Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th March 2012 Written Episode

Ayesha comes home crying and rushes to her room and locks it and lies on the bed and weeps. Shipra knocks the door and asks her to open, ayesha still thinking about the incident. Sudhir asks shipra to leave her alone. Sudhir consoles shipra by telling that there are some instances of life wants to share it with themselves only. Shipra tells locking herself in room is not a solution and she needs to talk, sudhir tells nothing will happen to her and this is not the right time to talk and adds that once their respect is lost everything is lost as they are from middle class family. He tells they should give ayesha some time and its not only ayesha problem but Nuts and Priya are involved and they\’ll have to handle it properly and they can when they go to KM next morning. Shipra tells that she will not go to KM, but sudhir insists that they have to go as Dadi invited and its Priya\’s 1st holi and they have to do it for her happiness.

Karthik asks Nuts to cool down. Nuts shouts that whatever good she does to Sharma family they can\’t tolerate and she curses herself for being such a fool in making ayesha the showstopper. she tells she married him inspite of being the #1 fashion designer just coz she loved him and she gave break to ayesha just for karthik even when she didn\’t deserve it. She adds that everyone including her sponsors were against her decision and she got slapped on her show before the whole world for this. Karthik tells that he understands but what happ to ayesha was also wrong and she being a sensitive gal couldn\’t tolerate this. Nuts asks what was her fault in whatever happened and tells malfunctioning is a common thing in fashion world, but how could she slap the one who gave her a break.

Karthik asks sorry on behalf of ayesha and asks her to go home. Nuts denies and tells ayesha would have instigated mom and dad by now and if she goes there now, a new drama will start. Karthik tells that they have to go to KM next morning, Nuts tells she\’ll leave from the office to KM and he can decide what he wants to do and walks off. Karthik calls Sudhir and asks about ayesha and tells that Nuts too is disturbed and doesn\’t want to come home and he too doesn\’t want to leave her alone in such a situation and he thinks of coming to KM directly. Sudhir agrees and tells that they have to solve this issue soon. Karthik tells if ayesha asks sorry to Nuts, everything will be fine soon and Sudhir is shocked and angry. Shipra comes asking if it was karthik\’s call. Sudhir tells that he thought it was his son and ayesha\’s brother\’s call but it was Natasha\’s husband\’s call.

Vikram tells Neha that Nuts-Ayesha fight will not get resolved soon and he hopes that it doesn\’t create problem in Ram & Priya\’s life. Neha asks y is he thinking negatively and if they had caused MU\’s between them they can even clear it and tells them to sit and resolve all the problems immediately when they go to meet them for Holi next day. Vikram tells that 1st time there is happiness in Ram\’s life and he can\’t see it break and tells that they\’ll go next day and ask them to join together and resolve Nuts-Ayesha issue and not break their relationship for that issue. Neha tells right and asks him to relax.

Next Day morning, Ram and Priya sleeping so close to each other with bedsheets covered on them. Ram snores and Priya asks him to reduce the volume as she feels he\’s snoring in her ears . Ram turns towards her in sleep. Suddenly, both of them open their eyes slowly and then turn and cover themselves with bedsheet tightly , feeling quite embarrassed. Ram then thinks about their consummation last night and Priya too thinks abt it.. suddenly sees something and smiles and takes her hands towards Ram. Ram stammers and asks what is she doing. Priya tells that her bindhi is stuck in his neck and she was going to take it and Ram tells that he\’ll remove it and asks where is it and priya tells towards left and tells that she\’ll take it, Ram tells he\’s doing it and removes it and gives it to Priya.

Priya smiles and both stay quiet for sometime and Priya asks what would be the time, Ram lifts his bedsheet, looks at his watch and tells its 9:30 Priya is shocked that they slept for so long. She tells dadi had told her to get up early and come down for puja as its holi and they slept till now and now when they\’ll go before everyone and what will they answer everyone. Ram asks y is she wasting time and asks her to freshen up and go down. Priya asks how will she get up like this, Ram asks what does she mean, Priya gives a stare, blushes and manages to tell clothes. Ram understands and tells that he\’ll give her the clothes and lifts his kurtha and hands it over to her.

Priya tells that its his kurtha, Ram tells what\’s the difference and asks her to wear it as he got only the kurtha in his hands. Priya tells ok and asks him to look the other side. Ram closes his eyes, Priya gets up and wears the kurtha and tells how loose is this and Ram tells her to wear it now. He asks if she\’s done and turns to see her. Priya takes her hands towards him and Ram asks now what , priya shows her ear ring and points out that she wants her other ear ring and puts her hands below his neck and pulls out the ear ring and Ram feeling awkward , asks if its over and Priya smilingly tells thank you. She gets up from the bed, walks towards the rest room, turns to see back Ram , stands there and smilingly looks at him and blushes and goes inside to freshen up.

Mama asks Niharika if its Priya\’s 1st holi or hers. Niharika asks what and Mama tells before the colors are applied , her face is glowing with happiness . Niharika tells its happy news that its 1st and last holi for priya. She feels so coz, the environment is like that and its been late and till now priya hasn\’t come down from her room and it means definitely that there must have been a big battle between the 2 last night. Mama calls Priya bechaari and tells ppl used to drench in colors for holi but poor priya will have to drench with tears. Rishab comes and asks if they aren\’t ready yet and guests will start coming soon and there should be someone to welcome them. Mama tells they\’ll come, but ppl for whom its 1st holi haven\’t turned up yet and asks him to leave. Dadi calls Oye chutkiii, and Mama tells niharika to leave otherwise her MIL will bring pistol instead of the pump. Niharika tells not pistol but she\’ll come with a bomb and both leave.

