Pavitra Rishta 22nd March 2012 Written Episode

Teju is in a taxi driver’s uniform , she wants to do Pooja of her taxi in her first day to work .Archana comes and she does the pooja for her . Teju asks Archana for her ashirwaad and Archana hugs her .Teju tells Archu that because of her being here she does not miss her father .Archu also gives her sabzi for lunch then she takes her to a mandir for blessings .Archana says to herself that Manav has given a very good upbringing to her daughters but if there is anything lacking then she will complete it and do all that a mother is supposed to do .She tells Teju to always start everything with Bappa’s name .
Archana makes teju do the pooja properly . Teju tells Archana that she was always obsessed with cars and wanted to do something to do with cars .Archana tells Teju that maybe her dad used to work with cars too at one time , maybe he was a mechanic .Teju laughs and says that her daddy is a business man and she has no idea what he used to do before but is sure that he could never be a car mechanic . Ovi is talking to Arjun on the phone , she is crying and very upset that Arjun did not tell her about Manav and Archana living together .Arjun tries to calm her down but she is very upset and tells him that she is feeling very lonely and cheated .Arjun tells her that Manav is doing this to complete the divorce proceedings and sachin is trying to help him .
He tells Ovi not to tell this to savita or it will create complications for manav .Ovi says that she desperately wants that woman out of her father’s life so will not create any problems .Manav is feeling hungry so Archu says she will make something but he tells her not to bother and cuts an apple but instead cuts his finger . Archu comes quickly to bandage hand .Ovi calls , Manav ‘s mobile os on speaker phone so Archana can hear everything . Ovi is crying and is extremely upset with her father .She is accusing him of lying for that woman .Manav assures Ovi that he did all this only to get a divorce .Ovi says in an angry tone that she trusts her dad that he will never live with that woman . After putting the phone down , a very angry Manav screams at Archana ( who is standing and crying as well after listening to Ovi ) for causing friction between him and his daughter .
He tells Archana that she will never understand how it feels that his daughter is angry with him . When he goes out , Archana says that Manav could not tolerate even one second of hate from his daughter but what about her who has been going through these feelings for the last 18 years and no one is even there to help her …not even Manav .Punni goes to Arjun’s company , she sees Purvi’s workstation and smiles that even Purvi is stil l a supervisor only .Purvi is in Arjun’s office . She thanks him for giving Punni a job .Arjun says that Punni’s resume was very good . then he gets a red jewellry box out of the cabinet .Only looking at it , Purvi refuses to accept more gifts from him .
She says that she is a middle class girl and if she accepts this then people will talk ..Arjun tells her to be quiet and listen to him , that this is his engagement gift to her as he wil lnot come for the function .He tells Purvi that he has problems expressing himself and she is someone he feels that he can express himself to .He tells her that he is really happy for her and Vinay and wishes them all the best .Hearing him talk to her so genuinely , Purvi takes his gift .Purvi goes to her desk where Punni is waiting for her .Punni wants to see what is in the jewellery box , there is a very heavy expensive diamond set ShockedShocked in it . Purvi is feeling very uncomfortable about the gift now but Punni is really excited that Arjun is so generous.
Punni is called in Arjun’s office .Vinay comes to see Purvi and sees the box .Purvi tells Vinay that this a gift from Arjun .Purvi tells him that this is getting too much , first bangles and now diamond set and she does not know how to say No .Even Vinay is looking worried . In the Kanjkar house Teju puts her first day’s income on Archana’s hand . Archana starts crying and puts the money near Bappa’s idol and apologises to Bappa ( in her heart ) that she always complained about him taking her daughters away .What happened today has made her so happ y that now she will never complain to him as somehow today God made her daughter give her first even income on her hand .
Precap .
Vinay’s mother is telling Archana that as a mother Archana will give jewellery to Purvi so make sure that all jewellery set are heavy …Teju is talking to Archana and telling her how can she send purvi to a house like this .Archaan says to Teju that she wants to do a lot for Purvi but Teju says that no matter what she does , these greedy people will never be satisfied …
Archana is looking worried and a worried Purvi is also listening to this conversation from the other room .

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