Balika Vadhu 22nd March 2012 Written Episode

BM asks Anandi to bring something to eat for hen beendh’s frd. Gauri lost control and shouts its enough now. She wants to tell everything but J interrupts and makes excuses that they had a fight that’s y she is behaving like that. He manages to send gauri inside. Ds too instruct her to take rest. Gauri fumes and says they will talk later, glares at jagat and goes inside. All force Badi massi(BM) to take rest. Sumi takes her inside.
Rest are very angry at jagat. Bhairon aska jagat y gauri is here. Jagat says he has no clue. Bhairon tells him there is no place for gauri in haveli .Basant says they both should return ASAP. Ds worried about BM’s anniversary plan if jag will return. Basant tries to make her understand but ds didn’t listen to him and asks jagat to send gauri to Mumbai next morning.
Gauri calls her mom and says everything to her. her mom tells her to return soon with jagat ASAP. Anandi brings foods for gauri in her room. Anandi asks if she wants anything more.
Gauri says yes her hubby. But she doesn’t want to return him to her! for her only his career will be destroyed. She notices the locket of anandi. Jagat comes there at that time and tries to stop her. Anandi comes out of that room and closes the door. Gauri is in the hysteric mode. She asks him y did he hide that BM doesn’t know about their relationship. Jagat doesn’t understand what to say. She holds jag’s collar and asks his silence is killing her. She noticed the locket and removes that forcefully and sees the pics of JA inside and mocks at jagat. She throws the locket and asks him how he could do that. Jag tells her its BM’s gift and they have to wear it. Gauri asks him if Bm will tells them to stay together then will he do it or they r already sleeping together. Jagat asks her to stop it. He says what she thinks about anandi!! She sleeps in the guest room without letting BM know about it. Seeing the concerns about anandi, gauri shouts that she can’t bear it now and wants to go to tell BM everything. But jagat manages stop her for the sake of BM’s health.
He clams her down and says that he too misses her so much and is tired of telling lie here. He will return back soon. But gauri has to go back next morning. Gauri wonders y he is not coming with her. jagat informs her that BM wants a small puja next day for him and he has to attend that. Gauri in disgust asks him to go from there!
Jagat comes out and sees anandi is standing there. Anandi tells him that anytime Bm could come here, so she is here. Jagat says he knows and thanked her! Gauri sees that tells her she won’t be trapped with her sweet words like jagat! She is here to hera their convo. Anandi leaves. Jagat stops gauri and aks her when will she understand!. She doesn’t listen and close the door.
Precap- gauri is messing anandi’s dress which is near jag’s dress in anandi’s room. BM sees her and takes hetr to lunch and wonders what she is doing here in JA’s absence

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