Mandira adds they need a helper(WHO)Indira can pay for it as Vidith is always her favourite.

Munna says to Vidith to try to give at least a signals for them to understand his bank account number.Munna shows his some numbers with his fingers but in vain.Sunaina also tries and Mandira says she\’ll bring a pen and a piece of paper.Kutumbh says he\’s paralysed how will he write.Munna re-tries again.mandira says to be alert Indira can come they all get afraid.Sunaina says don\’t worry as Indira did not say anything to her about the broken cup lost in her pain.They are pulling vidith cheeks try to open his mouth without any pity and their unsympathetic actions bring teras in his eyes.Kutumbh with a sort of dhoop(I don\’t know what it is making lots of smoke)is blessing Vidith which suffocating him.Ishan sees them and asks what are doing?He goes to call Indira who was washing the floor with rangoli.She\’s still quiet until ishan tells her to react for the sake of Vidith.She runs in vidith room and stop them all,but they continue she brings a broom then they stop.Indira threatens them not to come near Vidith in the future she\’ll not give them money.Indira tells vidith to forgive as she became selfish and lost in her own problems.She pleads to him telling him to talk.

Indira shows him all the rakhis she bought throughout all the years he was in US and tells him she was not able to send it as it cost a lot.Indira ties all the rakhis and asks him to never leave her.As she\’s with him she will not let anything happens to him.Indira is crying and thinks she\’s crying today and she needs to stop crying as she has lots of responsibilities.Indira sits near vidith and says never to leave her because today she feels alone,as before she never felt it,she pleads to Vidith to put his hand on her head,as she\’s a bride left in the mandap.she\’s crying lots and tells him never to leave her.

Sameer enters his room all happy and sings a song for Indira(Nazar ke saamne Jigar ke paas,as always I don\’t know from which film is this song)he touches indira pictures and says you are Mrs Indira Diwan and belongs only to Sameer(the cheap psycho)he lights on to see Rishi sitting in his room.HHe asks him what\’s he doing here,rishi tells him not to worry as he\’s not here to beat him(But you should have)Rishi asks him how come Vidith is again in the same state and in his psycho way he says I don\’t know.Rishi gets angry and says you must think you are ruining the future of your younger bro,and sameer says but what you did with your elder brother.
PRECAP:Sameer (Mr Psycho) with his glass in his hand admitted he brought Vidith back in this paralyzed condition again says Vidith was getting well there\’s no proof for it,he ruined all the medical reports and history of Vidith and he\’ll not get any further information from anywhere else.Rishi tells him Indira belongs to him and true love always win.

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