Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 14th March 2012 Written Episode

-Holi party and prerna tries to put color on megs but she says u know i dont like colors and prerna just dus tilak and wishes her and megs puts color on her and Pratik enquires abt mohan and asks Megs to call him frm his phone as sumone calls him and Megs dusnt have his number and prerna also leaves so megs calls him …there Mohan n Karan see koyal and Dinanath leave together and just then Mohan gets a call frm Pratiks number and says kal there is going to be a big khulasa and cuts the call and its megs on the otherside and she is what and Pratik cums and she tells him what mohan said and pratik is like this Mohan is a workaholic

-mohan decides to follow koyal and Dinanath and tells karan and Dimpy to stay behind

-renu is scared of colors spoiling her skin and is all decked with a modern spray gas equipment kind of pichkari and is discouraging saroj frm opening the door but its Addu n nanhi nd they beg her to open the door and finally after checking and cross checking she dus open the door and hands them the colors they were asking for and closes the door and we see its all a set up by jiji sanjay and the kids and so now Sanjay cums knocking and Renu opens and he and jiji are talking abt how he doesnt want to play and jiji says i\’ll cook sumthing for you and Renu comes out and kids throw color on her and so dus sanjay and she runs after him

-koyal gets off Dinanaths car mid way and Mohan calls out to her once Dinanath leaves and then confonts her and she mocks him

-megs speaks to nanhi and tells her to b careful and then gets a call frm Dimpy who dus her mohan gungaan and megha is like are u guys cuming to the party and she says ya we r as in karan and her

-Dimpy karan arrive and megs warns Dimpy against colors as she dusnt like it

-Megs wanting to go home early and Prateek eyeing her the wrong way and when she cums to ask for leave he says to wait a bit for sum guests and mohan and then he will drop her off himself and she agrees and mutters now she has to wait for star reporter and its always bec of him things get messed up

-Mohan continues to get mocked by koyal and she leaves wishing him Holi and Mohan is left feeling gutted

-Mohan on bike and remembering how Amar was proved wrong and how he was the cause and nanhi\’s word and his convo with Ved and thats when his bike hits the stone and he falls off and remembers Megs words abt how he had written it in nanhi\’s fate that her father was a thief

-Precap- A resolute Mohan runs to the party venue to apologize to megs and he cums face to face with her …his cuming face to face with megs is beautifully shot

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