Priya freshens up and comes out in a white and blue saree. Priya sees Ram still in bed and asks him to get up and they\’ll have to go down as everyone would have arrived. Ram asks her to go and he\’ll join later. Priya asks y later and tells its her 1st holi and infact their 1st holi and they have to go down together. Ram tells that doesn\’t make any difference to him and asks her to go and he\’ll get ready after she leaves and come down and anyways he\’s not interested in holi. Priya asks Y and Ram tells these colors, dirt and infection and he doesn\’t like it.

Priya goes and sits near Ram in the bed and Reminds him of what he told last night that he has changed completely after marriage coz of her, he even started drinking roadside lime juice for her and stares at him lovingly. Ram tells that it was different thing last night. Priya leans on Ram\’s chest, Ram asks what\’s she doing .Priya tells nothing and asks him to stop making excuse and asks him to keep quiet and come down to play holi. She tells that they are married and asks y is he behaving as if there was something stolen last night. Ram tells he\’s in no mood to listen to lecture and asks her to leave and he\’ll come later and asks her to remove her hands from him.

Priya tells she\’s leaving but asks him to listen to her. She tells its her 1st holi and so she wants him to apply color on her first. Ram asks what stubborness is this and as he told he\’s not going to do anything like that. Priya tells it is stubborness and he has to fulfill it and she\’ll go down and wait for him and asks him to come down and put colors on her in front of everyone. Ram asks her not to threaten him and he will not do it for sure. Priya tells lets see, puts her wet hair in the front, tells that she\’ll send bansi kaka to clean the candles and asks him to get ready, splashes the water from her hair on his face and gets up and leaves. Ram asks her not to call bansi kaka or anyone else and he will do it himself and tells that he\’ll lock the door and asks her not to send anyone.

Shipra and Sudhir get ready for Holi, Shipra asks sudhir to convince ayesha. Sudhir goes to ayesha, she asks him not to force and she doesn\’t want to come anywhere. sudhir tells its priya\’s in law\’s place, ayesha tells no one understands what she\’s going through and how can she go for any celebration after getting insulted so much and she loves priya , but she can\’t go there today and priya too will understand.

Holi celebrations kick start in Kapoor Mansion. Dadi comes and calls Oye Chutkiii, Niharika asks y did she call her as she was busy playing holi. Dadi tells its Ram-Priya\’s holi and asks her to go and call them, Niharika stammers, Dadi asks y has she begun to stammer even before drinking bhaang and orders her to call Ram and Priya. Niharika tells ok and walks, Mama stops and tells today Holi is for sid. Niharika tells he\’s right and Ram and Priya are not out of their room till now and it means that there has been a big fight between them last night and tells this holi\’s colors has brought different fun.

Sudhir and Shipra come in, Karthik and Nuts too come, Karthik gets blessings,Nuts walks off. Karthik tells that she\’s angry, shipra tells she would have convinced him and now he would feel that only ayesha is at fault. Karthik tells nothing like that and tells High class wife\’s respect is big and not middle class\’s sister\’s respect doesn\’t matter at all. Sid notices them as he plays holi with ishika. Rishab comes there and pulls karthik to play holi, sid comes there, gets blessings and wishes them and asks about ayesha. Sudhir tells she\’s not well and taking rest and sid tells that he can understand what she\’s going through , but she might feel better if she will be present here at the holi and tells that he\’ll go and get her. Sudhir stops, but sid tells as a family its their responsibility to bring her out the sagma and leaves to bring ayesha.

Karthik comes and asks where is sid going. Shipra taunts that own ppl leave and go and others help them in need and leaves from there. Sudhir and Shipra meet Dadi and greet them, dadi goes to Nuts and tells that its 1st holi for 3 ladies of this house and asks her to understand rituals. Dadi asks her to get blessings from her inlaws. Rishab tells nuts it will be bad if she does it as a formality and asks her to do it from heart which will give her happiness and relaxation . Nuts goes to sudhir and shipra and falls on their legs and gets blessings and applies colors on them.

Shipra grumbling to Sudhir that Nuts didn\’t get blessings whole heartedly. Priya comes running seeing them and wishes them Happy Holi and hug them. Shipra picks color, Priya holds her hands and stops her and tells since its her 1st holi , asks shipra to wait for her son in law and then apply them colors together. Priya asks about ayesha, sudhir tells she\’s still upset, Priya tells that nothing like that should have happened, Priya asks them not to worry and they\’ll do something , sudhir tells sid has gone to take her , priya is shocked, priya tells she\’ll talk to her and make her understand if she comes and asks them not to worry and ask them to carry on.

Priya alone walks around and thinks about what she told Ram in the bedroom. She thinks how long will Mr.kapoor take to come down and waits for Ram.


Ayesha telling Sid that she can\’t face anyone after what all happened and she can\’t celebrate Holi. Sid asks what is she talking and tells she hasn\’t done wrong and wrong things happened to her and still she\’s feeling guilty. He tells that he thought that there won\’t be any other good opportunity to give back to Nuts

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