Navya 12th March 2012 Written Episode

Epi starts where it ended ub says on holi we forgive enemies also then what is the good thing that a family becomes one on this day \’and asks anant whether he is right and anant nods in yes\’then camera zooms ub bd and sugandha\'(I tell u this camera man loves them ) then nikhils father says guruji anyas thinking is very good\’and ub says yup and decision also camera zooms navya ap sugandha bd and mohan\’then ub says to nikhils father that u wanted to talk something na today\’then nikhils father looks at his wife(Hehe they have no que to ask now) Then he says nothing we were thinking its time we get them married its been long they r engaged\'(Thank god cvs realised this ) everyone gets happy\’and nimmi gets then ub says even I wanted to talk about this with u\’he says now that marriage date is gonna be fixed holi colour will be deeper\’tehn ub goes and puts tika and wishes nikhils father holi and then navya goes and wishes nimmi says this is her best holi and thanks navya then anvya asks where is nikhil she says he will come\’. then anant also wishes her \’and nimmi hugs him and cries he says why r u crying I came na don\’t worry then we see mohan who keeps his hand on his back and anant turns and anant wishes him and hugs him\’both r crying

Trimurti talking
Bd says now niimis marriage wont be in trouble anya came home bending their head\’camera shifts we see both brothere sputting tika then again camera shifts bd says how come suddenly these two came ub says thgis was bound to happen\’.the fish jumps out of water it has to return(sorry guys I really didn\’t understand this) then we see anya ..navya says anant thanks for agreeing see how happy all are we see sugandha and savita hugging\’and navay again says thank u thank u so much\’then anya wishing everyone\’starting frm rama to ap…(I tell u ap ub bd were total angry they were not even smiling) then we see sugandha crying and then anant comes and makes her face him he hugs her and then he calls navya he says u had said na u want to put colour first on ur MIL so do the ritual\’sugandha smiles forcefully and navya wishes her and sugandha hugs both of them then anant also wishes her\’and he is abt to say something when she says I know u like ghujiya I have made them will get them now\’he then says to navay its my fav\’then we see ap and nikhils parents standing and talking mohan comes and asks uncle u want tea or bhang thandai the nikhils afther says tea and bhang to we drink daily but we r here to enjoy and see the holi dhamal\’what happened this time no bhang no dhol no gulal\’then ub comes he says bajpayee khandan will celebrate holi the same way it celebrates..then scene shifts to ground where every one r playing holi and ub ap bd smiling and welcoming everyone\’and we see anay standing in a corner\’then we see mohan applying colour on nimmi and then nimmis shouts bahi and applyies colour to him then mohan applyies colour on rama also (how cum mohan became so soft towards rama) everyone is enjoying and nimmi and mohan call them 4 playing holi anant denies by smiling..then we see sanjay and nimmi applying colour on savita..and sugandha is serving them bhag(ok where r servants why is sugandha doing the work) Then anvay goes to stand beside sugandha but few people pull her and make her dance and she does few steps\’then she goes and we see BD AP then nikhils father and mom push him they tell him its ur house go and enjoy and he is pulled by people tehn he dances and we see UB staring (aww I feel like dipping in his eyes ) the we see savita navay sugandha happy and then sugandha comes forward and she takes out his nazar by money\’and again AP BD UB angry eyes..then anat walks away and meets a random uncle he wishes him and touches his feet and that uncle blesses him\’then on the other navya taking blessing of a women she says I could not come 4 ur marriage but savita ji my heart became happy ur bahu is very beautiful and\’sanskari\’then bd says yuop beautiful and sanaskar it depends how the sasural is\’automaticaly bahu gets sanskar\’then she says yes ur right its ur sanskar ka asar only\’then BD gives wicked smile and takes that lady to meet ub (is he a PM that everyone meets him )then navay is about to go to anat when rama stops her she tells her tell abt ur new house I have heard its too small na navya says its enough 4 two people then she says u cook food na bec over here u used to run away frm the name of cooking\’the navya says I cook\’then rama says how much will u cook for two people as soon as u light the gas the gas is ready to be switched off but we on the gas at 5 and off it at 10 pm\’then bd comes and shuts ramas mouth..and then navay goes near anant says how all r silent they r not speaking anything navya says they are happy see everyone is enjoying and talk is on then we see nimmi putting colour on anat and she says bhai its holi and ur so silent come and put colour on me if u can and she gets her face in frnt \’and anats runs to catch her and puts full pink colour on her face\’then she goes and puts colour on navya but navya runs away\’and anat catches her..and they both apply colour\’and nimmi goes away and then there side way hug between them and anant says u look like monkey she says yup I am ur wife na and they throw colour on each other and enjoy\’. bd and ub staring bd says see what a zamana they dnt have shame and they r enjoying \’ub says the have lost \’now see what I do\’then we see navya washing her face \’and anant comes and again puts colour on her face\’and navya gets irritated and laughs theen anant says we shld go now\’then navay says that nikhils parents have not gone and it does not look good I dnt want are family to bend their head\’then anat says my bholi navya became so intelligent\’and navys says really ant throws water on him\’then anant says I wanted to drink water and u throwd then she goes to sugandha who was pouring juice in glass she asks her water sugandha with smile gives her then savita comes and says I will take it jiji she says navay there r to many people that I could not talk u know jiji was preparing ghujiya frn yesterday she had faith that u will come savita says u came and holi colours also came\’and says haina jiji then sugandha sasy this happiness is short lived ur happy but I am counting min that are passing and when they will go then again that sadness and colours will fade away when I am goinna get hurt later whay shld I show false happiness she goes away saying that she will get more sweets and then savita tells to navya that everything will be fine\’that time camera turning on all 3\’.

PRECAP:-nikhil sya to nimmi its holi 1 kiss pls and nimmi agrees and give shim kiss on cheek saying happy holi\’and there we see nikhils mom shouting nikhil

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