Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th March 2012 Written Episode

Priya started to move out of the room. Ram has had enough. he held her arm, and pulled her towards himself. She swung into his arms, and their lips met. their eyes closed. Ram was saviouring the moment, trying to convey his feelings without words. Priya also seems lost in the kiss.

But as they break the kiss, Priya is confused. She asks what he is doing. Ram says now be silent and listen to me. Priya asks if he kissed her only to shut her up. She says just because she loves him, he does not need to love her. She has accepted that he doesn\’t love her. In every relationship, heart\’s connection is important. He does not need to duty of husband just because Priya is his wife and she loves him.
If he wants to touch her, that should be beacuse of love, and not as mere duty of a husband. If he doesn\’t have feelings for her, just let it be!

Priya starts to leave the room, and Ram is agitated.
He shouts at her. He say its true that he kissed her to shut her up, but he did not have any other option. She was not ready to listen anything. (Absolutely, Ram!)
He asks which big mistake he has done, so that she had to close her eyes.
He asks her to open her eyes and see how he has changed, Because of her.
He left tablets, walks on grass, drinks roadside nibupani.. Why? why has he changed?

He tells he didn\’t enjoy party after she left. He was in car whole night thinking about her. he wanted her to call.

yes he has ego and he is scared. Because, he has won everything in life but now there is someone whom he doesn\’t want to loose…(Aww… Ram! )

He doesn\’t know What is happening with him, but it is happening for the first time. why he sees her face only, when he closes his eyes..

(Pyar hua hai… Aur kya!!! )
Priya seems to understand what he is saying. but She walks towards door.. n
Ram falls on knees and says “Don\’t go priya, I cant live without you…I love you Priya…”

tere bina mushkil hai jeena… Tu mera hamsaya..
tuzse bichhad jane ke dar ne ye ehsas dilya…

Priya goes till door, and Ram hangs his head…

Priya is going no where, she bolts the door, and comes back near Ram. She asks him to get up otherwise his knees will hurt.
Both sit on bed. Priya teases him, asks what he was saying, Ram says I love you in low voice… Priya asks again and Ram shouts I love you.

Bade achhe lagate hain… ye dharati.. ye nadiya… ye raina.. aur tum…

Ram lifts his hand to touch her cheeks.

(But now naughty and charming priya is back.. yay!! missed you like hell sweety! stay right there now! )
She yawns. Rams ask if she\’s sleepy. She says, yes she is sleepy and as now as they have said whatever they wanted to, they can sleep.
And tom is Holi, there will be lot of guests and they have to solve ayesha-nuts quarrel.

Ram says if she is going to sleep on bed he will sleep on couch.

Ram goes to couch, disappointed. Priya is smiling. Ram sees her reflection in mirror. And now its Ram\’s turn to tease. He says they should indeed sleep. Now Priya is disspointed.
She mutters \’Golu ke golu hi rehenge\’ (Priya! wait for 2 mins only! u\’ll see )

Ram says priya\’s blouse hook is opened.He comes closer to her. Priya is nervous. Ram opens the hook, and closes again. He teases her by touching her back & nuzzling. He whispers \’good night\’ in her ear, and turns to go.

Priya holds his hand, and says, from now on, no one will sleep on couch.
she kisses him on cheek.
Ram is mesmrised by the touch..

In Lamho ke daamam me… Pakija se rishte hain..
Koi kalama mohabbat ka… Doharate farishte hain..

Priya has turned back. She takes Ram\’s hands and puts them around her waist. Ram kisses priya on neck. Priya who is breathing heavily faces him again. He kisses her on forehead and eyes. As he is about to touch her lips.. Priya is unable to take the tension and falls on bed. Ram continues kissing her. Priya gets up from bed but her pallu is stuck.

Both are completey mesmrised by each other. Priya moves forward but Ram holds her pallu.
Emabarrased, shy Priya has no option but to surrender, as Ram pulls her closer by the pallu. Ram darpes her pallu again.

mere khawbo ke gulista me.. tumse hi toh bahaar chhayi hai..
Phulo me rang mere the lekin.. inme khushboo tumhi se aayi hai…

RaYa\’s bedroom is lighted by hundreds of candles. Ram goes near Priya.. and there is cute eyelock. Ram lifts priya in arms and puts her on bed. Removes her anklets. Priya is shivering. Ram again kisses her on cheeks. And stops.
Priya gets up and kisses him on forehead. Ram removes her earings.
And… finally he takes off her pallu. Priya is shivering and ram kissess her on lips!

in lamho ke daman me… Pakija se rishte hai
koi kalma mohabbat ka.. dohrate farishte hain

Ram\’s kutra and Priya\’s sari is lying on floor. Ram and Priya are on bed.Ram is asleep. But priya is awake,bliss radiating from her face. She smiles, gets a little closer to him,and drifts off to sleep

Precap : Ram is laying down and priya who has just had bath, is close to him, resting her elbows on his chest. She is teasing Ram and he is shy! Priya says it her first Holi, and she wants Ram to colour her first! Ram says he\’s not going to do that!
This is for our beloved Ram and Priya!

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