Dekha Ek Khwaab 15th March 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Monu walking around all sad and recalling DS\’s words about her identity. She\’s walking aimlessly in the middle of the street and a car passes her and this makes Monu mad so she yells and says all rich people are the same and treat the poor the same–like ants. UV\’s car is behind her and honking and she gets mad. UV tells Monu to sit in the car and Monu ask if he has any shame. He says he feels pity, not shame. Monu tells him that Akash was forced to write that letter and he didn\’t leave her. UV tells Monu that DS knows all her steps that\’s why Monu is so unsuccessfully finding Akash; hence, she needs to do something that DS can\’t eve think of. Monu is surprised and ask why is he helping her. UV ask (while smirking) if she still doesn\’t know or if she just wants to hear it from him. He says that he wants to help b/c he likes her. Monu says that she doesn\’t like him and UV says that why he like she more. UV offers his help in finding Akash and Monu after much thinking agrees and sits in his car.

Scene shifts to Mahal: Komal is furious with DS and Brij and ask which one is more cold-hearted. Komal wonders where will Monu go and how will she face the world. Brij says he knows how Komal feels abut Monu and thanks DS for her actions while telling her he fully supports her decision. He\’s happy that Monu\’s chapter is over in their lives. DS ask why is he so impatience and Brij says that it was her decision to kick Monu out of the house. DS corrects him and says that there\’s a difference between their reasons to kick Monu out: she wants Monu to come back home and hence did all of this.

Monu-UV driving: Monu looks sad and UV tries to lighten the mood so he ask the extent she is willing to go to find him and how much does she love him. She says that she is willing to sit next to UV in his car for Akash. Monu babbles on about Akash and UV listens happily–I gather he\’s just happy seeing her smile. Monu talks on as a song plays. UV goes into flashback mood of remembering all the times he spent with Monu. Song/FB ends when UV almost hits a car and Monu ask where is his attention? UV says that it\’s her fault for talking so much–if she talked less than there would be less accidents.

UV-Monu enter Police station and the officer is being all nice to UV. UV tells him to file a report for a lost man and their write the report. The officer is telling her not to worry and Monu gets upset with all of this b/c when she came the first time he didn\’t listen to her. UV calls her sweetheart and says that this is called power and Monu tells him not to be oversmart. And they both leave and overhear the officer saying that they will not anything for this report. UV gets mad and threatens the officer to find Akash Verma at all cost. The force puts all their efforts into finding Akash. Monu seems impressed with UV.

JN is in her room spraying it with freshener and thankful for the bad smell leaving. She wishes herself sweet dreams and happy b/c she\’s gonna be dreaming about UV. UV ask Chikki about Akash\’s mom and she ignores him. UV suggest that they shift Akash\’s mom to a big hospital and Chikki gets mad and tells Monu to tell UV to leave. Monu tells him to go and Chikki and her will sort all of it out. UV refuses to leave and JN calls UV and he keeps rejecting her calls. She gets irritated and wants to find out where UV is. UV tells Monu to eat something and Monu refuses to eat, but then eventually does and she tells UV to stop bothering her. Monu wonders who called Akash at the PCO and UV smiled nervously. JN finds out that UV is with Monu and texts UV saying that she knows what he did to Akash so he better call her. He texts back saying don\’t make the mistake of threatening him. Then UV tells Monu it\’s time to doing anything for Akash and Monu doesn\’t understand what he\’s referring too.

Scene: Next morning at the Mahal where everyone is gathered for breakfast. JN compliments DS for throwing Monu out. Monu comes in and says now she\’s gonna teach DS a lesson. DS is angry with Monu\’s behavior of coming back and Monu says that she remembers DS so much so she came back and that too with some people. A gang of officers enter and tells him to arrest DS. Everyone is shocked.

PRE-CAP: JN tells UV that he so cunningly trapped DS. UV is shocked by this and JN says that he must have forgotten and shows him a clip to help him remember. JN looks on pleased with herself and UV looks worried and angry.

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